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Fits: 2013-2020 Audi A3/S3/RS3/E-TRON

This discreet low-profile magnetic phone holder is the perfect blend of style and function. It allows you to quickly place your cell phone between your vents. We use only the best quality and strongest cellphone safe magnets on the market.

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With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Low-Profile Magnetic Mount

2x Magnetic Metal Plates 

I stumbled across a youtube video whilst I was on my honeymoon in Canada showing a Audi RS3 with this magical floating phone holder :- I knew them my honeymoon just got a lot better then ordered it straight away . As soon as I was back in London the mount was waiting for me and was fitted straight away ???? Absolutely love it
— Christian Cousins, Uk

I ordered the clearmounts for my iPhone X and its fantastic. Holds my iPhone in place in a convenient spot. It was also very easy to install. I would recommend this mount for sure!
— Kevin G, USA

I had this on my wish list for over a year before I finally bought it. I wish I had not waited that long. The construction of this is much more impressive that I thought. It uses high quality plastics and metals. Taking off the vents was easier than anticipated. The magnet is strong and I dont feel like the phone would slide even on a bumpy road. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to friends or anyone that needs a phone holder for their Audi.
— Brandon, USA

This was my first Audi and I didn’t see a lot of options on the web. The magnetic swivel mount installs in less than two minutes and performs fantastically. I love the design and ease of installation. Wish these guys designed mounts for other cars, e.g., Genesis G80. I did think the shipping was high considering the unit was shipped postal but otherwise couldn’t be happier and highly recommend.
— Tom Ware, USA (2019-07-21)

Super solution for my smartphone, very easy to install
— Willem Vervest, Netherlands

Bought my clearmounts for my Audi A3 and looks amazing. You can't compare this mount with any out there. It looks so clean that anyone could think is part of the car. I can tell you it's the best mount out there.
— Jaffet, United States

Simply great! I was sceptical about the price at first, but after the simple installation I instantly changed my mind. Combine this with the android auto app on my phone and you get the perfect combination when driving. I love it!
— Axel, Sverige

This was just what we needed for our Audi A3 which came without a navigation system preinstalled. I found this mount while researching in Amazon. There couldn’t have been a more simpler and elegant solution! Love the product.
— Suneeta, Usa

Good product! fast shipping!
— Tony, Las Vegas, USA

Quality phone holder. Quality service from clearmounts. Fits like its meant to be. Clear Instructions, easy to fit .
— Andrew Melbourne, United Kingdom

Great product! Flawless installation and great communication from seller.
— Karl, Stamford, USA

Really awesome piece. Simple, elegant, functional. Great seller. Delivered. early!
— Javier, Spain

Awesome mount , great quality piece , I like the fact that it doesn’t interfere with my vents , I came across them while watching kamil pawlak’s videos . Now my friends from Mexico are buying it too. I wish it would come with more metal plates.
— Moises V., United States

Thanks! Looks great in my S3. Good quality!
— Max, United States

Great solid product, fits perfectly. A+++ audi rs3 2016
— Tin Ly, Australia (2018-12-20)

After a long period of searching for a Smartphoneholder for my Galaxy Note Series, I finally found this one. It hold my Phone in the right position and the place where it is, is perfect. Awesome. I wish i found it earlier.Audi S3 8V Limousine with MMI+Samsung Galaxy Note 9
— Florian Chiaruzzi, Schweiz (2019-07-22)

Exactly what I needed for my A3 - the perfect phone mount for this vehicle++++++
— John, New York

Great product, very easy to install and perfect placement on the dashboard
— Adam, New York

I bought the first one for my Audi A3. The power of the magnet is very strong. It looks good, fits perfectly with the interior of the car. Now, after buying an Audi TT, I immediately bought one extra holder. Perfect quality.
— Thekey, Netherlands (2019-07-22)

Awesome product! Great work! Thank you!
— Frederick, California, USA

Honestly, don\t even bother look further, this is the ONLY phone holder that you need! The fit is fantastic and it\s so slick and non intrusive that my girlfriend hasn\t noticed it in my car after 2 weeks, of her driving the car! BEYOND AWESOME!PS: The ONLY thing that wasn\t truthful was the installation, they say it\s about 2 mins, but it took me at least 3! The horror -
— Zac, South Africa (2019-07-22)

Great Product, Awesome communication, very well packaged excellent instructions
— eBay buyer, Australia

Great product quick emails and shipping. Nothing but a pleasure to deal with.
— eBay buyer, Germany

Speedy delivery, great product and extremely well made. Very easy to fit and works perfectly. Order one you won\t regret it!!
— Rob B, UK (2019-07-22)

This seller was excellent. Personal call to confirm and shipped immediately.
— Michael, California, USA

Very sleek phone holder. After installation it looks pretty much OEM, and without the phone attached it is almost unnoticeable low profile magnetic mount. It holds the phone very well, at a perfect height, and it can position iPhone 8 Plus large just right so that it doesn't cover any part of the MMI screen.
— Marcin W., USA

Very nicely made product... Solid and looks great in the car. Holds my iPhone 6S perfectly. I recommend this product to all. 
— Jacques, Canada

Awesome product. Fast shipping. 10/10
— Mark, California, USA

Fantastic phone mount! Took literally one minute to install. Looks great and complements my S3\s interior. Have received complements! Magnet is strong. Highly recommended.
— Joshua Zoshi, Canada (2019-07-22)

It's the best mount made for the A3/S3 hands down, it doesn't mess with the look of the dash like all other mounts I've seen. I’m using a Galaxy S6.
— Sloan, from Dallas TX

I am using an iPhone 6 with a case. Works magically. Great product!
— Damir, Salt Lake City, UT

Nice design, looks great with my interior. Thanks for super fast shipping!
— Corey, USA

Works with my s7 Samsung, very strong magnet - love the design
— Boris, Australia

J'aime se produit, merci!
— Jacques, Paris, France

This is very easy to install and it looks great even without the phone attached. It holds my iPhone 8 very well and doesn't cover any part of the MMI screen and is easy to swivel to the perfect viewing position.
— Russ G, USA

Great idea, slick design, Thanks!
— Perry, Boston, MA

Not only is the clearmounts a great product for my Audi A3, but the installation was simple, placing order easy, shipment fast. Excellent, hope you add to your product offering.
— David T., Canada

I was searching for something like this ever since I bought my car, thanks Clearmounts! Magnets super strong for my iPhone 6s with Lifeproof case... Shipping was very quick.
— Tony, Toronto, Canada

— Elliot, United Kingdom

The customer service I received with Carl from Clearmounts tonight was more than exceptional. He even offered to FaceTime with me to assist with installing the mount. A+
— Michelle, USA

Just received my Clearmounts phone holder. Very easy to fit and just what I wanted. I have tried other mobile phone holders for my Audi A3, but they were vent mounts which kept falling off or the option was to stick the cradle to the front counsel, which I didn\t want to do. Clearmonts is there in the car, without looking out of place. I would recommend anyone who has an Audi to get a Clearmounts.
— John Hart, United Kingdom (2019-07-27)

Fast shipping and very happy with product. Gracias!
— Michael, Spain

I ordered the swivel mount for my 2017 Audi A3. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday. That's awesome! Installing was easy. Great product and just what I was looking for in a telephone mount!
— Yorick, The Netherlands

Got back from our road trip on Monday. Loved having this mount! Looks great in the car and quick and easy to place/remove the phone. Liked it enough we bought a 2nd for my wife's car.
— Logan, Colorado, USA

Installed in my wife's Audi A3. Very easy tot install, looks sharp and the best of all, a happy wife!
— Jan, België

Your product is awesome and works flawlessly! Thank you for taking time to build a great product and uphold great customer service. Kudos!
— Austin, South Carolina, USA

This is by far the best phone mount for my Audi S3. It really changes the car experience and is worth every penny. Carl at customer service is fantastic, don't hesitate to buy this product you will be very happy!!!
— Issam, USA

I'm using the Clearmounts Phone Holder for my A3 and I am very happy because the installation is very easy and fast. It seems part of the car from factory, simple and very elegant. It does not interfere with the air conditioning and the phone remains very firm. Congratulations and many thanks for such an excellent product.
— Jose, Colombia

Hi guys, since I bought my Audi 8V, i was looking for a phone holder. This one is by far the best that is on the market. Very discreet, it follows the air vents design, the magnet is super strong and when you put the phone on it, you won\t see the holder. It seems like de phone is suspended in the air. Very happy with this, forget the other products on the market. This is the one to get if you want the best holder for your Audi.Fast delivery, I am from Portugal and it took like 5 work days. Regards.
— Bruno Caldas, Portugal (2018-12-21)

Arrived 7 days after ordering and fitted in 5 minutes. Ideal solution for mounting iPhone in my A3 and looks good enough to be OEM. Highly recommended.
— Alan, United Kingdom

Super happy with my phone holder for my Audi RS3 2017 :- Superb service, nicely packaged - by far the best product on the market thanks again, Paul.
— Paul B., Australia

I have just fitted the low profile magnetic holder into my 2015 A3 and I have to say it looks as good as if it were Audi factory standard. Easy to install, attractive, practical and affordable. Great customer service too. Thanks very much...
— Anton, Croatia

Awesome guy, very helpful, very giving, the product he made is a dream come true, I bought so many things for my vents that just did not work.. thanks for making this!!!!
— Ryan, Canada

I love my ClearMounts mount. Installation took literally 3 minutes and it works perfectly. Strongly recommend this product!
— Tim, Norway

I love the CM holder. I was able to install it myself. The instructions are easy to follow. It looks great in my S3 and the magnet idea is genius allowing the phone to be secure yet easy to get on and off.
— Beth, Canada

Since I bought my Audi S3, I always had the problem and didn't know what to do with my phone! I have an iPhone 6S Plus and now its set on the right place. Thank you!
— Jorge, Peru

Loving it - Matches the clean dash lines of the Audi RS3 perfectly - I've tried many dash mount solutions, this is the only one I'm happy with.
— GeoffC, Australia

I installed it on my A3 CAB and it perfectly fits. Quality is very good and it looks great in the car! Thank you Carl, Greetings from Italy!
— Giuseppe, Italy

Fit and forget! Fantastic product really easy to install and as close to oem as you can get in my opinion
— James, United Kingdom (2019-09-23)

Thank you for designing such an elegant solution for safe and clear viewing of my mobile phone. The phone holder has that OEM feel and really looks smart in my Audi S3 !
— Anthony, Australia

The mount was as seamless to install as Carl was to interact with once I ordered the product. Installation was a piece of cake. Exactly what I was looking for when I began my search for a mount.
— Josh, Boston, USA

The wait is over. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The money I’ve wasted buying all types of window/dash/vent phone mounts. This replaces them all. Sturdy with unbelievably strong magnet, I’ll never need to replace it for as long as I have my Audi A3.Well worth the extra few quid, thanks Audiphoneholder
— Steve , United Kingdom (2019-09-23)

Got my Clear Mounts in less than a week from ordering. Installed in less than 5 minutes, and works as described. Thanks, Carl! Outstanding product and customer service.
— Jim, USA

Excellent product and service. Thank you Clear Mounts!
— John, Australia

Upgraded from VW Polo to Audi A3 and found that my Spigen magnetic mount would not work due to the shape of vents. Researched alternatives, was looking like it would have to he a windscreen mount until I found Clearmounts. This mount is perfect, goes between the two central vents. Very secure. Would definitely recommend.
— Shaun, United Kingdom (2018-12-23)

I love this product! I have made a couple of orders all the way from the Middle East and the customer satisfaction is definitely met.
— Rawad, Qatar

You can't ask more from a phone holder. It's OEM looks that blend perfectly with the car. This is the best phone holder I have found for my S3. Dealing with the seller was very professional and fast.
— Antoine, Lebanon

Just received mount faster than expected. Took all of one minute to install. Looks great! Finally a place to put phone. None of the vent mount holders would work, but this does. Thanks!
— John, USA

I love my CM phone mount. It was super easy to install and looks clean and custom. I highly recommend it!!
— Becky, USA

I love my mount. It fits perfect, took about a whole minute to install and my iPhone 7 fits perfectly. You will love it. Shipping was quick and the customer service has been second to none!
— Jeff S., USA

I installed it quickly and it works great, looks cool, and inconspicuous too. I am really happy I found Clear Mounts and I would strongly recommend their products as well as their customer service.
— Chuck R., United States

LOVE this phone holder. Easy to install, unobtrusive when not in use, and keeps the phone in the perfect position for easy use, if necessary.
— Deborah, US (2019-09-23)

Great idea, easy to install. I use it every day!
— Bernd, Germany

Every Audi A3, S3 & RS3 driver should get one of these. Simply brilliant. Thanks Carl
— Brian, Australia

Great phone holder for your Audi. Extremely easy to install and maintains the signature aesthetics for Audi cockpit. Oh, the phone sits very tight, so it will not fall on the bumps.
— Sergey, Cyprus

This product really impressed me. I was sceptical about how a phone holder could be $60 compared to others much cheaper, boy how i was wrong. Build quality to incomparable and the magnet is 10x stronger then any other ive used. if you are looking for a sleek, well built phone holder then you cant go past this.
— aryn , Australia (2019-09-23)

I could never find a mount on the market that would fit my Audi S3. Until I came across Clear Mounts. Got the product, worked great! What really made me enjoy this product was the customer service. Thanks Carl!
— Paul M, United States

Quite simply: - The best phone holder on planet Earth.That\s all folks!
— Rohan , Australia (2019-09-24)

A quick delivery and very easy to fit onto my A3 with no need to use any tools. The quality of the materials and overall look is very good. This is the best phone mount I have ever bought and have already recommend it.
— Nev, United Kingdom (2018-12-29)

The best Solution possible for my Audi A3. Since it was not available in Europe, I ordered it from Canada directly. Door to door in 4 days, I was extremely suprised. I Will order again when I get a new car!
— Mark, The Netherlands

Easily one of the best mounts for my RS3. Strong magnet, good construction. Will look to buy more for my other cars
— Viet, Australia (2019-09-25)

Great product. Fit is perfect and the magnet is very strong.
— Pauli, Finland (2019-01-14)

I recently purchased an Audi S3 and was in the market for a phone holder which turned out to be more difficult than I expected due to the configuration of the interior. I ran across the Clearmounts site and decided I would give it a try. I received my mount and installed it as soon as I received it. I could not have been more simple to install and once it was installed it blended very nicely with the interior. I am extremely happy with the product and would recommend to anyone with an Audi!
— William, USA

Awesome product, great quality, perfect fitment. Magnet adhered perfectly to my phone case. Magnet strength is better than expected and can use home button side buttons on phone while mounted.
— Chris, United States of Amercia (2019-01-14)

Looks good. Easy to install. Works well. Great idea and I hope the inventor gets a good return on his idea and investment.
— Neale, Canada

Great product, great customer support, and fast shipping. This fit my Audi A3 like a glove and looks as though it could be a factory-installed option. Works great. I ordered direct instead of Amazon and it arrived just about as fast.
— LouV, USA (2019-10-12)

By far the best phone holder out there, OEM looks, easy to fit and works a treat!
— Andrew, United Kingdom (2019-01-14)

Awesome product! Got it installed in less than 2 minutes, without any damage to the cars interior. Very strong magnet that hold the phone in place even on the most bumpy roads. The quality and finish of the mount is perfect! Blends in perfectly of the A3 interior. Shipment from Canada to Belgium took only 10 calendar days during the Christmas period.
— Stefaan Van dhelsen, België (2019-01-14)

Great phone holder. I've used it for about a month now and even when launching the car my phone has never fallen off.
— Viet, Australia (2019-10-22)

Very high quality phone mount made of good materials. My iPhone 7 mounts on easily and stays sturdy on the mount even on the most bumpy roads. Highly recommended and way better than anything else available from China. U pay for what u get and it’s worth the extra for the fit and finish of this mount.
— Eugene Ng, Singapore (2019-01-14)

What an amazing product. Install took less than a minute, quality is superb. It holds my phone securely and it is easily adjustable. I like the additional clamping holder for when I want to hold something that is not magnetic. Even the packaging is awesome.
— Rian H, United States

Saw this mount mentioned on a few Audi forums, and thought I'd give it a try, as I was pretty unhappy with the options for storing the phone in the RS3. This mount is exactly what the RS3 should have come with from the factory. Hold the iPhone 7 with Leather case securely even under heavy acceleration or high G turns which only happens on closed courses with professional drivers.
— Jason, USA

1 minute of work, perfect fit + oem feel and superb quality! My iPhone even stays on tight while cornering / understeering hard in my 2018 RS3! Do recommend!
— Sven, Belgium (2019-01-14)

Superb, couldn't ask for more. It does the job perfectly, as described. Really easy to install top tip - use a spludger to help remove the air vents. The aesthetics fit the Audi's interior perfectly and the placement is ideal. Really happy with it.
— Mike, UK (2019-11-18)

Perfect fit. Looks factory. Arrived from Canada amazingly quickly too! Can't recommend it enough.
— MATTHEW, United Kingdom (2019-11-18)

Fantastic product. It was a quick and easy installation in my 2018 RS3. It is barely noticeable when not in use but an extremely secure hold on my phone when in use. It is also very well made. I had other phone holders made of cheap plastic which the phone or the holder fell off the dash while I was driving. I have had this model for a month or so and even with many of the rough roads of California, the phone stays put. Not the cheapest holder on the market, but I believe it is the best you can buy for your Audi.
— Alex Lawrence, USA (2019-11-18)

Just fits well and works as you want it to. 10/10 recommendation!
— James Wilton, United Kingdom (2019-01-15)

Good phone holder with a really strong magnet. Great Product!
— Peter, The Netherlands (2019-01-15)

Love it! Looks like it was built into the car. I’m confident that the phone won’t fall off the mount while driving. Great purchase!
— Sam, Canada (2019-01-15)

This product does exactly as claimed and looks good too - like a great quality OEM Audi product. Very happy, and great company to deal with, delivering to Australia from Canada with no issues at all.
— Chris, Australia (2019-11-18)

I should have purchased one of these ages ago! Even with the non-swivel mount my iPhone XS max opens with face detection from the driving position.
— Brendon Moffatt, Australia (2019-01-15)

— Zoltan, Hungary (2019-11-19)

Great purchase! Love it! Looks like it was built into the car of factory. Phone won’t fall off the mount while driving. Very happy with this purchase!
— Didier, The Netherlands (2019-01-16)

Awesome product, clean seanless solution for the Audi A3. Want to see more of the mounting check my instagram @Ricardovanes
— @Ricardovanes, The Netherlands (2019-11-19)

Clearmounts is absolutely focused on customer satisfaction. Great people to deal with. And a product that is so well-conceived.
— Michael Selz, United States

I struggled after purchasing my A3 etron with a device to hold my phone. All of my previous devices would not work on this car. After doing my research I came across this product. I decided on the magnetic model and could not be happier. It is a surprisingly well made product - once installed it integrates seamlessly leaving you with the impression your Audi came standard with this product. The design is so simple, elegant and functional. From packaging to installation you catch your self thinking this is an Audi factory accessory or something from Apple. Do not hesitate purchasing this product.
— Tae Abate, San Francisco USA

WOW. I’ve never really bothered owning Car phone holders as in the past they’ve all been pretty usless. However after stumbling across this phone Holder on utube I decided to take the plunge, purchased for my Audi A3 8V and so glad I did. Shipping was amazingly quick and delivered within just a few days to the UK with no import charges to pay. If your undecided then I couldn’t recommend this product enough. Hands down the Best Phone holder solution for the A3.
— Stefan, United Kingdom

Best magnetic phone holder for my Audi, sleek design and super easy installation, very happy with its quality and received it before the due date!! Cudos to clearmounts.
— Dan T, USA

Easy Installation, good use.
— Rene Loos, Germany

Absolutely perfect! My wife had given me a different magnetic iPhone holder, but it only fit air vents with horizontal slats. Audi A3 has circular vents with wheel-and-spoke slats, so it couldn’t seat properly. This one is custom designed for the car, takes 3 minutes to install, looks like unobtrusive original equipment, holds securely in the perfect viewing position, and doesn’t obstruct the air vents.
— Bob sacoff, USA (2019-02-09)

Brilliant product, fits perfectly, arrived from Canada within a few days to Scotland. Quality item that does exactly what it says it does. Get one, you won't be disappointed!
— Andy, Scotland

I needed a solution to hold my phone rather than the cup holder or console space. I didn’t like air vent holders or extension arm devices that get in the way. Then I found Clearmounts, adapted specifically for me A3. It works like a charm, easy to install and looks great! My girlfriend wants one for her Chevy Volt. She’s unhappy they’re not on your product list. Got an Audi, do Clearmounts for your phone holder needs. And this is coming from a jazzy guy.
— Greg, United States

A little bit expensive but is the best phone holder for my Audi A3 8v. Really good material
— Filip Laurentiu, Romania (2019-02-09)

I knew that my next car would be a Audi A3 8V so i bought the low profile magnetic holder in advance. When my car was delivered it took me 2 minutes to install the holder so i could navigate home. The holder fits perfect and looks great, like it's OEM. Really glad i found you guys on the internet!
— Kevin Jonker, The Netherlands (2020-01-17)

I searched high and low all over the net for an ergonomic phone holder for my 2018 TTRS. The Clearmounts holder was super easy to install and looks great. My friends thought it was a factory option. The wireless charger is fast and powerful. Great product!!!
— Ken Florence, Canada

Absolutely amazing product and even better customer service! The response time for all my questions was literally less than an hour. And the product itself is sturdy, well built and ingenious! You can't even tell it exists. The magnet is powerful, and there are no issues with the phone falling off.
— Gautham Iyer, USA (2020-01-17)

Fits perfectly to my A3 8V and do it job. My Galaxy S8 is stable on its position and I have a clear sight when choosing music or working with the navigation app. I can recommend it to all Audi driver.
— Nelson Moreira, Luxembourg

I got an A3 1.0TFSi for it’s simplicity and cost efficient urban car. I search for a phone holder and charger online and found clearmounts! Installation was easy and simple! It sits perfectly in between 2 air vents, no drilling, no screws and no stickers! Thank you Clearmounts!
— Roszita Roszita, Singapore

I got my boyfriend this for Christmas. He loves it! Super sleek and easy to install. If you are on the fence definitely buy this!
— vanessa, United States (2020-01-17)

Fantastic holder glad I chose it over others. Holds the phone right where you want it and takes less than a second to attach it. Thanks
— Alex Maziotis, Greece (2019-02-09)

Fantastic fit and finish. Super easy install, no other holder looks right in the RS3
— Jussi, Canada (2019-02-09)

The case it's is really high quality and the packaging is very nice. Only part I found difficult was taking the vents out but with patience it'll happen!
— Kevin Hildrey, Scotland (2020-01-17)

Super product, it fits perfect and couldn\t find something better then this! Wonderfull. The delivery was almost a week earlier then recomended on the website.Thanks and thumbs up!
— Marvin, Belgium (2019-02-09)

I was ready to go with less than 5mins of installation. The mount is perfectly designed for Audi and feels like it is a part of the car’s original design.
— HM, Australia

Jai installé lAudi Phone Holder dans ma Audi A3 Sportsback e-tron et jen suis très satisfait. Facile à installer, il sintègre parfaitement dans le tableau de bord du véhicule et soutient solidement mon téléphone. Je naurais pas pu trouver mieux.
— André, Canada

I have always struggled to find a decent phone holder. This was very easy to fit with all the information given to you. Looks super sexy and fits flush in the car. Im very pleased with my purchase!
— Eian Crockatt, UK

This product is beautiful for many reasons : its practical, its well integrated in the dashboard. So i recommend
— Schmidely Sebastie, France

Super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Au top !!!!!!!!!!!!
— SEBASTIANO COCO, France (2019-02-11)

Fantastic product, reasonably priced, well packaged with clear instructions.I wholeheartedly recommend this product and company as every aspect of the transaction and product has been great.
— Chris, United Kingdom

Bought a Low-Profile Magnetic Holder for Audi A3 8V, it holds my iPhone 11 plus sturdily in the simplest yet elegant way. Awesome product from ClearMounts, love it!
— Cornelius, Singapore (2020-01-20)

After weeks of searching, I had given up on finding a usable phone mount for my Audi. Having given my wife a nice little vent-clip magnetic phone mount for Christmas, I was resigned to a sadder fate for my own phone: leaving it down in the cupholder under the dash, acceptable but not particularly effective. The day after Christmas, in a final act of desperation, I searched for 'phone mount for Audi A3 e-tron'. I was stunned to see that there we custom mounts for Audi vehicles.It didn't take long to determine Clearmounts was the superior - and truly ideal - solution. I ordered one immediately. Installation was simple if not exactly a breeze I had just trimmed my fingernails, so the first 1/8 of vent removal required assistance from a plastic ruler. As expressed in many reviews, and independently by my friend the next time I drove him to lunch, it really looks like it was meant to be part of the car. It holds my Pixel 3a firmly through a case, and it places the phone in a perfect location. As an engineer, I'm not sure I could have designed it better myself. Very nicely done.
— Jim Uetrecht, USA (2020-01-22)

The low-profile magnetic mount fit perfectly onto the vents on my Audi A3 and my Samsung S7 fit right in-between the vents without any issues. I have always received excellent customer service from clearmounts and ended up upgrading to the swivel mount for more functionality.
— Chris, USA (2019-02-14)

Très bon produit Super facile a instaler sur A3 e-tron
— Rodrigo Rapaz, Suisse

I tried various solution before and didn't find the right one, but with ClearMounts phone holder for Audi A3 I fulfilled all my needs and its easy to install. Italy shipping was quick.
— Michele, Italy

Easy to install, perfect fit. Now I have a visible place to put my phone in my A3. Great design and materials. Se ajusta perfecto al A3, se coloca con facilidad y el aspecto final es muy bueno. Recomendable para tener el teléfono visible!!!
— Francisco Bernardino , Mexico (2019-02-28)

Excellent. Arrived quickly and was easy to fit. Would recommend.
— Paul, United Kingdom

I love the clearmounts for my 16 Audi A3! I was frustrated with the fact that I could not use the vents for holding a phone so when I saw this product, I was not hard to convince. The installation was incredibly easy and I would recommend this quickly to any fellow A3 owners.
— Bryan, United States

Love my Clearmounts swivel - the ONLY one I could find for my A3 Etron that wasn too obnoxious or too expensive.Great customer service, they answer any questions or solve issues pretty quickly via email. I have recommended this product to ALL my Audi driving friends. Thanks for a great product!
— Cori G., USA

I was looking for a good and solid carmount after many bad solutions in the past. This mount fits perfectly in my new Audi A3 and it took me only 3 minutes to install. My Canadian girlfriend told me already that all good things come from Canada :)
— Arne, The Netherlands

I have compared several solutions, but Clearmounts was the best I found for my Audi A3 eTron.And I really appreciated the fast delivery to Switzerland ...Thanks!
— HaPe, Switzerland

Shipped in time, great mount: easy to install and looks awesome. Magnet sticks very well, even with iPhone case. I have the low profile version.
— Deen, The Netherlands (2020-02-16)

Easy to install. Good looking. And has a nice strong magnet that really holds the phone in place. I would definitely recommend it and will buy one for any Audi I have in the future!
— Justin D, USA (2019-03-08)

This is the best solution for mounting your phone to your car. It was so easy to install in my 2018 Audi RS3 and it looks great!

I ordered a clearmount mobile holder for an Audi A3 8V a while back. The delivery was prompt and it arrived safely. Fitting was a doddle and consists of removing the two front air vents by pulling them out. The mount then slide onto the removed vents which go back into the dashboard. The steal pad is stuck onto the phones cover and thats it. The mount is secure and the mobile phone has the freedom to be placed in any direction also it is safe for hands free calling. I may add the clearmounts look much better than other holders I have seen.a credit to its design.
— Peter, UK, Northern Ireland

Was looking for a mount for my A3 but could not find a nice one. In Dutch carshops only big and ugly ones on the shelfs. Found Clearmounts on the web and ordered one immediately. I received the mount within 5 days and installation was very easy! Looking very very nice and clean in my car. Superb! ????
— Henk, Nederland

Thank you Clearmounts! Received in 7 days after ordering and perfectly fitted in a few minutes. Best solution for mounting iPhone in my Q2 and looks great.
— Piotr, Poland

Brought for my 14reg A3, a great tough bit of kit. Was tempted to go for the magnetic version but got scared my phone might drop off while doing some energetic driving. Very happy with the clamp.
— Alistair, United Kingdom

Perfect for my car.In my Audi A3 I could not use the air vents for a phone holder. This is very easy to mount and super stable. Great shopping
— Riccardo, Italy

Genius invention, discreet design, fast delivery and easy to install, what more can you ask for?
— Sander, Norway (2019-03-08)

Great product. Very well made and it looks very nice. I installed it on my 2016 A3 etron and it doesn have any cubbies for cellphones. I like it very much and I recommend it to everyone.
— Eduardo, Canada

Really a good product, it fits 100% my Audi A3 Sportback 2017 and easy to instal
— Thierry, France

Purchased one of these for my new RS3 as its great. Piece of cake to fit, looks pretty discreet and works really well holding the phone well.
— Neil, United Kingdom

A really nice working product! Well done!Installation less than 5 min., great!Very nice design for you Audi. Thanks guys!
— Dennis, Belgium

All I can say is awesome! I have only had my Audi A3 for 2 weeks and was disappointed I couldn use my air vent magnet! I got my Clearmount today and it took me about 2 minutes to install it. Looks great! I would highly recommend it!
— Debra, USA

Voy a escribir en Español, ya que muchos reviews son en inglés, y creo que así podrá llegar a más gente que pueda tener dudas.Fue una alegría encontrar a alguien que pusiera solución a un problema que tenemos los propietarios de en este caso Audi A3 8V Sportback, ya que he usado soportes que se sujetan con pegamento pero del calor se terminan cayendo. Esta solución es increíble e impresionante, desde luego queda bien sujeto y sin temor de que se vaya a caer en ningún momento, desde luego la sujeción es perfecta.En mi caso elegí el modelo con carga inalámbrica, ya que mi Samsung S8+ dispone de ella, pero es una carga lenta, aunque con que mantenga la carga cuando usas el GPS, me sirve. La posición es más que perfecta y queda muy muy pero que muy bien en el coche.Gracias ClearMounts! El mejor accesorio que he podido comprar para mi Audi Saludos.Guillermo.
— Guillermo, Spain

One hell of a great product! Easy to install, solid quality design, functional and looks fantastic. Bought this for my 2016 A3 and I can't be more satisfied. Thank you clearmounts, keep up the good work!
— Edward Zorko, Canada (2020-02-17)

Absolutely the best mod for an AS/S3/TT with round vents. We have two S3s and love how the clearmount looks and works. When the phones are not on the mount the device looks perfect blends in with the design theme and quality of the interior. When the phones are in place She has a Iphone 7, I have a Iphone 6Plus they are stable, in a great location to easily see the screen and use the phone when stopped at a light : I was concerned about the 6Plus being too large and too heavy to fit between the vents and stay on the magnet mount, but it works exactly as depicted on the website.Its amazing that Clear Mounts made this product to fit specifically and perfectly to our vehicles as opposed to a mass produced design with compromises.Don hesitate! Treat yourself to this great addition to your Audi!
— Private210, USA

I love this thing. It was easy to install and works so wellI wish I could have one for my other car.
— Randall T, USA

I was looking for a good phone holder for my Audi A3 for months. Fortunately I found Clear Mounts.The product is amazing !!!Good price, easy to install and looks beautiful.I recomend !!!
— Antonio, Brazil

I tried every type of mount under the sun for my A3 and none were great. I gave Clearmounts a try, and setup was a breeze, placement is perfect, also a very high quality mount. Highly recommend giving clearmounts a try if you haven’t already!
— Drew, United States

wanted the best phone holder..been stopped by the police and needed the best possible solution in my nice new car... arrived in 5 days to UK - fitted beautifully - what an amazing product and what an amazing company! Top Class!!!
— Ian Bancroft, United Kingdom

Quick shipping, check. Sturdy and elegant construction, check. less than 5 minute install, check. Super strong magnet, check. What an amazing and elegant solution. This mount in my RS3 puts my phone exactly where I need it and doesn't obstruct the vents, climate controls, or the multimedia screen. It truly is the perfect solution.
— Travis Lent, United States

The perfect phone holder for my Audi A3 8VL 2014! Cheers guys!!
— Furkan D., Netherlands (2020-02-20)

The clearmounts is a great phone holding solution for my Audi. It was easy to install and barely noticeable. I even had a friend comment that it was smart of Audi to include these in their vehicles! Great product, definitely recommend.
— Phil, Canada

Love my clearmounts in my 2015 Audi S3. Looks great. I use the magnetic mount and have no issues. Install was super quick. Would buy again!
— Vamsi Kaliki, United States

By far the best phone holder I ever bought. I bought it for my wife's car A3 Cab, and since then, no complaints at all, whereas, in the past, all previous models had negative points... with ClearMounts holder, she's happier than ever. Just buy it, for you, your wife, ... your friends ! -
— Arnaud Broekmans, Belgium

Comprado para mi nuevo Audi S3 Sportback 8V facelift.Producto muy bien diseñado, fácil de montar menos de 5 minutos, sujeta al móvil sin problemas ni vibraciones Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 y además es bonito y queda perfectamente integrado en la consola central.Muy recomendable.Bought for my new Audi S3 Sportback 8V 2017.Good and clean design, very easy to install less than 5 min., holds tightly my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and its also sleek and fit perfectly on the central console.Highly recommeded.
— Juan José, SPAIN

The magnetic phone holder is so great in my 2017 A3 e-tron. I needed a phone holder especially living in California.. its the law but I didn't want to stick anything on the dashboard that might mess up the car. This is such a perfect solution. Its cost effective and came within a matter of days.
— Dan, USA

To be honest the phone holder from ClearMounts is super easy to install on my A3. I looked at the installation video and i knew what to do. When i was choosing which holder i should choose for my car the information on the site was very helpful. It was easy to select the right product and it fits beautifully. The speed of delivery was also very good. I am one very happy customer.
— Alexandre, Netherlands

Great phone holder for my A3: clever design that looks good and is quick to setup and use. Quick delivery to the UK! Thank you for such a great solution.
— Karl, United Kingdom

Ingenious design , sleek and ultimately effective, easy install and superb performance, if you have an a3 and want a phone mount look no further, very fast delivery and great customer transaction. Gerard
— Gerard Breen, Ireland

Parfait, fixation puissante, livraison très rapide.Le démontage des aérations est aisé.J\utilise une coque magnétique et un câble lighting de 30 cm.
— Eric, France (2019-03-09)

Love the mount. The fit into the dash on the A3 was perfect and the product feels well built.
— Brian, United States

Great phone mount. Fits well and very sturdy
— Luke, United Kingdom

Glad I found this phone holder for my A3 8V. It keeps the phone securely attached even on bumpy roads and sport chassis and matches the interior so well that its hardly noticed even when no phone is mounted. Delivery was super-fast and took only 3 days to Germany.
— Michael, Germany

Best magnetic phone mount for Audi A3 8V on the market! It fits perfectly between the two central vents and has a very steady and solid build quality! Also the magnets are very strong! The installation process was very easy!
— Adrian Lautaru, Romania (2019-03-11)

Found this iphone holder online. After ordering it was shipped quickly and arrived within a week!!! It fits perfectly between the central air vents. There are 2 metal plates included for attaching your phone to the holder magnetic.
— Stijn Bollen, The Neytherlands (2019-03-11)

After looking for the right phone holder for my A3, I finally found Clearmounts. It's amazing! Installation is as easy as told in the page and instructions, it only took me 5 minutes. Everyone thinks is part of the design. Phone has never fell from the magnet and looks cool. I'm a happy customer and referring to anyone that needs clearmounts. Thanks!
— Ricardo M, México

Fantastic mount, very sturdy with a strong magnet. Great quality product.
— Ryan, England

Purchased for two Audi's in a row. So I guess I'm a loyal guy now lolMy thoughts:Value:For the extra cash you get a very slim style solution. Compared to those bulkier gas station or Best Buy universal phone holders, this is practically invisible and elegant. Delivery and packaging:Arrived early and right to my place, the packaging of the holder has all of the instructions clearly printed on it, making it easy to install, not messy random papers everywhere.Installation:No tools required, just your hands. Takes about 3 minutes. Note removing your Audi vents may feel odd at first if you've never done it, but trust me its super safe!Quality: I've purchased one for my 2016 a3 and another for my more vintage 2012 roadster, both fit perfectly and the build quality is tough. All in all I believe in this product, I think if you went and purchased a luxury vehicle, this is the best choice out there. And trust me I looked everywhere, nothing matches custom!Thanks!
— Narci, USA (2020-03-19)

Low-profile magnetic holder works great. The awesome thing turned out to be that on Samsung Galaxy S9 it works even without the metal plate probably wireless charging plate sticks to the magnet. Overall quality is solid and installation was not very hard. The delivery to Ukraine took about 2 weeks. I\m definitely happy with the purchase.
— Anton, Ukraine (2019-03-20)

I am really impressed by the professionalism of the staff, as they provided insightful info promptly. The delivery went smoothly and the holder arrived fast. The holder is a perfect fit, with the magnets having a nice grip. It is so handy and functional, just what I needed for my Audi!
— Efstathios S, Greece

Cracking bit of kit, holds the iPhone or any other phone really solidly. Discreet and in a really good place to view.
— Gary B, England

Hello!Thid is a overall great product, simple and easy to install, strong magnet that keeps your big phone completely still. Even during acceleration/cornering.Also great customer service and fast response from seller.Worth it n
— Kevin, Sweden (2020-05-21)

Getting the Audi vent covers dislodged was something of a challenge, but I succeeded and the Clearmounts holder was installed within minutes. I love this product.
— Thomas Bradford, United States (2019-04-06)

One of the best mods Ive done to my S3 - perfect fit and finish, works great to display info from my JB4 app while driving. Its also great to have for GPS apps or managing music through the phone. I would definitely buy this for any car its available for!
— Dave G. , USA

This is the best addition I could have bought for my Audi A3 e-tron! Ive had it for the past 6 weeks, and as something I use every day, I can attest that it does the perfect job of keeping your phone in place on the dashboard!
— Marshall, USA

Bought my CM magnet for my Audi on August 21st and it arrived 7 days later... Note that I live in Portugal europe. Easy, quick and clean install. No tools needed. Elegant, useful and good looking. Simply excellent product and company.
— Diogo A, Portugal

Product worked really well. It is not very noticeable after mounting and it has a very strong magnet. Installation was exactly as described from instructions, it took about 5 minutes. Overall, I am pleased with product. I hope there are other accessories on the horizon from Clearmounts.
— Derrick, US (2019-04-10)

Great Product. Perfect fit in my 2014 S3, end very easy to install. Have used bit for 4 months now, and still Works great
— Ståle, Norway

Great communication before purchase, fast international shipping to the UK. Packaging was small and simple with detailed instructions, took about 5 minutes to install and works perfectly!
— Richard H, United Kingdom

Absolutely perfect product, exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to install, max 5min. Delivery to Croatia takes about 2 weeks, like described. 100% my recommandation!
— Dario, Hrvatska (2020-08-16)

Everything was great! Fast shipping to Germany and perfect fitting in my A3 8V!
— Martin, Deutschland

Product fits perfectly. Customer service from Carl was also amazing. Could not recommennd this product more. A++
— Gabriel, Australia (2020-08-24)

Super-satisfied with the swivel magnetic holder for my Audi A3 2016! I was worried about my cellphone dimensions and if it could fit properly between the vents. Carl answered all my questions and it's the best buy I could do for my A3. I drive two hours everyday and it is in the perfect place for navigation. Thanks CM!
— Ariadna, Spain

The product looks and feels premium, doesn't intrude on the aesthetic of your centre console, performs brilliantly, and the customer service and communication from Carl the owner was beyond excellent. Fast and well packaged delivery too. 5/5 from me. I would highly recommend this company and product to anyone with an Audi.
— Tommy , United Kingdom (2020-09-17)

Excellent product!! Very well made and fit car like a glove. Best compliment I can give is that it looks OEM factory fitted. Magnetic strength is solid and secures phone well. Had initial reservations on $ value which was soon forgotten once I received item and could feel/see quality. I live Australia and arrived quickly too. This is a million times better solution vs. some cheap plastic suction mount job. Well done.
— Mike, Australia (2019-04-11)

Great product! I have a A3 Cabriolet and not too many places for your cell phone. I found this and it is perfect! Easy install. Strong magnets hold my iPhone 6plus Highly recommend it!
— Marie, Usa

Genial and functional product. In Italy we say: Socks by brush. Sturdy. I advise.
— Piero, Italia

A perfect addition to my 2015 A3. Doesn't detract from the interior styling. Definitely would recommend.
— Brent, Canada

Great product. Nice integrated look and feel. Thanks for your help. 10/10
— Ryan, Australia

Absolutely love it! Installation was simple and clear step-by-step instructions made sure nothing goes wrong. The mount itself feels really sturdy and has nice rugged feeling to it. Almost as if it was meant to be there. The magnet has enough power to easily hold phones any size. Simplicity quality is the key and this product nails it. Thank you!
— Joni, Finland (2020-11-04)

The perfect holder for my Audi A3. Feels strong, secure and yet non-invasive. Doesn't leave a scratch.
— André B, Sweden

A really good product! Fast delivery, easy to install. I didnt need extra instruments. It holds my phone very well
— Linh, Belgium (2019-04-19)

This mount looks great, feels great, and fits well. I think it is a great purchase if you like to use your phone for items while driving. Carl helped me to place the magnet so my wireless charging if maintained on the galaxy phone. I recommend this mount to anyone looking for a solution on this audi platform.Cheers
— Brandon, USA (2020-11-08)

Top quality, fast delivery, I recommend!
— Victor, Norway (2020-11-12)

This is one of the best car products I've ever purchased for a car. I wasn't sure if it would fit my Audi A3 but it was definitely a perfect fit. Now my iPhone6 can stay on the dash and I can be hands-free compliant to the rules of the road here in the US. Just make sure the little metal plates they give you are lined up with the powerful magnet and you are good to go. Luv it so much I bought one for my ex-wife yea, its that good!.
— Ken, US (2019-05-06)

Did quite a bit of research and this appeared better than anything else on the market. And it lived up to its marketing. Shame to ruin the interior of an Audi A3, but this looks like it was designs by Audi, for Audi and is genius. Packaging is beautiful and instruction are simple and the product is high quality. If you need this for you A3 - get one.
— Rupert Garton, UK (2019-05-07)

It’s incredibly difficult to find a phone holder that works really well, and doesn’t look cheap and nasty. Thankfully, the staff at Audiphoneholder have managed to produce a product that works fantastically well, and looks great. Not only that, but the clever design is incredibly easy to fit, and once it’s in you can forget about it. There’s nothing rolling around the car, no fiddly switches to pull, or suction cups leaving marks. The slimline magnet fits inside my iPhone case, so there’s no need to make any changes with my phone either. I simply get in my car, hold the phone to the holder, and I’m done. I wish I’d have found this product a long time ago, it would have saved me spending on inferior products time and again.
— Shaun Madill, United Kingdom (2019-05-07)

Overall, very satisfied with the product, build quality is nice, holds the phone pretty well and I have not yet had it fall off the support, even on very bumpy roads. Installation was a bit harder than expected as the AC vents didn't come off as easily as I was expecting. Shipping took around a month, although that was expected due to delays because of the current pandemic situation. Customer support, however, was fantastic. In conclusion, I can say I'm extremely pleased with everything!
— Afonso Vale, Portugal (2021-01-15)

This is by far the best phone mount ive ever purchased.It fits so well and integrates into the dash like it was supposed to be there. Set up was so easy and simple. Being an audi i was hesitant to be playing around with the trims but this was so easy.Magnetic holder is super strong and sturdy.No doubt i be recommending this to my friends and family.
— Charles, Australia

As we all know these cars have absolutely no where convenient to place your phone, this thing is literally the best first mod you can do to these vehicles!
— Colton Hunter, United States (2019-05-07)

Clearmounts are the most beautiful mounts I ever seen, they are minimal and awesome. It's like your phone is floating in the air while you are driving and it's a great position of the phone and easy to attach.
— Hilmar, Iceland

As promised: seemless intgration.Easy installation in seconds, for staing in the car.No more search for the suction cup holder to fix to the front window.
— Kai Jürgens, Germany

I purchased the low profile clearmounts for both of my Audi - A3 8P and 8V.The install is easy and the fit is perfect. Now I have the flexibility of using my phones in the same location in my cars and not worry about different mounts and obstructions to the view.
— Evo, USA (2019-05-07)

Best phone mount bar none! Highly recommend this to everyone, keep up the good work!
— John S., United Kingdom

Definitely must for drivers who care about design and practically.Best value for money !
— Jeannot, Luxembourg

Je suis vraiment super content, j\ai raivé d\avoir ça pour ma A3 8V.Un super merci et je recommande à 100%.
— Valdir TAVARES GOMES , France (2019-05-07)

Prodotto eccellente, curato in ogni minimo dettaglio. La soluzione definitiva per la mia Audi a3 8v. Consigliatissimo.
— Roberto, Italia

The day after I got my S3, I saw these phone holders and immediately knew I had to have one. Its the perfect upgrade for the interior of this car. The magnet works great and you never have to go digging for your phone. Plus it keeps my eyes on the road, having it mounted in plain view. I recommend it to anyone with an A3, S3, or RS3.
— Zach, United States

This is the first Audi I've owned. Although I love the car S3 it has very little space for bits and pieces. This product not only cleared my cup holder of its dual role of phone holder but allowed my phone to be in a nice clean and perfect place. Love the product. Top marks.
— Mark, United Arab Emirates

Premium quality. Fits seamlessly and will not make your beautiful Audi interior look cheap. I am very happy with my purchase.
— Anthony Mclaren, Canada

Strong magnet that smoothly blends in the Audi A3 quality dashboard. My smartphone perfectly positioned now and powered by the 12V plug below it. Absolute quality.
— Gilles Sanderse, Netherlands (2019-05-07)

A must have for any Audi owner. Looks super clean, and use it every day. High quality build material, I know it\s going to last as long as I own the car.
— Mitch Scobell, USA (2019-05-07)

Brand new A3 delivered to singapore end of Jan - ordered my Mount the next day and it was with me within a week. Simple to fit and fabulously unobtrusive against the dark dash. This works like a dream. Complimented from my very design focussed business partner which doesn’t happen often!
— Jason, Singapore

Sehr gutes und hochwertiges Produkt mit sehr einfacher Montage.Bin sehr zufrieden
— Michael D, Deutschland

Dad loves it. he wanted a bulky phone mount but i knew there was a better phone mount out there. its simple, elegant and doesnt interfere with the audi dash and factory controls. well made and does the job.
— Jon Matthews, United States (2019-05-07)

Sono veramente soddisfatto.Prodotto di ottima qualità costruttiva, solido e robusto, semplice da installare.Il telefono una volta agganciato non si muove più.Finalmente la giusta soluzione. Pienamente soddisfatto del mio acquisto, ve lo consiglio!Grazie Clear Mounts
— Davide, Italy

Great product - works exactly as expected, easy to install, great strong magnet and looks really sleek and unobtrusive. Also delivered exactly as per expectations - would definitely recommend!
— Tim, Netherlands (2019-05-08)

Super! peut etre un peut cher par rapport à dautre produits que l\ont peut trouver sur Amazon, mais le comfort au quotidien est incomparable, le produit ne bouge pas! idem pour le telephone j\ai un S10+ Le télephone ne tremble jamais, ni ne bouge je suis un gros rouleur. Bref sans hésité
— Léo, france (2019-05-10)

Great after market product, very quick and easy installation, once fitted you do not notice its there, fits perfectly with the design of cockpit, i would highly recommend. very quick delivery.
— David S., United Kingdom

Nice idea, very practical. quality is perfect. it fit very well like original accessory.
— KARICH, Belgique

nice, elegant look. easy to install. very fast delivery. and the most important - great quality.
— Gurevich Anton, israel (2019-05-17)

This phone holder works perfectly on my A3 e-tron. On this particular model, getting navigation required $6000+ in options. A Clearmounts and iphone gets the job done perfectly. Great quality and blends right in with the dash.
— James, United States

Great build quality, looks premium as the whole interior of my A3 : highly recommended product
— Dominik, Poland

Stop searching, there is no other holder for the Audi! I have tried a few and this is the one. It looks like it is part of the car, it should come from factory with it. So clever. It will be a feature when I sell the car, for sure.
— Alex Stender, United Kingdom (2019-05-19)

After a long search for the ideal solution and after buying a lot of useless holders, I was glad to find the Clear Mounts solution. It is small, elegant, simple and last but not least it works. Finally the perfect solution for my Audi, what can you want more! Nothing I still admire it every day when I am driving my Audi TT. Wish you lots of success and hope you will also get famous in Europe. Kind regards.
— Anne V., Belgium

Purchased for my 8V S3 and couldn be happier. Excellent phone mount which blends in with the dashboard. Would highly recommend
— Sajid A., Australia

I received a low profile version for my A3 sportback S-line 2018. The product is of good quality and fits very well. It looks good and feels like it belongs there. The magnet holds my samsung S7 with spigen thin case easily. Very happy with that. I use a curly USB cable to connect the android auto to the car. Works great, looks good. The only downside is that with the low profile version you can't put the phone in landscape, but it will touch the vents. If you want/need that. I would advice the Swivel version.
— Jeroen Bosch, The Netherlands

Parfait pour ma Audi. Merci!
— HOARAU, La réunion (2019-06-12)

Bought for my Audi A3. Works great. Strong magnet. Sits more or less flush. Can’t complain. Best alternative out there. Discreet compared to the rest. Highly recommended.
— Amrit Kang, United Kingdom (2019-06-17)

Muy practico y cómodo, no se nota que esta puesto entre las salidas de aire, muy facil de instalar, lo recomiendo a todo el mundo que tenga ese tipo de salidas en su coche.
— Javier, Spain

The design of this mount is brilliant! Very easy to install and very secure. I also got the wireless charging base and now I\m never concerned with my phones battery life at all. A perfect combo.
— Joshua K, United states (2019-06-17)

Got the model for our Audi S3 2015. Simply perfect, both aesthetically and functionally.
— Dr. Lo, Canada

Buy the clearmount for the Audi A3 8V model. Easy install, enjoy this convenience till now. Recommend the clearmount for everyone who have an A3 8V model.
— James, Netherlands

Świetny uchwyt, bardzo solidnie wykonany. Po zainstalowaniu bardzo ładnie wkomponowuje się we wnętrze samochodu Audi S3
— Jacek, Poland (2019-06-17)

Absolutely brilliant!!!I was sceptical before that the holder would be good, but I was proven wrong once I received them.Good job guys ...
— David, Australia (2019-06-18)

Excellent quality product that came well packaged and is very easy to fit with plenty of online tutorials if your stuck. I would definitely recommend clearmounts.
— Kevin, Scotland

Thank you for clearmounts! Very easy set up and comfortable to use.
— Ken Ueda, japan

Very clever product to stick my phone on the dashboard of my Audi A3 8P. No fuss, no screw, its a perfect match for my car.
— Phil, France

What a great phone holder! Very stable and easy to mount. It takes only 3 minutes without any tooling. A fantastic mount for reasonable money. It’s a daily joy to use this “must have”. A real Audi worthwhile mount!
— Marcel ten Thije, Netherlands

Great quality product that is machined to perfection. Seamlessly integrates with the dash of my 2016 A3. It holds my phone with ease. Looks sleek when not in use and does not take away from the look of the dash. Highly recommend this product! Well worth the price!
— Andrew S, United States of America

Halterung passt perfekt ! Sehr schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland und super einfache Installation. Ich bin super zufrieden. Really fast delivery to germany and easy to install. It works Great! Thank you.
— Marvin, Deutschland


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