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This discreet low-profile magnetic phone holder is the perfect blend of style and function. It allows you to quickly place your cell phone between your vents. We use only the best quality and strongest cellphone safe magnets on the market. 

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With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Low-Profile Magnetic Mount

2x Magnetic Metal Plates 

Super product! Nothing to complain about!
— Tore, Germany

I've been using the Audi Phone Holder in my Audi Q2 since August 2017 and I love it! I use the magnetic holder and it's amazingly convenient to hop into your car and just stick your phone to it and be on your way. The phone sits firmly on the magnetic holder and remains there in any situation, even on bumpy roads or during panic brakes. It's also neat how it is seamlessly integrated in the cars dashboard. I've had fellow Audi owners inquire about the holder since they thought it was an official car option.
— Kevin D., Belgium

Achat d'un clearmounts LOW-PROFILE MAGNETIC HOLDER pour mon audi a3 8v. Réception en 1 semaine en France ! Super rapide ! Montage en 15min maxi. Design parfait, sintègre au tableau de bord sans le dénaturer. Pour information : Avec mon Samsung s8, sans coque, le téléphone tient aimanté grâce aux aimants du chargeur Qi dans le téléphone ! Très content de cet achat ! Merci
— Cedric, France

I am very pleased with the clearmounts holder for my Audi tt. It holds the phone in the perfect position and does not obscure the entertainment system or windscreen and vents still work fine. Fitting is easy, this is what I was worried about but it was so easy. Material quality is very good and I think this will last a long time. I use the magnetic holder which is perfect for my needs but also a nice touch that you also get a holder that grips the side of the phone. Hard cornering and acceleration is no problem the phone stays in position. I have no negative comments about this phone holder, it's perfect. Would recommend to anyone.
— Trevor, United kingdom

ClearMounts arrived promptly and was a perfect fit for my Audi A3 8V. I am using the swivel mount and fitting to the car was simple and well explained in the fitting instructions.
— Donal D., Ireland

Fast delivery, top notch quality and perfect fit. 10 out of 10. It should be recommended by AUDI.
— Johan S, Sweden

One of the best phone mounts I've used. Fits perfectly and OEM looking. Keeps the interior simple and clean. Not in the way at all. Sturdy frame, magnets have a strong hold which is good for those that go on spirited drives like I do. Highly recommended.
— JP, Australa

— G.Yamashita, JAPAN

Great addition to my car, can't rate it enough well worth the money. Would buy the universal vent mount for my van, but it seems this is only sold when purchased with another item unfortunately!
— Matt, United Kingdom

A clever and well-made product. Received mine in under a week shipped across the Atlantic. Audis circular ventilation grills make it hard to use the off-the-shelf products. The Clear Mounts is the perfect solution. Very stable. Easy to install. Unobtrusive. Wish I had discovered it earlier.
— D Yates, UK

Great device. Well worth the price.
— Aleksandrs Jesipenko, Latvia (2018-12-21)

This is an excellent solution for mounting my iphone in my Audi A3 without damage to the interior. Its well engineered and easy to fit in about 10 mins. Took just 5 days to arrive in UK well packaged. Great service.
— Allan T., United Kingdom

Fantastic product - perfect fit and highest quality incl. easiest way of installation. Also, shipping to Germany was fast and without issues. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.Martin
— Martin T., Germany

The idea of the product is awesome and very helpful.
— Kamil, UAE

I bought ClearMounts LOW-PROFILE MAGNETIC HOLDER last year for my Audi A3 8V 2015. Perfect ordering process, shipment and delivery! Really simple mounting, perfect design and barely invisible when no phone is put on it! It doesn't hide MMI screen and let the phone being cooled by conditioning air! My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge even with its protection cover is strongly hold by magnet and additional metal plate included no rotation or fall while driving. I discovered this device on A3 forum in France with warming recommendations and is proud to own one in my car! Thanks!
— Jeremy W., France

Very easy and practical to use. The magnet has good fixation and even in great trepidacoes does not loose. Easy installation besides being very harmonious with the car dashboard.
— Denis Ramos, Brazil

Ordered the low profile magnetic holder for my A3. Was said that the order will be delivered around May 2nd and finally got the parcel early on the 25th of April. Product suits fine with my A3 and very easy to install. I definitely recommend this very good product for A3 owner !!!!
— Benoît, FRANCE

Got it today, both with pinch- and magnet holder included. Max 5 minutes of assembly, and it was ready to use. Looks good, magnet is strong I think I will use the magnet and I am just happy with first impressions.
— Sindre Bigset, Norway

I purchased the clearmounts magnetic iphone holder for my 2017 Audi TTS. Very easy to install, and by far the most secure and reliable hold I've ever had for a car. Highly recommended. Don't bother wasting your money on cheap eBay mounts, these bad boys are the real deal!
— Sammi, United Kingdom

Great product! Easy installment and phone sits tight through bumpy roads! Would recomment it to everyone!
— Eva, Netherlands

Phone holder was easy to mount and it is very solid. I use magnet holder for my 5.2 inch Samsung and it sticks pretty firm. Even when phone is in vertical position I still see original AUDI screen, have access to all buttons and no obstruction for fans. I use Swivel Magnetic Mount because it is very easy to stick your phone and also adjust the angle for better view.
— Rostyslav S, Nederland

I can say without any fear of contradiction that the Clearmounts phone holder is the best I have ever used! It is a perfect fit for my girlfriends Audi TT! We had tried other phone holder options but they were always a compromise. The Clearmounts holder is perfect: a perfect fit, a perfect match, and you don't even realize its there! If you have an Audi, you need a Clearmounts!
— Michael L, GB

I had tried 3 other mounts, but this is the best and neatest design. Arrived quickly in UK and fits very well in Audi TT 2015.
— Stuart, United Kingdom

Best gadget purchased for my Audi, very useful and great quality.Totally recommended!
— Donatos, Greece (2019-09-23)

Amazing product that would easily pass as an Audi official product, does not look out of place at all. Putting my phone anywhere else while driving feels weird now!
— Brendan F, Australia

I 100% recommend it! The best buy I made for my car, it keeps the air floating, it fits completely! I had a problem because I ordered the wrong model and Carl replied me in 10 min, he was really nice and sent me a new one that only took 1 week to arrive to Portugal! Don\t have any doubts this is the best buy you can do for your audi!!
— Beatriz Ferraz, Portugal (2019-03-14)

I have been a customer for 6 months, and I must say that the product was very easy to install on my new Q2. I love it so much! And everyone asking me what support it is... Obvious, Clearmounts!
— Diego, Italy

Excellent in all aspects - Intelligent engineering.
— Francois Dugast, France (2019-04-10)

I got the holder for my wife's Q2. The product fits perfectly. The quality is very high level. Not less than the Audi quality. For sure, it solved one of my wife's problems.
— Abraham, Israel


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