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When ordering this Combo set for the Q2 you will receive our custom aluminum bracket, finished in our durable black powder coat + receive both our interchageable Swivel Magnetic Holder and our non-magnetic Cradle Holder, giving you options that fit your needs! You will have enough clearance from your vents to place your device in portrait or landscape modes and because of our swivel you can angle the device towards you or your passenger. 

*Scroll below and see our Add-On items. We also have a MagSafe Magnetic Mount available as an add-on for your iPhone 12, check it out here: MagSafe


With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Swivel Cradle Mount (New improved design adjusts from 55mm to 90mm wide) 

1x Clearmounts Swivel Magnetic Mount (New improved design)

2x Magnetic Metal Plates

Bought both the low profile one as well as the swivel magnetic holder. I must say that after the Q2, this was my best buy! Love how the phone sits in between the air vents and doesn't block any air flow nor does my phone freezes up as compared to normal air vent mounts. I'm also loving the magnetic holder where its sturdy enough to hold my phone in place and yet detaches so easily when I want to take it out. Love this and my friends/family are wishing that there were such options for their cars too!
— P Teo, Singapore (2018-12-21)

The Q2-Swivel Magnetic & Cradle Holder is just fantastic and is very easy to install without damaging the car. It's also simple to use and has a high quality!!! I want to thank audiphoneholder for the very fast shipping!
— Kris Coppens, Belgium (2018-12-26)

The audi phone holder from Clearmount is simply awesome, the installation was simple and fuss-free. Geniusly designed, I have my phone placed beautifully right in between the aircon vents and my vision of the road was not compromised at all. The magnet is very strong thus the phone was sturdily mounted at all times. Definitely a GOOD BUY BEST BUY MUST BUY product!
— Ven, Singapore (2019-09-24)

Been looking for a good/clean way to hang my phone up in my Audi A3 S-Line, emailed clearmounts on a SUNDAY, got a response within 2 minutes saying what would be best for my car/phone my phone is on the heavy side, being a oneplus 6. Received it today, within shipping terms, no extra payments needed to customs or whatever. I am blown away by the strength of the magnet, this thing is a beauty. Being the low profile one, if someone doesn't know the inside of your car they would think it was standard. Mounting it was smooth as butter, and now i can throw my phone at it from a distance it will stick. 11/10.
— Sven G., Belgium

— Victor, Italy

Fantastic product. Fits easily and perfectly and holds onto my 6+ like a champ.
— Phil Hirst, UK

I was looking for a mount for a long time, this mount is and looks really great. The delivery and service is really great and its really easy to install yourself. Great stuff!
— Nick N, Netherlands

Definitely hands down the BEST phone holder ever. Before ClearMounts, I NEVER installed one single holder in my life. They were too ugly and non-professional. ClearMounts is: - elegant - built with high quality materials - super steadyI've ACTUALLY never been happier and more satisfied for a car accessory before. Super deserved testimonial!
— Silvio, Italy

It is a fantastic product, easy to installan it looks very nice in the car. The service was outstanding.
— Emilio G, Mexico.

This is absolutely the perfect car mount for my car. I use the magnetic version in my Audi A3 14’ and I couldn’t be more satisfied. You can bearly notice the mount with it’s matching interior color. Worth it!
— Nicolai I, Norge

Cherchant une solution pour maintenir mon s7edge sur mon nouveau audi tt mk3. J'ai découvert sur le web cet accessoire, le principe est simple et sans modifications du véhicule on dirait une pièce d'origine. Le 2e point positif, c'est la rapidité de livraison du Canada j'usquen Belgique en moins d'une semaine ! extra. 3e point, le prix pour la qualité du matériel reçu et la livraison. A recommandé sans hésitation, je n'ai pas trouvé de support aussi bien intégré pour mon TT. 10/10 !
— Didier, Belgique

This is the best phone mount for my Audi A3. Tried many including stick on ones which didn't stick on at all. I don't like the window mount ones at all because I don't like my view obstructed. I had an air vent one which was ok until it damaged my vents over time then kept falling off. Clearmounts was the perfect solution and stays securely. Well recommend for Audi owners. Hope you guys make it for all other car manufacturers in future.
— Vu, United kingdom

Hej , Naprawdę super produkt ! Bardzo łatwe do zamontowania i naprawdę mocny uchwyt. Moim zdaniem jedyne rozwiązanie do A3 8 v przy okrągłych kratkach w które nic nie wchodzi : Wysyłka około 2 tygodnie więc ok. Polecam
— Marcin, Poland

Looks great, easy to fit, strong magnet, unbelievably quick international delivery. Very pleased. Thanks.
— Julian Hatherall, United Kingdom

Great product, very easy to fit, looks and performs just as they said it would. I would recommend this product to anyone.
— Phillip Sanderson, UK

Perfect fit and easy to use mount for the Audi Q2. Very thin design and in my eyes much better then other alternative mounts for Audi. Shipped in less then a week to NL. Would recommend this mount to everyone with the circular audi vents.
— Jerry v Holst, Netherlands (2019-02-11)

This is hands down, the best phone holder for the A3 I\ve ever seen. There\s nowhere to stick a suction type, unless you don\t want to see out of the front window. A traditional vent mount just falls down so you can\t see the screen! Get one of these. It\s one purchase you won\t regret.
— Scott Phillips, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

Excellent craftsmanship very serious customer service.
— Francois Dugast, France (2019-04-07)

Excellent craftsmanship and very useful product. It adapts perfectly well, simple to install. Makes an extremely cost saving solution instead of buying the insane price for Audi CarPlay ...Thank you and good success
— François Dugast, France (2020-08-21)

Superb! Blends perfectly with Q2's interior. Does not stick out like a sore thumb! Absolutely love this.
— Mohammad Fauzi, Singapore (2019-05-11)

The Clearmounts phone holder for my Audi Q2 just fits perfectly! It was really easy to install with the included instructions. Definately worth the money, as I will not have to buy any other phone holder as long as I have my Q2.
— Pieter, Belgium


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