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Our MagSafe Swivel Magnetic Mount works with our Clearmounts Swivel bracket. This add-on item is ideal for those who own the new iPhone 12 with the built in MagSafe. Our mount uses N52 magnets providing a solid hold between the iPhone 12 and our mount. Our MagSafe Swivel Magnetic Mount is compatible with all new and previous generation Clearmounts Swivel holders (does not work with the Low-Profile Magnetic holder). 

This new mount adds the convenience of magnetically attaching your phone without the use of metal plates needed on the back of your phone. It will work with the new iPhone 12. 

*Must be used with the Clearmounts Swivel holder.

**Does not charge, this is only a magnetic mount.

***To be used with your iPhone 12 with no case or with a MagSafe case from Apple or a third party manufacturer. Will not work with a case that has no MagSafe built in to it. 


1x MagSafe Magnetic Swivel Mount

*Must be used with the Clearmounts Swivel holder (sold seperatly)

These mounts are excellent and solid products.. started off few years ago when I stumbled upon this site looking for a phone mount specifically for my make and model Audi. I started with the low profile which worked great. When Apple introduced MagSafe, I was excited because it would potentially get rid of the metal plate. I emailed this company right away and got an email back saying they will introduce MagSafe products soon.. I was so happy with this news, but the only downfall at the time was I needed the swivel mount but my secret Santa took care of that for me lol... Thank you to Carl for the quick replies to my questions and concerns... keep up the good work!
— Chris, United States (2021-01-26)

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