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Fits: 2013-2020 Audi A3/S3/RS3/E-TRON

When ordering this Combo set for the A3 (8V) you will receive our custom aluminum bracket, finished in our durable black powder coat + receive both our interchangeable Swivel Magnetic Holder and our non-magnetic Cradle Holder, giving you options that fit your needs! You will have enough clearance from your vents to place your device in portrait or landscape modes and because of our swivel you can angle the device towards you or your passenger. 

*Scroll below and see our Add-On items. We also have a MagSafe Magnetic Mount available as an add-on for your iPhone 12, check it out here: MagSafe


With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Swivel Cradle Mount (New improved design adjusts from 55mm to 90mm wide) 

1x Clearmounts Swivel Magnetic Mount (New improved design)

2x Magnetic Metal Plates 

I’m from Australia and nothing comes close to a product like this for my RS3. It’s aesthetic design compliments the cabin interior perfectly. It’s functionality is great and I highly recommend this product for those seeking a sophisticated and functional phone holder. Definitely a hit with other Audi owners looking for the perfect phone holder/mount. Thanks for the awesome product!
— Robert, Australia (2019-07-21)

I have been using a Clear Mounts phone mount for over a year now in my 2015 A3 and to me, there is no better mount. Because I live in a hot climate, it has the added benefit of also allowing me to cool my phone with the vent since its so close! It is in the perfect location so my eyes are not looking down and close to the charge port so that I need a very short cable for charging. Get this mount and you won't be disappointed!
— Duncan, United States

Great product, very sleek looking. Easy to install, easy to order, fast delivery to Australia, very reasonable price!
— Andrew, Australia (2019-07-21)

My wife recently purchased a 2014 Audi S3 and the first thing we brought was a clear-mount for her car. Clean, functional, discreet and every person who\s been in the car thought it was factory fitted item. WOW! I was impressed with how easy it was to install.
— Tu Nguyen, Australia (2019-07-21)

Excellent mount that’s is super easy to install. The part looks OEM and has a seamless integration into the minamalist looks of the A3s interior. You will not find a better product on the market today!
— Ben, United Kingdom (2018-12-19)

very good product
— Eddie, Australia (2018-12-19)

This is without a doubt the best option for the Audi 8v model. I've had this on my rs3 SB and now rs3 sedan. Installation takes literally 5mins. Its a solid product and makes for a clean installation. Just do it!
— Shaan, Australia

Why waste your time with any other mount, when this custom made one will excel...The mount is so easy to install and fits like a glove. In fact it looks like it was there from the manufacturer. The cradle too is slimline and charges my iPhone X using the QI technology. I love the way it grips the phone into place. I can\t think of a single negative for this product, I absolutely love it, and so will you too!
— Darryl Rose, UK (2019-07-22)

The very first thing I ordered for my 2019 RS3. High-quality materials and sturdy design. I use the magnet mount option and my phone stays put. Swivel doesn\t move at all once you lock it down. Installation took 2 minutes. I\d recommend you use an interior trim tool to protect your dash and vent finish when removing the vents, but you could probably finagle it with bare hands too. Great product that fills a real gap.
— Alex, USA (2019-07-22)

Look no further, I have tried it all and this is "The Holy Grail", perfect fit, elegant and it really holds the phone even on heavy breaking, accelerating or cornering.
— Omar N., Puerto Rico

Very happy with this product. I did a lot of research on other products before purchasing this one and I am glad I did. Not only does it look like it was professionally installed it holds my phone in place very well! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone with an Audi A3!
— Laura , United States (2019-07-22)

Best invention ever! It has greatly improved my life! I can connect to gps, music and other applications and still pay full attention to traffic! 100% approved.
— Amanda, Brazil

Ordered the mount for my new A3, quick delivery, even quicker installation and the mount doesn't only hold my phone great it looks awesome too.
— M. Zikking, Netherlands

The best phone holder you can get for an Audi A/S/RS 3, why you might ask? Its because it is custom made only to fit under your vents. It looks really good, and the magnet is strong enough not to let the phone slip. Best bang for your buck you can get in my opinion. Also I want to mention they had great customer service. Clearmounts responded to every email. Thank you again !
— Vlad, Romania

After a long period of searching for a Smartphone holder, I finally found the one that I am convinced is the best ! It hold my Phone in the right position, it is secure and the place where it is perfect. Easy quick to put in place, Awesome ! The delivery was quicker than I expected. Also Carl was a gréât help with my order, he was very responsive ! Thank you so much.I recommend both the product and Clear Mounts a very professional company. !
— LELONG, France (2019-07-22)

This is by far the best car holder for Audi 8V. I highly recommend getting it.
— Charlie, Australia

I bought this phone holder for my 2018 RS3. This is an impressively designed phone holder. Solid aluminium I think construction, great design that suits the style and design of the A3 interior, and best of all - this doesn\t block one of the air vents like most phone holders! This is also a significantly better design than phone holders that are stuck onto the screen, since this holder keeps the phone away from blocking your view of the road as it\s below the infotainment screen.
— Jeremy, Australia (2019-07-24)

Received my order very promptly and have used it for about a month now.Opted to use the cradle holder instead of the magnetic mount because:- although the latter was able to hold my device a Samsung Note 9, it didn\t allow for a more ergonomic driver-facing angle- and if I had to type messages or use any other operation that required quick successive and precise taps, the device would be prone to swiveling on its anchor, increasing the risk of distraction- happy to say that the cradle holder provided the security I was looking for and was able to accommodate the width of my note 9 with its protective shell despite it being one of the widest smartphones on the marketAlthough this is a more expensive option compared to local knockoffs, I\m happy with its simple low profile design and sturdy build that doesn\t cheapen the interior look and feel of a luxury vehicle.
— Eugene Lim, Singapore (2019-07-25)

Speedy delivery, great product and extremely well made. Very easy to fit and works perfectly
— Richard Cichorz, United Kingdom (2019-07-26)

Very impressed with the quality of this product, far exceeded my expectations! I can’t live without it. Thank you Clearmounts.
— Samuel, Canada (2018-12-21)

I have been looking for a phone mount for a while but, until I stumbled across clearmounts, have only seen those connecting to the windscreen or air vent. I didn’t want either. This holder is beautifully designed, high quality and does exactly what it claims. Even the packaging is clever minimising the amount of plastic used. I am terrible at installing anything, however, even I managed to put this in about 5 minutes.
— Nick, United Kingdom (2019-08-16)

Such a perfect fit, it was damn easy to fix and looks like it is part parcel of the dashboard .I would strongly recommend this to a friend .
— Ramesh, Singapore (2018-12-21)

Great quality product with amazingly quick delivery all the way from Canada. The cradle is spring loaded and adjusts to the size of your phone which is great.
— John, United Kingdom (2019-08-25)

Couldn\t have asked for a better mount. I use the magnet and it works just as you would have hoped. The delivery was also way faster than expected. 10/10
— Abdelmounaim, The Netherlands (2019-09-09)

Well worth the money excellent piece of kit if you have an A3 or any of the other models you need one of these.
— Mark Cawdron, Uk (2019-09-12)

Amazing product, well made and perfectly integrated in my car. I recommend it to every A3 owner.
— Rodrigo, Spain (2018-12-21)

This product leaves competition to shame. Absolutely high quality and like an Audi made item.
— Lee, Singapore (2019-09-23)

Fuss free to order, 2 minute fix and ready to go.
— Damien Shan, Singapore (2018-12-21)

Simply the best. I was looking everywhere online for a sleek looking phone mount. I came across this one from watching a youtube video. My audi a3 has a wierd dash with no real place to mount the phone. Clearmount is genious...right in between the vents. The vents were easy to remove and reinstall with the clearmount. With its positioning it prevented me from getting into a car accident. I was looking at my phone for directions as it was mounted. I saw an object on the road and steered to avoid it. If my phone wasnt mounted where it was, I would have crashed. The mount has paid for itself over and over.
— Ryan, USA (2019-09-23)

This is a very high quality mount and works great with my large iPhone 7 Plus. I have tried tons of different phone mounts for my Audi A3, and this is by far the best. It take max 5 minutes to install and fits in the car like a glove. LOVE the product. Their customer service is also AMAZING.
— Michel U, USA

The Qi holder is sturdy and looks great. I had some trouble getting the phone to charge, however, I emailed the company and they quickly assisted me in getting the unit to work. Would recommend to anyone looking for a sleek phone holder for their Audi.
— Stephen Dunay, USA (2018-12-23)

Happy with my phone holder, i got the magnetic + clip + wireless charger and fits perfect in my A3 8V 2016.Btw the charger works great with fast charge Samsung Note 9
— Mario, México (2019-09-23)

**** P E R F E C T !!! ****Greetings from Graz/Austria
— Thomas N, Austria

LE meilleur support de telephone que jai eu a ce jour ! Solide de bonne qualité et le telephone ne bouge pas !! Recu tres rapidement ... a acheter les yeux fermer.
— Luc S, France

It’s perfect. Looks like it came with the car and so easy to install. Brilliant product.
— Heather, United States

Perfect! Fast delivery. Simple instructions and easy to install. Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent design works brilliantly without taking up space on the dashboard.
— Aoife, Ireland (2018-12-25)

Another selling point for the Clearmounts system: I live in Texas, and keeping my phone lower on the dash and out of direct sunlight has kept it from overheating. Great Product!
— Michael S, United States

After a few months since installing it in my S3 I’m very pleased with the Audi phone holder. The instructions were easy to follow. Installation only took a few minutes and it has worked perfectly. The holder looks like an OEM part and quality.
— JW Green, USA (2018-12-25)

Completely satisfied with my purchase. The best phone holder for Audi A3 8V.
— Youssef, Maroc (2019-09-23)

I love this product, because it was easy to install it and very practical for any mobile phone. And I'd thank your company because it has an international delivery, so I could have one in this part of the world :)
— Frank Gutierrez, Peru (2018-12-26)

Very nice and clean fit in the car, and easy installation. Delivery takes about a week from Canada to Europe. Very happy with the product!
— Bjorn, Netherlands (2018-12-27)

It was a bit disconcerting pulling out the air vents to fit this but that in balance makes it well integrated and secure. The wireless charging is great but a little temperamental with my iPhone 8 fine with X, 8 is a bit small. Overall no regrets and I would recommend this product.
— Oscar, United Kingdom (2019-09-24)

I am very pleased with this product. Ordering was simple, when I had a tracking question they responded to my email quickly, installation was pretty straightforward. So far no complaints.
— Amina, USA (2018-12-27)

I was very pleased with this purchase for my A3 saloon!! The mount is a solid build and sits flush against the dashboard with no rattle and aesthetically pleasing! The magnet is very strong! Very easy to install - I followed a YouTube video. I recently bought a second one for my friend’s birthday, for his A3.
— Kumar Visvanathan, United Kingdom

Really easy installation and it fits perfectly. It\s extremely sturdy and the magnets are so strong, that they can hold my phone through a rugged case. The location of the mount is perfect. It doesn\t cover the MMI and since its between the vents, it also keeps the phone cooled. Love the product. 101% reccomend.
— Vanyo, United Kingdom (2019-09-25)

Perfect product! It fits perfectly my dashboard in my A3 8V and looks stunning ! I use the swivel magnetic and it stays strong with my iPhone. My friends want to buy it now :D
— Marc, France (2018-12-31)

Really the best mobile holder i tried on my life!!!Dress perfectly for my audi 8v, stable, no vibration, no damage for my car. Nice the cradle but incredible fantastic the magnet: strong, power!!!I’m using on my iPhone putting magnet between iPhone and cover: perfect!.Really really money spent well!!!****Davvero il miglior porta cellulare che abbia mai avuto in vita mia!Calza perfettamente sul mia Audi v8: stabile, senza vibrazioni e nessuna modifica fatta all’auto.Molto funzionale il spettacolare il magnete: incredibilmente forte!!!Ho inserito il magnete tra iPhone e la cover: spettacolare!Davvero davvero soldi spesi bene!
— Noto Alessandro, Italia (2019-09-25)

Since I purchased my Audi A3, I have been looking for mobile holder. I tried multiple one and they never worked. Finally I came to this website and I purchased one right away. It is simply the best holder you can get for Audi Cars. Very strong swivel and holder assembly.
— Ahmed Moussa, UAE (2019-01-14)

Few months ago I purchased the Swivel Magnetic Cradle Holder + Qi Wireless Gravity Cradle Charger. Delivery Canada to Netherlands on my door step within 4 days, perfect!Fast charging and handels as promised.Perfectly and happy with like a diamond in a goats . . . - Happy days . . Gr - Robert
— Robert v G, Netherlands (2019-09-29)

Highly recommended. I had to check the cradle fitted my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge as it is not clear on the web site how the cradle fits your phone, but it is spring loaded and adjusts to fit your phone.Looks great and was simple to install.So much better than hanging something from your air vent or using suckers on your windscreen.Thumbs up for this product.
— John, Uk (2019-09-30)

Absolute fantastic product. Fitted it within 5 minutes of receiving the package. Very easy clear instructions and product was exactly what I thought it was going to be. The magnetic swivel is very effective and can be pointed right at the driver or passenger. 10/10 buy it!
— Jordan Emerson, United Kingdom (2019-01-14)

Simply perfect. Arrived in 5 days! The magnet is formidable. My huawei P30 is in good hands. Thanks
— Gianluca , Italy (2019-10-14)

I was used to vent mounted simple phone holders and switching to an Audi caused a huge problem until I came across clearmounts. It's the perfect premium phone holder. Easy and non damaging to install, clean looking and great to use. Forget mounts screwed, glued or installed with suction cups if you have an Audi. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a phone mount.
— Henri, Finland (2019-01-14)

Best phone holder I've ever had. Looks like a factory option. Recommended!
— Carlo , Nederland (2019-10-20)

Excellent product and service. Thank you Clear Mounts!
— John, Australia

I love this product! I have made a couple of orders all the way from the Middle East and the customer satisfaction is definitely met.
— Rawad, Qatar

Excellent product, very very easy to install. Simple but highly effective. Can’t recommend it enough.
— Darren Martin, England (2019-01-14)

Fantastic phone holder, which does not hinder the Air-flow of the vents, and it holds the phone great with the magnet. The service from the company was also extremely good, and they made the buy safe and fast. Highly recomend this product company.
— Oystein , Norway (2019-11-18)

You can't ask more from a phone holder. It's OEM looks that blend perfectly with the car. This is the best phone holder I have found for my S3. Dealing with the seller was very professional and fast.
— Antoine, Lebanon

This is perhaps the best phone mount I've ever seen. It was very easy to install and looks like it came with the car. The build quality is great and the magnet is strong enough to hold my iPhone 8+ firmly in place. I wish I had found this sooner!
— Josh, USA

Just received mount faster than expected. Took all of one minute to install. Looks great! Finally a place to put phone. None of the vent mount holders would work, but this does. Thanks!
— John, USA

Nice, clean and robust phone holder that consistently holds an iPhone in any orientation.
— Vikesh Patel, United Kingdom (2019-11-18)

I love my CM phone mount. It was super easy to install and looks clean and custom. I highly recommend it!!
— Becky, USA

A very attractive product. The magnet is much stronger than I anticipated. I wish they made one for my girlfriends car.
— Joe McClain, USA (2019-11-18)

I love my mount. It fits perfect, took about a whole minute to install and my iPhone 7 fits perfectly. You will love it. Shipping was quick and the customer service has been second to none!
— Jeff S., USA

Le support idéal pour une A3 !installé en quelques minutes, parfaite intégration au tableau de bord. Amis francophones, n'hésitez pas. De plus, livré en France en 5 jours. Bravo !
— Roger, France

I installed it quickly and it works great, looks cool, and inconspicuous too. I am really happy I found Clear Mounts and I would strongly recommend their products as well as their customer service.
— Chuck R., United States

The install was very easy and the fit is precise. No annoying rattle or noises. I got both holders, but after some use prefer the magnet due to easy putting it on and off. I have used other magnet holders and they did not hold my iPhone 8 plus well at all. This magnet holds it tight and the phone does not move at all. Great product! I highly recommend it.
— Don S., USA

The swivel mount is brilliant -- I upgraded to it from the low-profile mount and it's just as perfectly fitting and high quality yet even more usable since the phone's easier to see and reach. Highly recommended!
— Dylan, United States (2019-01-14)

What a great product, looks factory when fitted. Magnet is very strong and even works through my phone case ! Highly recommended
— Darragh Tierney, Ireland (2019-11-18)

Great idea, easy to install. I use it every day!
— Bernd, Germany

After doing some research I stumbled across this phone holder as the go to solution for those looking for a clean, reliable \audi spec\ product. It is an awesome product, the shipping was fast even to Australia and the after sales support second to none! Definitely recommend it to any Audi owners that want to avoid ugly phone mounts temporary solutions!
— Brendan R, Australia (2019-01-14)

Every Audi A3, S3 & RS3 driver should get one of these. Simply brilliant. Thanks Carl
— Brian, Australia

The way the Clearmounts fits is perfectly superb. It is almost visually OEM. It is pricey, however if you have an Audi, it is worth spending the extra few bucks and getting just one phone holder that you’ll never swap out. Since you really can’t upgrade further from this top of the line product. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself!
— Andrew K, USA

Great phone holder for your Audi. Extremely easy to install and maintains the signature aesthetics for Audi cockpit. Oh, the phone sits very tight, so it will not fall on the bumps.
— Sergey, Cyprus

I could never find a mount on the market that would fit my Audi S3. Until I came across Clear Mounts. Got the product, worked great! What really made me enjoy this product was the customer service. Thanks Carl!
— Paul M, United States

I was used to crappy phone holders and when I got my new Audi A3, I needed a new phone holder.Looking around on the internet I found the AudiPhoneHolder and omg it's amazing!I am using the Swivel Magnetic holder to keep my iPhone XR at the perfect angle, and it stays there! It's a very well finished holder and fits perfectly. It blends in amazingly with the interior, as if it's supposed to be there.I am getting loads of reactions on it from friends if it came with the car! It's genuinely the best phone holder for the Audi.Quality 5/5Usability 5/5Aesthetics 5/5Price 5/5Regards, a very happy owner!
— Remi, Netherlands (2019-11-18)

You will not be disappointed. I am an engineer of 30 years and not many things impress/surprise me as the simplicity and quality of the product, well done Carl.
— David, United Kingdom

Excellent product and exceptional service, received an order update and shipped the same day! After looking for a perfect phone holder to fit my Audi A3 without looking ugly or completely out of place came across this product, installed literally in minutes and fits perfectly between the vents with the phone in easy reach and sight, the Qi charging cradle I also added makes it easy to jump in the car and get going without having to fiddle around with cords to plug in. Very happy!! Thank you.
— Steve Feeney, United States (2019-01-15)

My wife and I LOVE this product! Couldn't have been an easier install and not a single complaint so far.
— Bobby S., United States

Great product. I am a Uber driver, and this is a great help, because there is no beter way to mount the cellphone for navigation than this in my Audi.
— Norbert, Switzerland

L’installation sur ma Audi A 3 a été facile. Il n’y a aucune obstruction des commandes. Un excellent produit.
— Pierre Grenier, Canada

Great product quality, very easy to install and perfect placement, it's definitively the best mount made for the Audi A3 dashboard. Excellent Customer Service and very fast shipping even in Europe! Product and seller highly recommended! Many Thanks Carl!
— Giovanni, France , Montpellier

Best phone holder full stop. Wasn't a fan of phone holders until i got this, best money ever spent, thanks heaps AAA+++
— Adam Rouledge, Australia (2019-01-16)

I have purchased bother of the phone holders the low profile and swivel magnetic.1- easy installation2- looks it’s an OEM product3- magnet is powerfull and well made4- amazing price5- amazing delivery very quick and well packaged6- just perfect holder, there is no better choice
— Mohamed Almulla, United Arab Emirates (2019-11-19)

My Clearmounts arrived quickly. Really well made and good instructions. Works brilliantly and better than a lot of magnetic mounts as the plate on the phone isn't magnetized so doesn't wipe my credit cards when I leave my phone and wallet together. Very nicely designed, it looks and fits like it is a factory option.
— Justin, Australia

Simple design and quality materials. Easy to fit in 5 mins and unobtrusive once fitted. fully recommended
— loz parry, Wales (2019-01-16)

This is a fantastic product. Easy to install and is extremely discreet. Thank you!
— Woody, Australia

I tried several phone holders before to buy this one and none of them gave me a full satisfaction. Since Audi made it very difficult to install a phone holder in its A3 8v, I finally purchased this holder. Don’t be afraid by the price, it is worth it. Best value to money found on internet. Built in aluminum, well built. Even when the phone is not on the holder, it remains nice to see!
— Antoine, France

An absolutely great and simple solution which needs no trimming and doesn't damage the car. Absolutely a well thought through product!
— Jake, Denmark

Quite simply the best way to mount your phone in your car. I got this for my RS3 and installed within a couple of minutes and the holder is solid and secure. Do not hesitate to buy!
— Steve, Australia (2019-01-18)

Hi it's really easy to install looks amazing as if it was a optional add on to your build non intrusive blend's in as one with the dashboard.I use mine with a short usb lead and it works perfectly well done for such an amazing accessory to my Audi A3 saloon
— David, United Kingdom (2019-11-19)

This mount is perfect! Received it in the mail within 7 days of placing my order. Installation was a breeze. The mount is made from high quality materials and it looks OEM. Couldn't have asked for a better product, thank you, Clear Mounts!
— Kat A., United States

The holder is easy to put on with patience and looks utterly factory fitted and very neat as if it was always meant to be there. Clearly the one and only best option for a phone holder if you drive an Audi.
— Zeb, UK, London (2019-11-19)

Prodotto arrivato, Fantastico !!! Grazie mille
— Marco, Italia

Excellent phone holder, I can’t believe I waited 3 years to purchase it. It places the phone in a very accessible area so I can shout “Hey Siri” as necessary the cabriolet doesn’t have the functioning voice button. I also use it for navigation every day on my moderately long commute and it beats the heck out of having to look down and be obstructed by any drink in the cup holder. Also, customer service is great: incredible response times and very patient with my questions.
— Burns, USA (2019-01-24)

Absolutely love this holder. Great job on providing such an important solution to keep me and my family safe.
— David, United Kingdom (2019-11-19)

I couldn’t be more pleased with this mount in my S3. The magnet is powerful and the design is clean, smart, and gorgeous.
— Jeff Russell, United States

The best Holder to A3 8V. It's very practical and It's easy installation. Shipping to Europe time is very short. I recommend it!
— Piotr, Poland

Excellent product, nice finish quick to install
— Lindon Jackson, New Zealand (2019-11-19)

I bought the phone holder via eBay on April 18 2017 and it arrived from Canada four days later to the UK! Easy to fit and it works perfectly. Delighted!
— Roger, United Kingdm

Best holder I've ever had for an Audi and have seen! In addition, extremely good service from the seller! Super, I would like to recommend the seller and the product !!! Thank you!
— Markus, Germany

Very impressed with the product - looks professional and fits perfectly in my UK registered Audi A3 2019 plate. Excellent delivery and tracking service too - I was notified when the product had arrived in the UK and cleared customs and then kept up to date until delivered to my door, great product, great service.Very easy to install too - no need to view videos or get anyone in, just remove the two central air vents using your bare hands hold the product in place and pop the air vents back in - takes about 30 seconds.
— Robert Rushton, United Kingdom (2019-11-19)

Ingenious product, very easy to install, and second to none customer service!
— Isabelle, Canada

The ClearMounts low profile mount for Audi A3 8V is the best looking mount available. The ClearMounts build quality is fantastic and the magnet is very strong - speed bump tested. Installation took me literally 2 minutes in a brand new 2018 A3. It fits right into the Audi esthetic. Highly recommended.
— Roland dela Cuesta, Canada

Ordered this item on a Friday after a chat with Carl ironic I know 10 minutes later order confirmed and true to his word the item arrived a week later. Now even I knew that Canada to the uk in 7 days is brilliant. The item itself is one of the best I’ve owned. It’s solid and even a child could install it. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the uk who isn’t sure if to order or not.
— Karl ray, United Kingdom (2019-02-01)

Just received and installed. Works great! Impressive quality. Ordering one for my wifes A3. Thanks!
— John H., United States

What a product, well designed, installs in seconds and works faultlessly every single time. Having tried many other mounts mainly those that grip to the vent itself each and everyone of them failed. This is right on the money. Buy Buy Buy its the only mount you will ever need
— Phillip Pini, UK (2019-11-22)

Just installed my Clear Mounts phone holder for my Audi A3 Etron. The holder is exactly as advertised and works great. The video was extremely helpful in being able to install the unit in less than a minute. I give it a 10 out of 10.
— Wayne S., USA

Ordered this and was not disappointed!!! Well pachaged - easy to follow instructions - quick delovery and best of all it does the job brilliantly. Would highly recommend.
— David Longworth, UK (2019-11-22)

Love my new Clearmounts, solid design and well made. Easy access to my phone on long trips and held up amazingly well on some really bad pothole infested roads, phone never moved once. Highly recommend this product and Carl was great to deal with.
— Adam, Canada

Super product zeer tevreden En snelle bezorging. Top
— Mohamed Amri, Nederland (2019-02-09)

Very nice and clean product, fit perfect in my S3, installed in 2 minutes... Thank you!
— phil, canada

Superb. Very neat and easy fit, well thought-out. Strong magnet to eliminate movement of phone during driving but no interference. Very impressed. Not cheap but it pays off.
— Julian, United Kingdom

Hello Clear Mounts, I´m very happy about your Phone-holder. Super delivery and nice communication from your employer. Thank you and greetings from Germany!
— Cem, Germany

The Clearmounts Phone holder took 5 days to arrive to Sweden which is really fast! The product was really easy to install and use and looks like its part of the car it blends in. The best part is probably the customer service. Carl is a really nice guy and I would recommend every single Audi owner compatible models to buy this product! Thank you once again!
— Hassan, Sweden

This is my second Clear Mounts, surely the world best mount for my Audi, even for a large and heavy phone like my Samsung Note 4, the magnetic swivel works perfectly, I have tried also the swivel cradle holder, same satisfaction. Ultra quick delivery to France, quick customer service. Many Thanks.
— Alain, France

Product works exactly as imagined. I can finally drive safely and responsibly now, making other passengers in the car feel safer as well. 10/10 overall investment.

Amazing mount! Slick, Rugged and Sturdy. I’ve been looking for an age for somthing that works and is completely out of the way. Really happy.
— Ryan Vignaux, United Kingdom (2019-02-09)

Super easy install, clean OEM integration so it looks completely stealth almost. Wife is greatly pleased with her swivel mount. A+ on packaging, though my box was sorta crushed, I was expecting a simple brown box with products in it, nope a full image (retail) box. Blown away! Its the small things that make a difference in a world filled with putting everything into a brown box and shipping it!
— Nick, USA

Brilliant personal service, speed of delivery exceeded all expectations, and installation took less than 5 minutes Audi A3. Clearmounts phone holder is robust and works perfectly. I love it! Thanks!
— Carolyn Ison, United Kingdom

Simple design yet easy to install, practical serves its purpose effectively! 3 thumbs up!
— Saini Ekwan, Singapore (2020-01-17)

Item arrived promptly from Canada to the UK with good communication and updates on delivery. Item took literally a couple of minutes to install and was very easy. It compliments the interior and provides a useful holder for my phone to save it rolling around in the cup holders. Would definitely recommend.
— Alex, United Kingdom

What an absolutely fantastic product. Extremely well made and installation is quick and simple! As founder of the Quebec Audi Club, I only recommend and endorse things that are of high standard and quality. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cell phone car holder.
— Dave, Canada

The package arrived within a week! Great mounting solution for my iPhone. Looks clean and fits nice in an A3. Installation only took 3 minutes. I strongly recommend this mounting holder.
— Ries, The Netherlands

Very good mount.I placed it within 10 minutes and it fits perfectly.I have an iPhone XR and was thinking the phone was maybe blocking the view to my onboard MMI, but it fits perfect.Would recommend this in every Audi!
— Yannick, Belgium (2019-02-09)

I was looking for a slim and well designed mount for my Google Pixel XL. But all solutions on Amazon and eBay were awful. Clearmounts was delivered to me very quickly. It's really well designed and built mount which is attached to the best place for a smartphone in my A3, between the two vents. I am using the magnetic version and I am very very satisfied with it. Very easy installation with no screws or damages. And using is just easy and simple. Clearmounts is by far the best of the best.
— David, Germany

Product works perfect, and was incredibly easy to install. I ordered from Chile and was no problem on shipping and timing. 100% recommended. Thumbs up!!!
— Jonathan, Chile

Fitted in minutes and looks superb, very well made and looks OEM
— Simon Lowe, United kingdom (2019-02-09)

Bought Swivel Magnetic Cradle Holder for my A3. Installed it in only few minutes. What a superb product! Looks like OEM equipment, and holds my S10+ securely, even on awful roads in city of Dubrovnik and its vicinity.
— Marijo Validzic, Croatia (2020-01-17)

Wow what an amazing phone mount! This A3 was my first Audi and finding this mount was incredible! It literally looks like it came from the factory with the beautiful mount. Its clean, simple, low-profile and not a distraction. I also don't have to worry about suction cup marks on my dash or windshield. This is truly a masterpiece. Thanks!
— Kevin, United States

Excellent product, works perfectly as advertised. Ability to adjust cradle height when the phone is in the cradle is a nice feature. Easy to install and seamless look.
— Bob R., United States (2019-02-09)

Ive never actually found a phone holder that works as well as this one does for ANY car. It works so well I feel like it should just be an OEM part. Clearmounts did a great job with this.
— Tim, United States

This was my best purchased. the clearmounts fit perfectly on my car, looks like is originally come with it. The wire can be neatly tug in and almost hidden. My friends who saw it compliment about it. Looks cool !!!! no regret.
— Freddy, Singapore

Ordered from Germany, arrived in 5 days, fitted in 5 minutes! Great product well designed and discreet on the dash like an Audi option fit. Highly recommended!
— Nick, Germany

My Clearmount magnetic phone holder arrived promptly and was quickly and easily installed in my Audi A3. My iPhone is held securely in place and is in the perfect position close to reach and view. Excellent product, can highly recommend.
— Marcelle, Australia

Great stuff!!! Very beautiful and well done! Installed in just 2 minutes without any additional tool needed. Shipped directly to Italy in one week. Also very quick and kind support from Carl.
— Andrea, Italy

Fits perfectly and looks great in my Audi S3 - I’m really pleased with my new phone holder !
— Ksrs, Denmark

This is without a doubt the best phone gadget I ever purchased! So well made and thought-out. It is simply perfect. Aesthetically pleasing and super practical. A must buy for any Audi owner.
— Tom, Belgium

Other reviews are not lying : it does the job in the most perfect integration possible. No dashboard rampage, super easy to place, super quality of material, and super nice design with or without the phone. If next car is another Audi, I already know where to find my phone holder !
— Onellrdb, France

Awesome product. Easy to install once you get your head around the removal of the vents and very sturdy. I got the swivel mount so I can use the magnet mount for my phone or swap it out for the cradle mount whenever my girlfriend wants to mount her phone bigger screen = better for SatNav. Holds my phone still even on bumpy roads and the magnet works great. It's thin enough that I've placed it under my phone case and it's still very strong even through the case. It may be expensive for a phone mount especially with $10 shipping on top but in my opinion it's worth it. Best mount I've ever used.
— Joe, United Kingdom (2020-01-17)

Really awesome product and the perfect blend with cars dashboard amd perfect and quality and beautifully useful and easy Thanks Clearmounts you made my life my easier
— Mohamed, United Arab Emirates

Prompt international delivery. Clear installation instructions. Awesome product design that provided a safe and secure method of holding my phone in the car. Highly recommended!
— Hoe Yee Pin, Singapore (2019-02-10)

Thanks for this product, the best that I ever seen for my Audi. The Audi seller here in Belgium was not able to give me a solution for a phoneholder. I found my solution on your website. Nice product good designed, Easy to install and fast delivery. Perfect. Thanks a lot.
— Jonathan, Belgium

Although I ordered this from the other side of the world, it came in really quick.Then when installing it was a matter of 5 minutes and now it has become an integral part of my car. Improved handling, visibility and above all, safety!In my opinion the best phone holder money can buy.
— Paul, Nederland (2019-02-11)

Iphone accessories can often disappoint but this simple yet fully functional device is superb. Once the air vents are removed...bit of effort but no tools...it is seconds before you are ready to go. Product is perfectly placed as opposed to windscreen or side vent options. Love it.
— Mark Carter, England

Very easy to install the Clearmounts holder and it sits very stable even on bumpy roads. The mount is super sturdy and Made of a very sturdy material. I can’t think of a better phone holder for your Audi! Superb!
— Thomas Raijas, Sweden (2020-01-18)

Finally! After searching high low for a phone holder that works with my Audi A3 Sportback, I found Clearmount mentioned on an Audi owners forum, buried within numerous discussions on the topic of phone holders. Purchased it waited. I'd assumed that as I'm in the UK the package was coming from Canada, I'd be waiting a while. How wrong was I. It arrived in the UK just 4 days after I'd placed the order, on the 5th day I received it. Impressive service! Well made, easy to fit, easy to use! It may not be the cheapest out there but it fits the car perfectly most importantly, it holds the phone securely. Money well spent!
— Nikki Cartlidge, UK (2020-01-19)

I spent a good amount of time looking for a phone mount for my Audi A3. I am not particularly a fan of phone mounts that rest on the dash or windshield so I wanted something nice and sleek. The design of the A3, especially its air vents, make it difficult for most mounts to work with the vehicle. As many of you know, we need to have something special, something designed specifically for us. That\s how I came across these kind of custom designed Audi phone mounts. On Amazon they were all 3D-Printed and you could tell they were low quality just from the photos. This bummed me out until I saw reviews on YouTube for this product. A specialized phone mount made with the best possible materials! Strong yet safe magnet, durable base, separate swivel phone mount for passengers who don\t have a magnet. It\s perfect! So far it has changed my commute immensely and I absolutely love it. May be more expensive than other options, but I can guarantee you that it is worth every penny. The look, the feel, the practicality... it\s all there! Stop reading and go buy yourself one!
— Agustin, United States (2019-02-11)

Purchased the Clearmounts for A3. Perfect fit, together with wireless charging holder it works like a charm. Very quick delivery!
— Jim Van Tilborg, Netherlands (2020-01-20)

The swivel magnetic mount fit perfectly onto the vents on my Audi A3 and the swivel helps angle it just right for best visibility as well as being extended out enough to flip the phone to landscape mode if needed. This is my 2nd phone mount from clearmounts after upgrading from the low profile version.
— Chris, USA (2019-02-14)

Purchased a magnetic cravel holder for my S3 - seamless integration and streamlined design. Built to purpose and an excellent product all round. Worth every penny with the added benefit of quick shipping to Australia!
— Leo, Australia (2020-01-28)

First a easy way to order. The fast devivery option is really fast. The product is well packed, explained and it fit perfectly. Also good materials, soft rubber and very strong magnet. Top vendor, service and products!
— Bruno Van Miegroet, Belgium

Searched the internet for a good phone holder for my Audi A 3. Found this holder. At first I was a bit afraid it wouldnt work because I live in Europe and i had to remove the vent. But i received the holder within a few days and it was very easy to install, even for a women-. So, i am glad i ordered it. Very happy with the holder. I only use the magnet. Wish i ordered a second metal plate for my partner.
— Aletta, Nederland (2020-02-16)

First road trip with the Clearmount phone holder. Great angle of view w/o having to turn my head. Watched the install video and it only took me two minutes to get it in. Looks like OEM. Love it.
— JW Green, USA

Tried many phone holders for the Audi A3 - none worked. The Clearmount magnetic swivel holder is just perfect. Works like a dream. Easy to install, high quality and holds sturdy any kind of phone. Besides it looks awesome! Best Buy by far for the Audi A3!
— Sahir, Singapore (2020-02-16)

Easily the best phone mount for any 8V Audi. The install was easy, the product fits perfectly, the mounting magnets are strong enough to keep my heavy phone from falling even under hard acceleration and cornering. Great product.
— Nate, United States (2019-03-08)

I replaced the magnetic Clearmount that I had in my 2016 A3 when I upgraded to an iPhone 11. Having wireless charging is easy and convenient it’s hard to remember when I didn’t have it. This new model is just as simple to install as the original. If you have an Audi, you need this!
— Rory McIlroy, USA (2020-02-16)

Anyone with an A3 knows that there is almost nowhere a phone holder can fit. And the circular vents don't work with cheap vent holders. This product is near perfect. It's made out of powder coated metal, so extremely well built and solid. It's custom designed to look like factory OEM. It looks professional and nothing like the cheap plastic holders that are meant for every car. It's very easy to install. And it leaves your phone high up enough for safe driving and easy usage. This should be the first thing you buy after buying any A3. It's the best looking and best quality phone holder solution out there.
— Derek, USA (2019-03-08)

Easy installation, perfect finishingSimply the best phone holder there is, blends into the interior like its factory made.Had a problem with package lost in shipping, contacted customer service, within the hour a new product was on its way. 10/10
— Pieter, Belgium (2020-02-16)

I have the mount on my S3 and absolutely love it! Way more stable than any other mount out there. Thanks dg
— Drew, USA

Looks absolutely amazing and workable like a dreamI originally brought this as I brother has one and it is probably the best accessory ever made for a carCould not ask for anything more!!!
— Soban, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

Great product, purchased it for my S3 and Wife’s A3 also got a Universal Magnetic Vent Mount, works well when borrowing or renting cars.Very easy to install, magnet is very strong. Looks great. Quick shipping. Definitely recommend this product.
— Alan S., Australia

A classic and beautiful phone holder that matches the classics of Audi cars. The umph feeling of using the holder is just as great as driving an Audi.
— Simon Cheong, Singapore

Awesome product. Easy to install, great quality all-around, and super functional. Would buy again and have already recommended it!
— Kevin, United States (2019-03-08)

The best mobile phone support ever created for Audi A3! Fit perfect on the dashboard and become invisible with the time. All people told me that this support is a great idea. Thanks
— jbprod, France

I was slightly dubious about the price... Everything about the product is solid, excellently engineered, and very well thought out. Im very glad I read someones advice on a forum, after they'd tried several other phone holders before trying sticking with clearmounts - saved me wasting any money on other products!
— Ben Popple, United Kingdom

Absolutely delighted with the clear mount for my Audi A4 2016. The magnetic mount is powerful,unobtrusive and holds my iPhone VR firmly in place despite the potholes. Delivery time from Canada excellent.
— David , United Kingdom (2020-02-16)

I didn't want to obstruct the air vents and I really didn't want to obstruct my view by placing a mount anywhere on my windscreen. I have an Audi A3 8p and Clearmounts is the perfect solution. The 8p version of the a3 was a little tougher than newer versions to pull out the vents but all it requires is patience. See the video below as a guide. Clearmounts fits so seamlessly you'd think it was installed in the car on the factory floor. I use the magnetic swivel and the magnets are very strong and haven't affected my phone in any way. I've driven on motorways, cobbled streets and country roads and not once has my phone even looked like coming loose. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.
— Emmett Quanne, Ireland

A great low profile solution that is SO easy to install! It has improved my driving experience and the build quality is quite good.
— Kesuri T. , UAE (2019-03-08)

I saw these online and loved the way it looks like it was designed for the car! Well it was! Delivery was very quick all the way to the UK in under a week, much faster than I had expected, having tracking was brilliant too. Fitting was easy and quick, helped by the supplied tool. It looks great and it’s great the way it does not obstruct my vision in any way. It could have been designed by Audi! Thanks Carl for a great product and great service!
— Alan Holwill, Uk

I purchased this holder for my 2017 A3 e-tron. I installed it in about 5 minutes without any tools. Very easy and it fits right in without interfering with my vents or controls.
— Super easy to install, USA (2019-03-08)

Ottimo acquisto si adatta perfettamente al cruscotto della mia Audi A3 2018, ma soprattutto linstallazione è davvero semplice, non credevo. Sono molto soddisfatto.
— Luigi Guanziroli, Italia

Fast delivery, very easy to install. Very happy with the quality.
— Sandra, Germany (2020-02-16)

Bought 2 8Vs for me and my cousin and they arrived pretty fast to Sweden. Its honestly really easy to install. And ofc they work like a charm : Thanks CM!
— Liridon, Sverige

Gday as we say in Australia, I am writing to thank you for the sensational ClearMounts phone holder for my Audi S3. It's sleek, low profile and follows the highly polished lines of the dashboard. It really is an attractive addition to an impressive dash. But apart from its stylish looks, its functionality and ease of installation is amazing. A brilliant invention! A sincere thank you from down under! Simon Bouda
— Simon Bouda, Australia

OEM feel and look. Solid build. Easy to install. Great support and response. Holds the phone secure and tight. Would recommend for everyone.
— B T, United States (2019-03-08)

Best position on Dashboard. Easy setup. Nothing better on market. Thank you.
— Michal Brna, Slovakia

I was skeptical about ordering this because so many of the holders in the stores seem flimsy. The clear mount fits like a glove, nicely positioned between the air vents.
— Dan, United States (2019-03-08)

Super product that I will recommend to any Audi owner! It fits so well it should be a standard accessory from Audi such is the perfect fit. It looks fantastic and holds the phone amazingly well. Very happy Audi customer!
— Ken Lau, UK (2019-03-08)

Search the internet and was amazed to find a phone holder design specifically for my RS3 Audi. Nice design reasonably priced, so ordered the unit and it arrived in quick time, no hassle, fits perfectly and easily, functions great and looks like its meant to be there. Very happy....rock on Clearmount !
— Dean Harper, New Zealand (2020-02-16)

If you have Audi A3 8V this is the best holder ever! Looks nice, 2 minutes installation and really comfortable to use magnets are stronger than I thought.
— Bartek, Polska

Very easy to install. Blends in nicely with the dashboard like it's meant to be there! Very sturdy once installed and very strong magnet. The packaging is also very nice. Definitely recommending it to friends driving Audi.
— Tomislav, Croatia (2019-03-08)

This phone mount works perfectly for my Audi A3 and iPhone 7. I tried other mounts and this is the only one that worked for the way the A3 is set up. Definitely worth it! I contacted Clearmounts with some questions and they provided excellent customer service. Highly recommend!
— Kristina, USA

Great holder, good quality, fast delivery...thanks a lot.
— Artur, Germany

This is hands down the best phone holder I have ever used . I have it in my a3 8v sline and it works perfectly with no issues. I could not be without this great piece of kit.
— David, United kingdom

The holder fits perfectly and I\m very satisfied with the product. It is easy to install and the product looks good in my car. The delivery did not take too long. I could track the delivery progress on the website.
— Lee Ke Hin, Singapore (2019-03-08)

Shipped from Canada to UK in under a week. Slick. Easy to install. The missing piece to my 2015 audi a3.
— Rich, United Kingdom (2020-02-17)

Oh yeah!Bought this one for my Audi A1, not sure how good will it fit and after installing I\m as satisfied as can be. Sits tight behind the vents, magnet is super strong and overall this probably has to be my best car phone holder I\ve used.Will definetly recommend to any Audi owner.
— Opher Hofshi, Israel (2019-03-09)

Hands down the best phone mount for my Audi A3. Quick Delivery and fantastic service. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
— Glenn, United Kingdom (2019-03-09)

Good looking, easy to install, and nice and sturdy to use. Would definitely recommend it. Audi A3 8V
— Thomas Swart, Netherlands (2019-03-09)

Really good phone holder for my audi A3. Worth every penny.
— max, Germany

Just recieved this item, very happy with it. The design is robust and easy to install. Using the magnetic attachment and the phone sits very securely with it. Have tried a few other phone mounts but this blows all of them out of the water
— George, United Kingdom (2020-03-18)

Ordered from Belgium.Quick delivery +/- 1 week.Easy installement, great mount!
— Bart Peeters , Belgium (2020-03-19)

I got the Phone Holder with the Wireless Charger for my A3 8V.Installation was very simple, didn't took me 5 minutes. Looks very elegant. Totally recommend!
— Dominic, Austria (2020-03-19)

I am very satisfied with my new magnetic phone holder. It was easy to mount, it looks good and it works like it should. Thanks for good service, fast shipping to Norway and a great product. My Audi A3 etron will never be the same.
— Jan, Norway

Easy to install and it fits perfectly to the A3 Sedan. Buying it was the best choice, it holds strongly my phone and no chance to fall out from it. Great to have a brand specific product. Highly recommended!
— Bence, Hungary (2019-03-11)

I searched several Months for a high-quality Phone Holder for my Audi RS3, and the TT of my Mother. There were like tons of holders on Amazon and Co. that didnt work very well. On a Community Forum i heared of the clearmounts holder, and all i can say is that they work perfectly and are very high class looking.
— Marcel Winkelmann, Germany (2019-03-11)

Because of the unique dash/vent design on the Audi A3, phone mount options are limited. This mount is awesome! It's easy to install, and doesn't detract from the overall cockpit appearance of the dash. The magnet is super strong and I love that it swivels so you can find the perfect angle. Great product!
— Heather, United States (2020-03-19)

Superb delivery. Very nice product. Easy install, clear instructions. Overall a very satisfied customer. Recommend!
— JT, The Netherlands (2020-03-19)

Best Audi related purchase since I purchased my Audi!
— John, US

Almost immediate dispatch which was very impressive.Arrived in a number of days here to the UK.Product itself is such a simple, yet extremely elegant product. I've had multiple compliments on how it seems to seamlessly integrate with the car's interior. I love it!Clear, concise instructions. The air vents can be a little stubborn initially if they've never been removed. Just keep wiggling and they'll come out.Really happy with the product and service. May even purchase the low profile one as well!
— Melanie, United Kingdom (2020-03-19)

This product is great, strong, sturdy, looks like a quality product and not cheesy in your nice Audi, easy to install, low profile hardly know its there but perfectly positions the phone at the right height. I couldn't ask for anything better, I bought a $13 iPhone case with metal plate built in so didn't even need the metal plates provided. Phone never slips or falls off, stays put all the time. Works like a charm, I love it. If you are concerned about removing your vents like I was, don't be it is very easy to pull them out with your fingers and near impossible to do any damage. Money well spent to have something that does the job and doesn't look out of place.
— Yev Feely, USA

Love the clearmounts. Took about 5 mins to fit and it looks so sleek. The best use of that space on an Audi. Great product
— Mark, UK

Really happy with my custom phone holder. Fantastic for any rep or sales role when you spend so much time in your car and on you phone! Fitted with ease almost didn’t need instructions and works perfectly even alternating between multiple devices. Can not recommend this product enough after so many other suction phone holders had failed or not been up to the job. Great for video conference calls as the magnet holds the device super steady and still allows full visual function of the cars MMI system. Can’t wait to show to friends and others with the same vehicle. Bravo!
— Jon Mcdonald, Australia (2019-03-13)

Just installed the Clearmount in my S3. Exactly as easy as promised, and it puts my phone at the perfect location, in line with the gauges, and out of the way of passenger knees. I love the magnetic swivel mount which makes getting in and out of the car super quick. Very elegant and well thought out design.
— Lars Finderup, US (2020-03-19)

I never did have a phone holder in my previous cars, simply because I couldn't trust any of them with my phone, But here enters this Clearmounts phone holder that is absolutely different from all others, it sits very strong and stable and I'm very pleased with it. And I also think that the location between the AC is great since it cools down the phone when navigating :-
— Liran Friedman, Israel

I ordered this and the wireless Qi charging cradle. Love it so far, with the right usb charger I get fast charging without issue or fumbling for cords. No more metal plates on my phone case that prevent wireless charging, have to be replaced due to glue failure, or fall of the mount by accidentally bumping the phone when reaching for my coffee cup. The only negative I can think of is that I would prefer if the swivel was a bit tighter, but out of the box it is adequate and my phone does not move on its own while driving.
— John, United States (2019-03-14)

One of the best in the business! If you are after a beautifully integrated, well made and secure phone mount for your Audi, you need a ClearMounts. It holds my phone magnetically with zero vibrations over rougher roads, which really helps when using navigation and maps. Kudos to Clear Mounts for a great product!
— Sean, Australia

This phone mount got everything right. Specifically, it looks like it is a dealer installed option it fits symmetrically and looks good, it is extremely well engineered and manufactured, and it is universally compatible. I installed it myself, and that usually is a disaster. My mount included the wireless charging plate, and that works perfectly as well. Clearmounts is the best in class. And it costs so little!
— John F, USA (2020-03-19)

Simply the best upgrade to my MY 2017 A3 Sedan. Very easy and solid fit. Making a lot of km’s and easily slip my iPhone on the mount every time. Use the iPhone vertical and horizontal is just so nice!
— Steven N., Netherlands

Great product, easy installation, phone sticks very well, even with hard acceleration of the car it does not fall of like any other magnetic holder in the market.
— Mahmut, Netherlands (2020-03-20)

I have installed on of these supports, for an Audi A3 2016, the Magnetic version low profile! It’s just great. Looks good in the car, has great quality and has promised is very easy to install. You don´t need any tools, it’s possible to just pull the vents with your hands and fit easy the phone support. Makes a perfect and clean finish! While driving the fixed position is good, with good viewing angle. Additionally, the AC vents get the phone cooled, even in hot days which is good for phones that overheat while using GPS and 4G at the same time! The magnet hold, is firm and, never fell down until now. I have the S-Line Trim, with 18 wheels, so not really making off road, but the phone never dropped even with more hard street bumps!Overall, it’s a sure buy, worth the price! It’s the best support I had for a car mount. Only downside, is that you can only install in this CAR!
— Diego, Emirados Árabes Unidos

I finally came across Clearmounts after spending a lot of time on finding a phone holder that was suitable for the unique vent designs of the Audi A3.Delivery to the Netherlands only took 4 working days and the design of the mount is very robust and nice. Installation is very easy and the cradle holder supports different phone sizes. I have tried other phone mounts for the Audi A3 but this one is by far the best, I would recommend this product to every Audi A3 owner.
— R, Netherlands (2020-03-20)

This is my first phone mount ever. I've never entertained getting one because they are ugly and obtrusive. I need one now and I came across Clearmounts by luck, I guess. This holder is great. It's perfect for line of sight and I never notice the mounting bracket if my phone isn't mounted on it: super low profile and not visually invasive in anyway. I rarely used the dash screen to begin with and will use it even less now. Really well thought out design.
— eric, United States

Amazing sleek design. Works great and doesn't take up loads of space on the dash or in the window.
— Dan, United Kingdom (2020-03-20)

A perfect solution for my A3 e-tron. The styling looks like it is part of the factory dash, and placement of the mount couldn't be more effective. Installation was quick and easy. Thanks ClearMounts for providing an excellent product that complements the cars interior.
— B. Kemble, United States

Absolutely happy with this purchase! I\ve been looking for a phone holder for my RS3 for the longest time and I\m so glad that I finally found this website that makes custom phone holder for my car. Installation was so easy and it looks very OEM. Highly recommend!
— Carmen, Canada (2019-03-27)

Perfect fit and it couldn't work any better than this...
— Barry, Nederland

I have an Audi S3 and iphone 8 plus with a big case around it and I've tried both the magnetic and cradle mounts. The magnetic works fine but due to the S3s rough suspension with 19 wheels and the thick case on my phone it would occasionally fall off when hitting a BIG bump. The cradle mount has been amazing though and I've never had my phone fall out of it even when I hit a pot hole big enough that it popped my tire. Amazingly, my phone stayed in the cradle! Im also able to place the phone in the cradle with one hand after a little practice so its just as convenient as the magnetic mount. The quality of the parts is very high and support response is amazing! I'd highly recommend either part but for my situation, I prefer the cradle.
— Derek O, United States

Perfect ! Great product and good communication
— Klepper J, Belgium

Shipping was fast, well packaged, quality is excellent, super easy to install, have now used it for about 6 months and it’s the most stable and easy to use phone holder I’ve had! People think it’s an Audi oem product. thx Clearmounts!!!
— Jonathan, Canada

Phone holder is exactly what I expected. It integrates the dash board well and is of very good quality.
— Ajam C, Mauritius

Your product is amazing. it goes well with my iPhone while driving....highly recommended
— Annie, Canada

Best ever phoneholder I've ever had, you guys are amazing!
— Pal L, UK

Juste parfait ! Très simple à installer ! Bravo pour ce produit !Just perfect ! Very easy to set up !Bravo for this product ! Rémy from Paris France
— Rémy D, France

This mount works perfectly! i use it on the road everyday, as well as at the track, no matter how hard i corner the phone stays steady, even at the drag strip when i launch the car it stays where it should. i love having it in view and not worrying about losing my phone down the crack next to the seat, or sliding out of my lap anymore! fitment and construction are perfect, strong but light weight design!
— Mike Brantley, United States (2019-04-10)

Absolutely love the design! It's sleek, non-obtrusive, and if I didn't know any better I would think it was a part of the original interior. Definitely worth the price! Plus the customer service at ClearMounts is top notch. I had an issue after installation so I emailed the company to ask about it, and received a response from Carl within minutes with a helpful video addressing the problem, as well as an offer to FaceTime to troubleshoot if that didn't fix things. Highly recommend both the product and the company!
— Stephanie, USA (2020-07-30)

Simply the best phone holder out there for Audi. Looks OEM as if it was built and integrated by Audi themselves. My passengers hardly notice or realise that its an aftermarket purchase, and I think that speaks volumes about its quality. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my clearmounts holder.
— Muhammad, United Kingdom

The Clearmounts phone holder is the perfect solution to the problem of funny shaped vents in the Audi A3. The Clearmounts holder enables me to mount my phone to the dash without blocking the vents and without an unsightly window mount. Super quick and easy to fit, leaving an almost factory finish. Fast delivery from Canada, arrived in a few days. Would recommend to anyone!
— Tom Dare, United Kingdom (2019-04-10)

Im very satisfied with the Clear Mounts I have acquired for my new audi S3 FL 2017. Installation is super easy and Clear Mounts is the one and only solution for the A3/S3. Magnet is strong enough to keep my Iphone fixed and stable in the most critical situations.
— Emmanuel, Belgium

Great product. Now I don't have my phone on the windshield where it is expose to the sun. Sits nice and flush on the air vents.
— Manuel Fuentes, United States (2019-04-10)

Brilliant device. Very unobtrusive on my dashboard and very easy to fit and remove if required. The supplied adaptors screw to a tight fit, and combined with the strong magnets provided make sure that my phone does not move about. Wish I'd ordered my Clearmounts sooner!
— Shaun, UK (2019-04-10)

Super produit ! Le téléphone tient très bien avec l'aimant. Je n'ai pas essayé la pince. L'installation est très facile est s'intègre très bien dans l'intérieur de mon Audi. Envoi éclaire. La qualité est au top :-
— Mickael, France (2019-04-10)

Great. Fits perfectly in my Audi A3 8V. Professional workmanship! This is the only phone holder for my 8V on the market that really works. Thankfully I found it. Love it!
— Cyrill, Austria

Great Product, very easy installation can do it on your own. Highly recommended!
— Daniel, Isreael (2020-08-28)

Great product which seems part of the car. I use the magnetic mount everyday, works perfectly and looks great! Money well spent, quality product!
— Tim, Wales (2019-04-10)

Tried a few different mounts for this car, which were nothing compared to this master piece. This product looks nice, is easy to install and feels premium. People which own an Audi with these kind of ventilation ducts should really buy this mount. Just a tip for removing the ducts: in the movie it looks like you can pull out the ducts easily with your nails/hands. In my car the ducts were not so easy to remove. I used a small flat scoop and gently pushed the ducts out. Pushing from left/right/top/bottom. Be careful not do damage the interior of course, but this will save your nails trying to get the duct out. BE GENTLE!I am very pleased with the purchase. Also, the phone doesn\t vibrate while driving, it stays very stable with the magnet. the magnet also works through the original apple case for the Iphone. Enjoy your mount and greetings from The Netherlands.
— Tom, Netherlands (2019-04-10)

I have just received my clearmount phone holder and I am very impressed. Installation was easy enough and it looks great! I have only tried the magnet and it is very powerful more than enough to keep the phone steady and secure whilst driving. Very happy with my purchase highly recommend a great product! This is in an Audi RS3 8V.
— James C, United Kingdom (2020-09-18)

Produttore serio, il prodotto che ho richiesto è quello dellAudi A3 risulta di buona qualità e facile-pratico da usare. Spedizione Canada-Italia in 10 giorni, ottimo.
— Nicolò Leanza, Italia

Installation as described - it fits perfectly
— Monika, Germany (2019-04-14)

Amazing product. It fits perfectly on my 2017 Audi S3 and the choice between the cradle and the magnetic holder is amazing. Very easy to install. It's a nice, low profile solution for mounting your phone. I don't typically leave feedback when I purchase something but this is such a good product that Clearmounts deserves to get the kudos for coming up with this solution.
— David, United States (2020-10-31)

I have an a3 audi. The holder install is very easy, fast and simple. I had a little fear, but it shouldn't had to, it was a really easy. It have a nice look, looks like a factory stuff. Highly recommended any future buyer.
— Zsolt G., Hungary

Excellent product, looks and works great! Audi-level quality. Fast delivery, nice packaging and easy installation. Must have for every Audi - really indispensable.
— Arnoud, United States

Fits like a glove. Easy to install and great position for the phone. Happy to finally find a good phone holder.
— Tanya Sander, Australia (2019-04-28)

My Clearmounts phone holder is the best accessory I've bought for my Audi! The quality and fitment were absolutely perfect, and installation was easy. I prefer the cradle for my phone as it holds it solidly in place and in a perfect viewing position. Thanks for a great product!
— Ryan, United States (2020-11-09)

I received the phone holder for my Audi tt today and want to tell you how pleased I am with it. It is very well designed and elegantly executed, just like the tt. It has found a good home! There is only one fault. It is underpriced. You deserve a greater reward for such a fine product. Keep up the good work but raise the price by 40% and treat yourselves to a raise.
— Tom R, usa

Great product, rock solid stability, easy install and looks great - really recommended.
— Marty, Australia (2019-05-02)

I am so happy with the cellphone holder, it is useful and is not necessary to stick anything. Now I can use confortable the GPS. Thank you.
— ANDRES, Colombia

I ordered one of the Clearmounts for my S3, and it has been the best mount in a car that I have ever used. I have a large screened iPhone with a very protective case making it somewhat heavy, and all the other mounts I have tried using magnets etc. have never worked until I tried a Clear mount. Since the car is very performance-oriented, and I drive it as such, the phones would always work themselves out of a cradle but the Clearmount is rock-solid and my phone has not moved. Fast forward almost 1.5 years later and one of the rubber ends on the mount fell off. I inquired to Clearmount to obtain another piece of rubber for the right side of the mount and they offered to send me another cradle mount for free if I paid for shipping Canada to US. When I received the new cradle mount I was very surprised they had sent me 3 additional ones gratis. Also, the new mount has a better design and has a slight lip at the top of the rubber ends to ensure the phone never leaves the holder regardless of how hard you corner. The customer service here has been exemplary and the owner Carl even replied to one of my emails. By far the best custom-designed car mounts for an Audi 3 series that is available, and I have done extensive research and spent quite a bit trying other mounts and having them fail before I found Clearmount.
— Trebor, US (2020-11-18)

Good product! Easy to install, looks good and good to use! A great fit for Audi
— Tero, Finland (2019-05-07)

I ordered ClearMounts to Ukraine and that was a great choice - the device looks like a native from Audi. Its strong, stylish and very functional, I highly recommend the device to all Audi owners.
— Olha K, Ukraine

Great product and service, Quality materials and looks made for audi dashboard.
— brian donnelly, u.k (2020-12-16)

Looks nicely integrated on my RS3 dash and works well with an aftermarket case. Great product.
— Bev, Australia

I highly recommend this phone holder to anyone that has an Audi! It was packaged well, the product is top notch high quality. Looks slick! I already told many of my friends about it. Don't think twice about the cheaper knockoffs. I am glad clearmounts does not put their brand anywhere on the product itself so it stays clean and looks oem!
— Son N, United States

Looks and functions great! People ask me if its stock.

Easy installation, super fast delivery, good quality. I love it!
— Piotr, Great Britain (2019-05-07)

This product absolutely exceeded my expectations! I was a bit skeptical about whether or not my iPhone X with a huge Otterbox case and a pop-socket could be reasonably held by the magnet alone. To my surprise, this magnet is STRONG! It holds on in all orientations even over potholes in the road. It's even a bit of a yank to get it off! Which is perfect! I got a ticket in Georgia for texting while driving and, due to Georgia law, buying this hands free device allows me to waive my traffic ticket! I couldn't be happier with this product.
— Marcus Q, United States (2019-05-07)

We bought one for our A3 E-tron. It works great! Easy to install, too. Glad we bought it!
— Nicholas, USA

I was more than a little sceptical when I saw these, especially the swivel head design which was what I chose in the end. I find the mount very sturdy and incredibly stable even over pothole ridden UK roads. Very quick fulfilment and delivered by Canada Post. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
— Nick G, UK

Bought this for my 2015 A3 and I couldn’t be anymore pleased!! 110% recommend this!!
— Lyndsey M, United States

Clearmounts was ordered on a Sunday night, and the phone holder was delivered by Friday afternoon - service you simply cannot fault. Upon opening the box, all of the parts and installation instructions were clear, and the only real difficulty was taking the vents out of the dash. Very happy with the product, and would happily recommend this product and company.
— Chi Hau, England

This product made my 2015 Audi A3 more enjoyable. I now have convenient options to mount my GPS or cell phone. My Garmin fits perfectly. The mount looks like a factory option and blends nicely with the dash. Thanks!
— Dominic, US

Perfect fit and very clean look. Customer service and response time for a question was above and beyond what I was expecting!
— Aaron, United States (2021-01-19)

Awesome phone holder! Integrates perfectly in my 2017 S3 and the magnetic hold is strong and stable. Much better solution than those flimsy windscreen holders!
— Miles, Australia

What a great addition to my A3. Delivered a day earlier than expected and with an easy installation, I am glad to have it for everyday use and longer drives for vacation or other trips. For the price, you just can’t beat this mount.
— Jarred, United States (2019-05-07)

Bought clearmounts phone holder for my ‘17 Audi S3. Fitment and quality is superb, looks like an OEM accessory. And is totally reversible, no sticky mess left from other style mounts. Highly recommended for all A3/S3/RS3 owners looking for a phone mount solution.
— Kevin W., Canada

I'm really pleased with this phone mount! I got recommendations to check out Clearmounts from a Facebook A3/S3/RS3 group and I'm so thankful!
— Rui Li, USA (2019-05-07)

Excellent product and easy to install. It took five minutes to unpack it and install it in my 2015 Audi A3 8V.
— Søren, Denmark (2021-01-29)

The Clearmounts for my Audi A3 worked perfectly, I would highly recommend it.
— Mark, United States

good to use, quality is good
— johnny w., Taiwan

Sleek, strong, and secure - this is hands down the best phone holder for your A3. Painless and simple install. Highly recommended!
— Christian, Canada

The Clearmounts is the best phone mount bar non for my Audi 2015 S3 and iPhone X. The convenience of being able to drop the phone in to the quick charge mount and not have to plug in the cable every time you get in the car is the way to go and it’s rock solid no vibrations and when you leave the car it lifts out with ease no Stretching the phone holder it just comes out., You can angle the phone just the way you want it, it looks like it’s part of the car. Love it, the best phone mount ever!
— Lance McVickar, USA

Came across the clearmounts while searching the web for a nice looking and functional mobile phone holder. Ordered 1 and never looked back. Prior to using clearmounts, I have tried various off the shelf phone mounts from different manufacturers. None of them came close to what the clearmounts can offer. Most if not all look ugly and out of place on the dashboard. The clearmounts most obvious plus points are: 1. Subtle. Its hard for others to enter the car and noticed it. It looks like it is part of the dashboard. 2. Functional. As good as any other magnetic phone holder in the market. 3. Easily installation and removal. No special tools required. Unlike phone holders that require suction cup to work, clearmounts does not create a stain when removed and does not damage your solar film. Its highly recommended if you can get 1 for your Audi.
— KM, Singapore

Easy to install, look good and the quality is great. Fast delivery to Finland with tracking.A+
— Mikko, Finland

Super produit ! S’integre Parfaitement au tableau de bord, fixation stable du téléphone, facile à installer grâce au matériel fourni... top !N’hésitez pas.
— Franck, France

Couldn\t bring myself to install an ugly cell phone holder mount in my beautiful new car... SO glad I found you guys! Installation took a little longer than I wanted but that was mostly me being scared of damaging the air vents-- Had to use a plastic knife to help jimmy the vent apart from the dash, and it took a little elbow grease to get the vents back in but the end product looks amazing. Pricier than I wanted it to be but I feel I wouldn\t want anything else for my car.
— pauline, USA (2019-05-07)

Wow wow what an excellent product, easy fitting, rock solid stability. Great looking and looks like an Audi designed product. Totally recommended there\s no other on the market for your Audi.
— Marty, Australia (2019-05-07)

I ordered from Japan.Installation was very easy. I am very satisfied with the appearance.I use iPhone XS with a magnet. It can be used comfortably without falling or bending due to shaking while driving.it\s recommended.日本から注文しました。設置はとても簡単でした。見た目もスッキリしていてとても満足しています。マグネットでiPhoneXSを使用しています。運転中の揺れで、落ちたり曲がったりすることなく快適に使えています。おすすめです。
— Alain, Japan (2019-05-07)

There is nothing like this for and Audi, and believe me, I have looked. Since I initially had some issues getting my mount shipped to Europe and Sweden, I had a look around for a European equivilant but there is none. And Im happy i did not find anything, as Carl from Clearmount was eager to get me one, he sent another one which got through and it works like a charm. Carl went out of his way to get me my clearmount and Im very happy he did. It works great, thanks!
— Tomas, Sweden

Nice product and very easy to install. It looks great on my Audi.
— Teresa Iniguez, USA (2019-05-08)

Best iPhone mount Ive ever had. Looks like its part of the car, holds the phone very securely, will not EVER fall off, and makes attaching and removing the phone take zero seconds. Someone asked me how I liked my new car and I actually listed the mount as one of the best things about it.
— Michael L, USA

So much better than I expected! Solid construction. Easy and quick to install, and even looks like its meant to be in my 2015 Audi A3!
— Daniel, United States (2019-05-08)

I purchased the clearmount holder for my Audi S3 8V after purchasing a variety of other inferior phone holders, This product was easy to install and is simple to use and the product looks as if it was installed at the factory!I was sceptical about ordering from outside of the the u.k. but the communication from this company was prompt and concise reassuring me that there would be no issues with international delivery and they were 100% correct!I would highly recommend this company to any Audi owner and If I could rate this company it would be super ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Thank You for excellent service and an excellent product!!!
— Craig D, United Kingdom

Guys, this is the most elegant solution I have seen for a phone mount on my Audi S3. Blends right into the design philosophy of the car. If your on the fence, don be, just buy it.
— Claudio, United States

Brilliant bespoke product which needs be installed as standard in the Audi. Delivery was fast and without any hassle. I can 100% recommend this phone holder solution.
— Sven Wiltink, België

The mounting system fits seamlessly with the S3 interior. The cradle mount holds firmly through all road conditions and driving styles and continues to charge. 10/10 Would buy again.
— Jason Anslem , United States (2019-05-12)

I purchased the phone holder for my A3 in July. I´m very happy with it, excellent product, easy to install, high quality. I recommend!!!
— Antonio C., Brazil

Compré mi clearcmount para mi Audi A3 8V y fue super fácil de instalar y simple de usar. Parece que fuera parte del auto y los materiales son de buena calidad y firmes. No tuve ningún problema con el envío y llegó a mis manos en menos de 10 días, 100% recomendable y confiable.Gracias por el excelente servicio y producto!!I purchased the clearmount holder for my Audi A3 8V and it was really easy to install and is simple to use. It looks like was part of the car and materials are very strong. I had no problems with international delivery, it took less than 10 days to have it in my hands, so it is 100% reliable.Thank You for excellent service and an excellent product!
— jose bellalta, Chile

This product is an elegant solution to the common problem of where to put your phone in the car, without the intrusion of some ugly chunk of plastic protruding from your air vents. Your phone can be placed and removed easily with one hand, with the magnets still strong enough to hold against the strongest jolts while driving. If you own an Audi this is the perfect solution.
— Kevin, Australia (2019-05-13)

First Class!!!! Well made, very strong magnet and nice and slim design not making it to obvious in the car.Highly recommended, have one in my 8p and now in the 8v.
— David Graham, United Kingdom

I have an Audi A3 and I love this thing! Its so much better than my old Pro-Clip mount which basically fell off my dash. It was easy to mount, looks completely stocks and works flawlessly. Love it!
— Kelly R., United States

Item received in nice packaging, clear instruction and easy to install. Nicely fit into my TT mk3. base cradle have universal knob to fit others phone clips. The most expensive car phone holder I ever spend. Overall met my expectations on this product.
— Jasper Ng, Malaysia

Nice add accessory specially for A3 which doesn’t have any phone holder. Installing was breeze i first thought it will be very difficult to remove the air vents but it wasn’t at all. I highly recommend this item for Audi A3 owners.
— Marvin R., USA (2019-05-19)

This is the perfect addition to my 2018 Audi A3 Cabriolet. When the phone is removed it looks like an Audi-designed integral part of the car with the phone in place it is perfectly positioned for viewing text entry. I never write testimonial because frankly I can be bothered to do so. But every time I get in my A3 the Clearmont makes me love the car even more.

Absolut bästa mobilhållaren du kan köpa till din AUDI!Suverän passform och design gör att den fungerar perfekt samt ser snygg ut.
— Jonnie, Sverige

Never had a mount that was so easy to install. Perfect fit and very stable. My iPhone 7 Plus will stick horizontal and vertical. Even when doing speed bumps at higher speeds!
— Berry, Netherlands

Very easy to install,please check instruction from youtube tutorials. The magnet is powerfull, I didn\t have problems so far. I would highly recommend.
— Nicolae Iordache, România (2019-06-17)

Good fit, minimalist design, easy assembly. Very happy with the result.
— Joanna, Canada

Clever engineering, easy install, great quality. Your choice between magnetic or spring-loaded pressure cradle mount. I use the latter, it is very easy to use and extremely secure. This is the best phone mount I've ever had. I highly recommend.
— sam, United States

Got the SWIVEL MAGNETIC CRADLE HOLDER A3 8V. I don't think you could have done better. Perfect fit, easy to install, great look discrete and classy, looks solid. Delivery was fast and without custom fee, thanks god. I use my phone a lot in my car and this certainly has made my life easier.
— Vince, Belgium

Bought for my Audi A3, love how it seamlessly blends into the whole aesthetic of the interior.
— Rayner, Singapore

Before placing an order I had a couple of questions. I emailed Carl and he responded impressively quickly. I placed my order which arrived in the UK in a matter of days. The product is extremely well made, easy to fit and unobtrusive. Excellent customer service combined with a high quality product.
— Chris Cooper, UK

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit, fitted this to my S3 8P in 5 minutes and it is absolutely solid! Also looks like factory finish when not using the holder / phone is not attached.Definitely beats using a fiddly, window marking suction type holder.
— Stuart G, United Kingdom

Vraiment le meilleur support pour Audi !J'ai une A3 8V s-line et cela sintègre parfaitement à lintérieur. J'ai opté pour la version inclinable avec aimant et support classique. Deux pour le prix dun !
— CDK, France

Love this mount! It’s inexpensive, high quality, easy to install, and looks great! Couldn’t be happier with it.
— Kegan, United States

Easy to install. Looks great. I get compliments all the time at how integrated this holder looks. No busted vent louvers any more. Great product.
— Burk, Coquitlam, BC Canada

Excellent product, strong and sturdy. Fits well and unobtrusive as it sits between the vents. Easy to fit although a bit of tugging required to remove the vents. Please watch the video I have put my magnetic strip between my phone and cover and phone sticks to holder. Excellent value for money.
— Ashye, UK

I was very disappointed that with my new Audi I could no longer use my magnetic vent holder for my phone, it was something I needed. After some research I found clearmounts discussed on a few local forums, I wasn’t totally sold but watching the videos they looked to be a solid option. I ordered one sight unseen and was glad to see the delivery would be quick given it’s international. A few days later my holder arrived. I’d not watched and videos on how to install but on my drive back from the post office to home at one set of lights I installed it. It was amazingly simple and the end result was as clean as the stock air vents being in their original place. In short this is the best phone holder I’ve ever used. It’s solid, sturdy and my hefty phone doesn’t move in its place at all. It wasn’t the cheapest but it’s the best. Install was amazingly easy and shipment was prompt. I couldn’t ask for a better product. I recommend it to ever Audi owner I know.
— Mitch, Australia (2019-06-18)

Clearmounts are fantastic, looks like the Audi was meant to have it. My friend and I both got one each for our S3s and we love them! Highly recommended, Carl was a pleasure to deal with. Anyone with an Audi that's suitable should have this in their car!
— Ben Caspi, UK

What a fantastic product. It looks like it is a factory fitted phone holder in my Audi A3. It was also easy to fix/assemble. I love it and ???? recommend it to everyone.
— Adedayo, United Kingdom (2019-06-18)

Absolutely brilliant and fantastic.I run over 200 km/h on a German Highway and it stays right in place were it belongs.And the installation is really simple and easy even for someone like me who is a little bit scared to break something.It took me about 10 minutes with the QI charger to install Bought the same for my Mom\s car I would buy this anytime again Thanks for making and selling some good things like this Thank you
— Patrick Taylor , Germany (2019-06-18)

wonderful !!
— Marco, Italy

The Clearmounts is perfect! Easy to install, very secure, the wireless charging works great. We have tried countless other cell phone mounts for our 2 Audi’s and nothing can compete with the Clearmounts. The package arrived quickly from Canada. Thanks Carl!
— Lisa Tanner, Italy

I received my Audi phone holder in the right time and it was very well protected. That is made with high quality material, is very easy to install 2 minutes and fits perfectly!If you're thinking about to buy one do not hesitate anymore! :D
— Maxime, France

Absolutely love it. Fits perfectly in my Audi A3. Super easy to install. Great find. Great product I got the wireless Qi charger as well and it amazing. No cables. Slips in and works even with a case. A+ product. You should be proud of it !
— Laurence Noden, United Kingdom

Very satisfied with the holder, couldn\t find anything like this on the market. Thank you very much for making this custom holder! :
— Andrej Kiss, Slovakia (2019-07-08)

Installed it into my Audi S3...Ridiculously FANTASTIC!!!!!!Rock solid, you can adjust tension and it fits seamlessly into Audi\s interior design and super easy to install. Whoever the individual was that came up with wrapping a bracket around the air vents is a genius and that\s where the story ends!
— Steven, Australia (2019-07-09)

Recommended by fellow forum members at Audi sport.net. Well made easy to fit, looks great!
— Nigel Smith, UK (2019-07-10)

Audi A3-8V 2013-2020, Swivel Magnetic Cradle Holder.Thank you for absolutely great product. I have tried a number of holder solutions, even several self-made, but yours is just elegantly simple and solid, hats off. Audi owners - stop looking, this is it.
— Boris, Japan (2019-07-12)

Fantastic mount - this is so easy to fit and it works like a dream.The mount was shipped from Canada to the UK and it arrived really quickly.Well done to the Clearmount Team!Mark
— Mark Crossfield, United Kingdom (2019-07-14)


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