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Fits: 2002-2012 Audi A3/S3/RS3

When ordering this Combo set for the A3 (8P) you will receive our custom aluminum bracket, finished in our durable black powder coat + receive both our interchangeable Swivel Magnetic Holder and our non-magnetic Cradle Holder, giving you options that fit your needs! You will have enough clearance from your vents to place your device in portrait or landscape modes and because of our swivel you can angle the device towards you or your passenger. 

*Scroll below and see our Add-On items. We also have a MagSafe Magnetic Mount available as an add-on for your iPhone 12, check it out here: MagSafe


With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Swivel Cradle Mount (New improved design adjusts to 55mm to 90mm wide) 

1x Clearmounts Swivel Magnetic Mount (New improved design)

2x Magnetic Metal Plates

I bought the best ever phone holder ever , it’s not bulky it sits behind your air vents, amazing product , mine come from America , and delivery was quicker than I expected , so happy I purchased this product , I’ve told every one to invest in this , thank you to all at Clear Mounts
— Jacqueline brock , England (2019-07-22)

I love this phone older. the material is high quality, solid and so discrete it looks like is part of the car itself. It gives me full control and is at perfect distance from my touch, and I see perfectly navigation, informations, messages and phone calls. I needed it and I am so happy with my purchase. Great product and great value.
— Mario, USA

J’ai reçu ce support quelqu’un jours après sa commande, j’en suis pleine mention satisfait.Le montage est ultra simple et le rendu très proLe téléphone ne bouge jamais , aucune chance de casser les grilles d’aération comme avec les autres supports Bref pour 30€ ça vaut le coup clairement ✌️
— Laurent Petit, France (2019-07-22)

Very easy to install on Audi A3 8P.No changes to be made and will leave no trace of his presence when removed.Certainly the best!
— Sebastien, FRANCE (2019-07-22)

Easy-peasy installation, looking neat, holding firm.
— Piotr, Poland

Absolutely love this product. It's so neat and better than all of the other products on the market. I've recommended this to many friends and clients. Very affordable.
— Manal, Australia

I am so impressed with this company and product! Apart from the fact I ordered and had a notice of shipment on the same day and it arrived within 2 weeks, the mount itself was so easy to install, is unobtrusive and looks like it has always been there. It does exactly as it says on the box! Brilliant. Thank you so much.
— Michelle, Australia

Looked high and low for a phone mount to fit my new Audi and luckily stumbled upon Clearmounts. The website is clear and easy to use and left me in no doubt I had purchased the correct phone holder for my car model unlike other retail websites. Simple and easy to fit and looks like it was designed to go with the car rather than some that look like an after sale add on.
— Andrew Wolff, United Kingdom (2019-07-25)

Top quality product!
— Andrea, Italy (2018-12-21)

Great product, easy to install and to use. I really recommand this phone holder.
— Fred Denis, France (2018-12-21)

Clearmounts has freed up my AC vents! Before using it, I was using mounts that clip on to the AC vent which effectively blocked it. Now that my phone is in the middle, I can enjoy using the AC or heater again, especially now that it’s starting to get colder!
— Tim Aranda, United States (2019-09-23)

Very high quality and easy to install. The most interesting is how stable it is also not fragile. I wish all premium brands had the same product as also does!!
— Igor Porto, Brasil (2019-09-23)

Perfect product, very fast shipping. Not cheap, but it's worth the price!
— Tibor, Hungary (2018-12-25)

Really happy with this solution. Holds big phones easly, magnetic suction is great, and phone rotates easy.Package came in 10 days to Portugal, so it was fast, and no extra taxes charged. Expensive but, premium as your Audi, so good as it deserves.
— Rafael F, Portugal (2019-11-18)

Fits perfect in my 8P! A whole 5 minute install...Love it!!Thanks
— Marc, Canada

BEST PHONE HOLDER EVER! It is rock solid, looks pro, and installs easily. I got the swivel mounted one with the clamp and I love being able to change the orientation, and angle it to see clearly. Postage was fast to Australia and the outlay very reasonable for such a winner.
— Peter Kohlhoff, Australia (2019-12-08)

Clearmounts offers the BEST solution for sturdy, flexible phone holders for Audis! We love the swivel magnetic solution, that works for both my Android and my wife's iPhone. In addition to Clearmounts providing an awesome solution for our A3, when we recently had a customer service need - their customer service was outstanding. I give them my highest recommendation!
— CraigA, USA (2019-12-27)

Cradle holder received quickly, and works exactly as advertised, I'm very pleased how well it works and how up the positioning is just below my normal line of sight thru thru windshield. Note, doesn't work with a case, which I don't use so not an issue for me.
— Dave, United States (2020-01-17)

I am a rideshare driver and needed a good quality phone mount that didn\t obstruct the windscreen. I\ve tried so many and they fall off or break or the phone bounces around. This product is easy to install, really good quality, and puts the phone in easy reach. I use the QI charger cradle so my phone is always charged on the go. 5/5 thumbs up from me!!!
— Tukie, Australia (2019-02-10)

Had my clearmounts phone holder for several months now and it is a perfect fit and very easy to install, holds my phone perfectly no matter what roads I drive, best phone holder I’ve ever had.
— Luke, United Kingdom (2020-01-20)

I was skeptical, having bough many so called dashboard iPhone holders. When I got my unit, I was immediately impressed with the high level of quality construction and build. I easily mounted the rings, and boom - with the enclosed magnet on back of my iPhone, I had the perfect dash mount setup I had been dreaming about for a long while and now a reality. I have also experimented with using it as a dashboard cam and it works great. The best part of all this that it looks like factory oem. Everyone always comments impressively about it. If you are sitting on the fence about this unit, jump in. Best decision ever and never any regrets.
— Frank Becker, United States (2020-02-16)

High quality product which looks like Audi could have made it themselves! Strong magnet and strong screw connector which does not snap off if you tighten it too much! It also doesn’t “slump”! Worth. Every. Penny.
— Carlo, Austria (2019-03-08)

Original and best holder out there.Looked at holders in uk, and stumbled of clearmounts.Very fast delivery to the ukCarl is very pleasant to deal with and answers questions with ease.Overall, if you want a quality product with ease of fitment and at a great affordable price...get a clearmounts holder.10/10
— Ian, Uk (2020-02-16)

I have searched and bought various holders for my 2008 A3 P8 but none of them satisfied my needs of a clean, sturdy setup. All vent mounted holders either block the vent or fall down at the most unnerving times. This fixed install took me 1 min in total along with the very strong magnetic holder is ingenious! Also thank you for the fast shipping - I love this little helper!
— Can Noack, United Arab Emirates

I recently bought the swivel holder for my 2008 Audi A3 8p, and though i usually don't bother to review products, this was most definitely worthy of my time. Even from the first time I found the website I could tell CM was a good brand. There were install demos and unboxings for every model, and the descriptions left nothing concerned about. Essentially you know exactly what you are getting! Therefore, I wasn't surprised when I got my mount and it worked perfectly. The magnets provided are powerful, sleek and are neither intrusive nor an eyesore to your phone. I did have problems with the magnet that went under the case as I have an Otterbox case that is extremely thick, but it wasn't a problem as I had no problems with the external magnet. installing the mount to the car is simple and quick.
— Aden Sattler, United States

Fits perfectly!
— Christian Ladouceur, Canada (2020-02-17)

A****** absolutely amazing, no better phone holder out there, I’ve tried every phone holder! This was is the best, you won’t be disappointed
— Brooke , England (2020-02-17)

About a year ago i bought an Audi A3 8PA 2010 .. and i bought for it the magnetic phone holder of cleramounts and i was so pleased of it .. it was really great item and helped me not to throw my phone anywhere in the car .. and i sold the car eith the mount which impressed the buyer .Before 3 months i bought a new car Audi A3 8V 2018 and also purchased the audi clearmount phone holder both magnetic and cradle holder .. and is so comfortable to use .. to install .. i really preciate this incredable itemThanks and goodluck for this company and everyone
— Ahmad shahwan, Israel

Bought a swivel and cradle Holder. Magnet is powerful and works perfectly. Spring actuated holder is also quite easy to use, and strong enough too.Good finish, great quality.Perfect integration, no holes on dashboard.
— Claudio Pinto, Portugal (2019-03-11)

Very good, doing it’s job
— Roy Stocks, United Kingdom (2019-04-10)

Purchased the A3 mount and could not be happier with the result. Unlike generic mounts this is designed specifically for the vehicle and as such visually integrates with the dash. I use the magnetic mount and it is so easy to use. Highly recommended.
— Brent, Australia

— Didier, France

The mount is better than I hoped! Because of the layout of our Audi, we could never find a mount that worked. I even asked the Audi dealer and they had no good ideas. Simple, well made and elegant--thank you!
— Peter C, United States

I bought the Clearmounts after being unsatisfied with other vent mount options out there. It has been the sturdiest and easiest car mount I have ever used! I will definitely get another for my next Audi.
— Ben Blanding, United States

Very good gadget, highly recommended.
— Chris, Singapore

Absolute perfect install and product. I don't think a better product is better suited for my car and phone. A must have for the Autobahn!
— Jason, Germany

I had no idea what a difference this would make to my driving experience. The phone is clearly visible, stable and in the right place for me to see navigation directions. Thank you!
— Cynthia, USA

Very good!
— MATTEO, Italia

Works and looks great.
— Jerry, USA

I have Audi A3 8p 2012. Clearmounts is the best fittable phone holder I have ever seen. I recommend it for all 8p a3 users.
— S.Kim, South Korea

Best mount for Audi, especially with the limited space in the car. It's out of the way and the magnetic holder works like a charm. Great product!!!
— Bhavik, South Africa

This phone holder is perfect. Its Strong, adjustable, easy to install and the color integrates perfectly with the rest of the dash. Highly recommended
— Dan, Ireland

Greetings from Brazil. Most amazing phone holder on the market. Less than 5 minutes to install. Fits perfect in my Audi A3. I would recommend to everybody!!!
— Tulio, Brazil

If you have an Audi and don't have one of these then your Audi is not complete. Works better than advertised.
— Burk, Canada

Perfect fit... Very good product. A must have!
— Barbarito, Nederland

I haven’t seen a better and more convenient telephone mount for my Audi S3. It's really wonderful where the mount never shakes a single bit no matter if the car shakes, the grip of the magnet is awesome.
— Mohammed, United Arab Emirates

Great product. Even in highway speeds keeps the my iPhone 8+ steady which is a lot to say considering its weight. The simplicity of the design and technical solution is just palpable, yet, it looks great. Definitely recommended.
— Peter, Slovakia

Fast delevery, easy mount! Top !
— Marco, Belgium

Great product. Fits easily and perfectly. Installed in 2 cars with no problems
— Moataz Beirakdar, Kuwait

Arrived in 4 days from when I ordered! The fit and finish is top notch. Thank you Clearmounts for making such a practical product. Cheers from the UK!
— Gory, United Kingdom

Love this mounting solution, received it in 5 days.
— Jeremy, France

This product is better than I could ever imagine. I ordered the swivel and love that it came with both the magnetic and cradle holder. Thank you for making such an intelligent item
— Daniel, Norway

Fabulously simple, elegant, practical, professional. The packaging reminds me of Apple, very impressed, customer service is amazing. Answered all my questions before I ordered. Very happy I went with Clearmounts.
— Roger, England

My husband surprised me with the Clearmounts and I have to say it made my commute to work safer. I no longer hold my phone in my hand. This is a life saver.
— Barbra, Toronto, Canada

I never buy anything online, but when I saw this product of Facebook and clicked to see all the videos and reviews I was convinced. Easy order process and secure through PayPal. I received my item in a few days and installed it in a few minutes. Very happy I took the chance. Thank you Carl for making such a smart product. I didn't even brake a nail!
— Janet M., New York, USA

Cool product, easy install... looks OEM!
— Howard, Australia

Great fitment, easy install, can't really ask for more as this is the only mount available that allows me to position the phone at close to eye level and not blocking any sight lines.
— Ed, Canada

I bought one for my A3 8p and I’m delighted with it. Very elegant and looks as though it’s an original part of the car. Speedy, tracked delivery, well packaged, great quality. I’ll definitely be recommending this to other Audi drivers.
— Enda, Republic of Ireland

I am thoroughly enjoying this well-designed phone holder. It integrates seamlessly to the car vents and keeps the phone handy. My Audi has the RNS-E headunit with the fold-down screen, and this mount keeps the phone and charge cable high enough as to not interfere with the headunit. I use magnetic mounts in my other cars, so this helps make the transition seamless.
— Herb H, USA

Glad I took the time to find this. Works well and looks better than something stuck to your vents. I’ve fitted the cradle style and works well as I can pivot it for horizontal as well as vertical. So handy for different apps being used. Maps is the main thing I use as my sat nav and this mount is exactly what I needed. Thank you Clearmounts.
— Burnett, Scotland

I would normally never leave a testimonial for any product, but the Clearmount phone holder for my Audi is a wonderful product. Reasonably priced, perfect custom fit for my car model and makes using a phone while driving safer, as the phone now is higher on the dashboard than my old phone holder, thus taking less attention off the road. Highly recommended.
— Harry, norway

I have tried several phone holders from the big box stores and ordered several others on line but returned all of them because they impaired my view of the road, interfered with the in-dash monitor, were awkward to use, were not secure, etc. Not to mention the fact that they completely detracted from the aesthetics of my A3 dash. I finally found the Clearmounts kit while searching the web recently and decided to try one more product. It has absolutely blown me away with its excellent functionality, superb integration with the dash, ease of installation and great aesthetics. It does not look like an after market item in any way. I cannot say enough great things about the brilliant design and excellent quality of this phone holder. It has eliminated 2 years of frustration with where to safely put my phone. I wish every owner of an A3 could/would locate this option and order one. I am one ecstatic customer!!
— Suzanne, United States

Perfect product, with a good integration on the dashbord, and great support from Carl.
— FX, France

This has to be the most amazing phone holder on the market, fits great in my Audi A3, Great customer service , prompt delivery , will definitely be purchasing from clear mounts again
— Jacqueline Brock, United Kingdom (2019-06-17)

Clear mount solved my cell phone placement problem with elegance and ease. I highly recommend them.
— Curt Brooder, USA

Got this for my Audi RS3 8P, looks good better than having one stuck to windshield. A must for Audi owners!
— Lee Lindsay, Uk

I had been struggling to find a quality phone holder until now! This bit of kit is brilliant, solid build quality with loads of thought put into the way the holder will be used, and it’s so easy to install. It is perfect, your phone stays where it it even under hard acceleration!Fast delivery too, only took two days to get to me in the uk! JUST BUY ONE!
— Ben Esthop, England (2019-06-18)

Very happy with my phone holder. Solid construction, blends into the dash seamlessly with the air vent support structure. Quality finish and workmanship and very easy to fit.No issues with magnetic connection/strength. I have my Samsung S9 mounted on the swivel holder with a magnetic patch inside my case back and it is rock solid, no issues whatsoever. Swivel is easy enough to adjust but solid enough to maintain position whatever the terrain driven over.I would definitely recommend the clear mounts holders to my friends.
— Dave Thorne , United Kingdom (2019-06-20)


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