QI Wireless Gravity Cradle Charger

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Do you have a cellphone with Qi charging capabilities? After selecting your specific Clearmounts Swivel model add this item to your order. It is not only convenient by letting you charge your Qi enabled phone without needing to plug in each time you get in the car but it also looks great. It comes with a USB charging cable. 

Input: 5V/2A 9V/1.67A   

Output: 10W

With this Add-On item you will receive:

1x CM Qi Gravity Cradle Mount

1x USB Power Cable 

1x Universal Vent Adaptor (to be used if not using with a Clearmounts bracket)

Input: 5V/2A 9V/1.67A   

Output: 10W

*(This item must be ordered with the Clearmounts Swivel Mount for your specific vehicle, it will not work with the Low-Profile mount. Your package will come with everything the Swivel Mount includes (magnet, metal plates & cradle holder).

I absolutely love the clear mount QI wirless charging mount for Audi A3. It fit perfectly and installation was easy. Looks like it is part of the car and allows me to have everything at my fingertips. I work at several locations and drive quite a bit. My phone is always charged and I never have to scramble for power. The mount holds the phone tight and it is secure also!
— Mike, USA

Perfect fit and looks like its meant to be there. Wireless Gravity charger works!
— Robert Stockwell, United states

I purchased my Clearmounts swivel mount and Qi charging cradle for my Audi S3 8V and I definitely recommend this to anyone with the same vehicle. Easy to install, use and much more secure and user-friendly than any other mount I have used. Thanks and keep up the great work!
— Ian, Australia


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