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Our MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Mount works with our Clearmounts Swivel bracket. This add-on item is ideal for those who own the new iPhone 12 with the built in MagSafe. Our mount uses N52 magnets providing a solid hold between the iPhone 12 and our mount. MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Mount is compatible with all new and previous generation Clearmounts Swivel holders (does not work with the Low-Profile Magnetic holder). 

This new mount adds the convenience of magnetically attaching your phone without the use of metal plates needed on the back of your phone. It will work with the new iPhone 12 and it will charge it! 

*Must be used with the Clearmounts Swivel holder.

**To be used with your iPhone 12 with no case or with a MagSafe case from Apple or a third party manufacturer. Will not work with a case that has no MagSafe built in to it. 


1x MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Mount

1x USB-C charging cable

Output: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W

*Must be used with a Clearmounts Swivel Mount specific for your vehicle (sold seperatly)

I am quite impressed. Had the Clearmounts iphone mount for my 2015 audi A3 and liked it. Was upgrading to an iPhone Pro 12 Max and thought I’d check to see if they just happened to have a magsafe mount not expecting much. Magnetic mount and charging magsafe compatible mount available for presale, great, I’ll pre-order the magsafe charging mount. This when i can barely find any 3rd party magsafe compatible accessories, i pre-ordered a camera accessory and they’re shipping in 6 months. Literally 2 days later I get shipment notification. Get it in 3 more days. Installation was a breeze. Magnetic mount is solid... using it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and apple leather case magsafe compatible. I didn’t see a noticeable difference case or without case. just about the right amount of tension. I can rotate it with a fairly firm grasp of the phone. At no point in the last 2 or so weeks was a nervous it was going to fall off. Bottom line, build quality, performance, charging capability is all very very solid, with a very reasonable price. No idea how they got this to market as quickly as they did, but it’s really impressive. Recommended.
— Kelly S, USA (2020-12-18)

I am very impressed with the design and quality of the MagSafe magnetic wireless charging mount and the Clearmounts swivel holder! It fits the aesthetic of the Audi interior beautifully. I’m using it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple MagSafe leather case. It has a solid magnetic attachment and I have no concerns that it will ever fall off, even when going over speed bumps. I highly recommend this product!
— Rob B, Australia (2020-12-29)

Great product looks good and works perfectly. Brilliant customer care at Clear Mounts too. I've ordered a couple of products over the past 2 years and the dispatch is always super fast. I had a problem with delivery with my last order not Clear Mounts' fault at all, and Carl sorted it out quickly and efficiently. The order was in my hands about 4 days later.
— Pete, United Kingdom (2021-01-26)

Have previously used a Clearmount in my Audi which I have been very happy with, however I wanted the wireless charging feature and so ordered a new mount. The wireless charger holds the phone firmly and I could not live without the convenience now of simply placing the phone onto the mount without needing to plug in a cable to charge. Very happy with the product and usual great service from Carl who always responds promptly to any queries.
— Stuart, United Kingdom (2021-01-31)

Works a treat - holds the iPhone 12 Max in place, even with the harsh suspension of a 2016 TT-S with 20 rims.
— Cameron Brawn, Australia (2021-02-07)


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