Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder

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Whether you drive an Audi A3, TT, or Q2,  there is something missing... there's no where to put your cellphone! Clearmounts created the markets thinest custom laser cut aluminum mounting bracket that comes with our strongest cellphone safe magnetic holder (N52 magnets) and our non-magnetic cradle holder allowing your cellphone to be placed in your line of sight without blocking your vents and air flow, safely keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Installs in less than 2 minutes with no tools required! Giving you that factory look that every Audi driver can appreciate. 

Our unique around the vent design not only looks factory built when installed but it also makes our mounts the most stable on the market by allowing your vents to sit flat closing all gaps eliminating all movement and vibration. We powdercoat all our mounts in a rich black wrinkle texture making it fit in perfectly with your Audi's interior design. 

Our reputation for making the world's best cellphone mounting solution for your Audi is based on exceeding your expectations and providing you with a superior quality product and customer service you can count on. Visit our testimonial section (below) and see what our Clearmounts customers have to say. Please contact us should you have any questions about our products.

We ship express worldwide including tracking and insurance! 

*Fits both left-hand & right-hand drive vehicles

Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder


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Ordered last monday and received this morning. Congrats.This phone-holder is just fab : discreet, easy-simple to install and so efficient. Thanks.

GILLARD Lionel , from France

Well worth the money excellent piece of kit if you have an A3 or any of the other models you need one of these.

Mark Cawdron , from Uk

Couldn\t have asked for a better mount. I use the magnet and it works just as you would have hoped. The delivery was also way faster than expected. 10/10

Abdelmounaim , from The Netherlands

Great quality product with amazingly quick delivery all the way from Canada. The cradle is spring loaded and adjusts to the size of your phone which is great.

John , from United Kingdom

I have been looking for a phone mount for a while but, until I stumbled across clearmounts, have only seen those connecting to the windscreen or air vent. I didn’t want either. This holder is beautifully designed, high quality and does exactly what it claims. Even the packaging is clever minimising the amount of plastic used. I am terrible at installing anything, however, even I managed to put this in about 5 minutes.

Nick , from United Kingdom

Been trying to find a phone mount for my iphoneXR that would hold the phone in place even during hard corners, or at speed. Nothing really worked until I got the Clearmount with the gravity cradle holder. Looks great in the TT, easy to get phone in/out of cradle, and most importantly phone stays firm regardless of how hard the car is being driven. Service was great, and shipment was fast. highly recommend

Alex Kwok , from Canada

commandé vendredi et déjà reçu ,un grand merci pour la rapiditésupport au top et très facile à monteravec l\aimant ,le téléphone tient parfaitement

Laurent Verbrugghe , from France

Just received my Clearmounts phone holder. Very easy to fit and just what I wanted. I have tried other mobile phone holders for my Audi A3, but they were vent mounts which kept falling off or the option was to stick the cradle to the front counsel, which I didn\t want to do. Clearmonts is there in the car, without looking out of place. I would recommend anyone who has an Audi to get a Clearmounts.

John Hart , from United Kingdom

Speedy delivery, great product and extremely well made. Very easy to fit and works perfectly

Richard Cichorz , from United Kingdom

Received my order very promptly and have used it for about a month now.Opted to use the cradle holder instead of the magnetic mount because:- although the latter was able to hold my device a Samsung Note 9, it didn\t allow for a more ergonomic driver-facing angle- and if I had to type messages or use any other operation that required quick successive and precise taps, the device would be prone to swiveling on its anchor, increasing the risk of distraction- happy to say that the cradle holder provided the security I was looking for and was able to accommodate the width of my note 9 with its protective shell despite it being one of the widest smartphones on the marketAlthough this is a more expensive option compared to local knockoffs, I\m happy with its simple low profile design and sturdy build that doesn\t cheapen the interior look and feel of a luxury vehicle.

Eugene Lim , from Singapore

Looked high and low for a phone mount to fit my new Audi and luckily stumbled upon Clearmounts. The website is clear and easy to use and left me in no doubt I had purchased the correct phone holder for my car model unlike other retail websites. Simple and easy to fit and looks like it was designed to go with the car rather than some that look like an after sale add on.

Andrew Wolff , from United Kingdom

I tried a simple magnetic vent mount that had work well in my previous car but it just didn\t look right or work well enough A plastic tie wrap holding it in place was not a good look. The clearmount was a great way of maintaining good looks whilst also keeping the vent buttons free and visible. The online fitting videos were easy to follow and had the mount fitted in under 10 mins. The magnet is strong and the metal finish on the mount blends in to the TT dashboard. I\m really pleased with how easy it was to fit.

Darren Pywell , from United Kingdom

I bought this phone holder for my 2018 RS3. This is an impressively designed phone holder. Solid aluminium I think construction, great design that suits the style and design of the A3 interior, and best of all - this doesn\t block one of the air vents like most phone holders! This is also a significantly better design than phone holders that are stuck onto the screen, since this holder keeps the phone away from blocking your view of the road as it\s below the infotainment screen.

Jeremy , from Australia

I bought the best ever phone holder ever , it’s not bulky it sits behind your air vents, amazing product , mine come from America , and delivery was quicker than I expected , so happy I purchased this product , I’ve told every one to invest in this , thank you to all at Clear Mounts

Jacqueline brock , from England

J’ai reçu ce support quelqu’un jours après sa commande, j’en suis pleine mention satisfait.Le montage est ultra simple et le rendu très proLe téléphone ne bouge jamais , aucune chance de casser les grilles d’aération comme avec les autres supports Bref pour 30€ ça vaut le coup clairement ✌️

Laurent Petit , from France

Really nice an sturdy solution for you phone. I just throw my phone on there. It\s brilliantly simple.

Jelle , from Netherlands

After a long period of searching for a Smartphoneholder for my Galaxy Note Series, I finally found this one. It hold my Phone in the right position and the place where it is, is perfect. Awesome. I wish i found it earlier.Audi S3 8V Limousine with MMI+Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Florian Chiaruzzi , from Schweiz

Very easy to install on Audi A3 8P.No changes to be made and will leave no trace of his presence when removed.Certainly the best!

Sebastien , from FRANCE

I bought the first one for my Audi A3. The power of the magnet is very strong. It looks good, fits perfectly with the interior of the car. Now, after buying an Audi TT, I immediately bought one extra holder. Perfect quality.

Thekey , from Netherlands

Honestly, don\t even bother look further, this is the ONLY phone holder that you need! The fit is fantastic and it\s so slick and non intrusive that my girlfriend hasn\t noticed it in my car after 2 weeks, of her driving the car! BEYOND AWESOME!PS: The ONLY thing that wasn\t truthful was the installation, they say it\s about 2 mins, but it took me at least 3! The horror -

Zac , from South Africa


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