Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder

Over 35,000 Clearmounts sold worldwide!

Important update: MagSafe Magnetic Swivel Mount & MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Mount is here! These accessories can be added to your Clearmounts Audi Phone Holder order.  Designed to work with the new iPhone 12. Click Here

Whether you drive an Audi A3, TT, or Q2,  there is something missing... there's no where to put your cellphone! Clearmounts created the markets thinest custom laser cut aluminum mounting bracket that comes with our strongest cellphone safe magnetic holder (N52 magnets) and our non-magnetic cradle holder allowing your cellphone to be placed in your line of sight without blocking your vents and air flow, safely keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Installs in less than 2 minutes with no tools required! Giving you that factory look that every Audi driver can appreciate. 

Our unique around the vent design not only looks factory built when installed but it also makes our mounts the most stable on the market by allowing your vents to sit flat closing all gaps eliminating all movement and vibration. We powdercoat all our mounts in a rich black wrinkle texture making it fit in perfectly with your Audi's interior design. 

For owners of the new generation Audi A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q7 or Q8 with the touch screen infotainment we created a simple smart solution to hold your cellphone we call it our Universal Adhesive Mount. This mount can also be used with the latest generation Audi A4 and A5. Click Here

Our reputation for making the world's best cellphone mounting solution for your Audi is based on exceeding your expectations and providing you with a superior quality product and customer service you can count on. Visit our testimonial section (below) and see what our Clearmounts customers have to say. Click Here

Please contact us should you have any questions about our products. Email Here

We ship express worldwide providing you with tracking and insurance! 

*Fits both left-hand & right-hand drive vehicles

Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder


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Works great!

Linda , from United States

Excellent product fits perfect

Harry Thompson , from Ireland

Works a treat - holds the iPhone 12 Max in place, even with the harsh suspension of a 2016 TT-S with 20 rims.

Cameron Brawn , from Australia

Perfect fitment and very good quality!

Ruud Buijtendijk , from Nederland

This product makes me so happy. I had a crappy version from Target that kept falling off my vent whenever I turned a corner. This product is great quality and looks fantastic. The low profile magnetic mount is just what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier.

Dawn , from United States

Have previously used a Clearmount in my Audi which I have been very happy with, however I wanted the wireless charging feature and so ordered a new mount. The wireless charger holds the phone firmly and I could not live without the convenience now of simply placing the phone onto the mount without needing to plug in a cable to charge. Very happy with the product and usual great service from Carl who always responds promptly to any queries.

Stuart , from United Kingdom

Excellent product and easy to install. It took five minutes to unpack it and install it in my 2015 Audi A3 8V.

Søren , from Denmark

Great product looks good and works perfectly. Brilliant customer care at Clear Mounts too. I've ordered a couple of products over the past 2 years and the dispatch is always super fast. I had a problem with delivery with my last order not Clear Mounts' fault at all, and Carl sorted it out quickly and efficiently. The order was in my hands about 4 days later.

Pete , from United Kingdom

These mounts are excellent and solid products.. started off few years ago when I stumbled upon this site looking for a phone mount specifically for my make and model Audi. I started with the low profile which worked great. When Apple introduced MagSafe, I was excited because it would potentially get rid of the metal plate. I emailed this company right away and got an email back saying they will introduce MagSafe products soon.. I was so happy with this news, but the only downfall at the time was I needed the swivel mount but my secret Santa took care of that for me lol... Thank you to Carl for the quick replies to my questions and concerns... keep up the good work!

Chris , from United States

Fits like a glove, comes with both magnetic and grip holder. Super easy install. One downside is it is not MAGSAFE compatible with new iPhone 12 Pro Max

Moe , from USA

Perfect fit and very clean look. Customer service and response time for a question was above and beyond what I was expecting!

Aaron , from United States

As easy to install as suggested. Item arrived quickly and is a solid and good looking piece of kit. Fits perfectly in the car and is strong as well. Looks great fitted as well.If I could add anything at all, for those who are going to use the magnetic holders, I'd recommend adding a couple of extra sticky pads to the order.

TLawry , from Australia

Overall, very satisfied with the product, build quality is nice, holds the phone pretty well and I have not yet had it fall off the support, even on very bumpy roads. Installation was a bit harder than expected as the AC vents didn't come off as easily as I was expecting. Shipping took around a month, although that was expected due to delays because of the current pandemic situation. Customer support, however, was fantastic. In conclusion, I can say I'm extremely pleased with everything!

Afonso Vale , from Portugal

- Easy to install- Great customer service- Good productI bought the Audi A3 mount with phone charger accessory as a gift for my gf who desperately needed this for her safety and my sanity. One of the pieces was missing from the accessory so I emailed and within a week I had a replacement delivered. 5/5, 10/10, 100% rating.

ilan , from USA

I am very impressed with the design and quality of the MagSafe magnetic wireless charging mount and the Clearmounts swivel holder! It fits the aesthetic of the Audi interior beautifully. I’m using it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple MagSafe leather case. It has a solid magnetic attachment and I have no concerns that it will ever fall off, even when going over speed bumps. I highly recommend this product!

Rob B , from Australia

Love the product. Holds the phone perfectly. Easy installation. Highly recommended

Paul LaPointe , from USA

I am quite impressed. Had the Clearmounts iphone mount for my 2015 audi A3 and liked it. Was upgrading to an iPhone Pro 12 Max and thought I’d check to see if they just happened to have a magsafe mount not expecting much. Magnetic mount and charging magsafe compatible mount available for presale, great, I’ll pre-order the magsafe charging mount. This when i can barely find any 3rd party magsafe compatible accessories, i pre-ordered a camera accessory and they’re shipping in 6 months. Literally 2 days later I get shipment notification. Get it in 3 more days. Installation was a breeze. Magnetic mount is solid... using it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and apple leather case magsafe compatible. I didn’t see a noticeable difference case or without case. just about the right amount of tension. I can rotate it with a fairly firm grasp of the phone. At no point in the last 2 or so weeks was a nervous it was going to fall off. Bottom line, build quality, performance, charging capability is all very very solid, with a very reasonable price. No idea how they got this to market as quickly as they did, but it’s really impressive. Recommended.

Kelly S , from USA

Great product and service, Quality materials and looks made for audi dashboard.

brian donnelly , from u.k

I needed and new phone case and therefore new magnetic plates are needed... Super fast shipping - even to Canada! Thank you!

Heather Thomas , from Canada

I ordered one of the Clearmounts for my S3, and it has been the best mount in a car that I have ever used. I have a large screened iPhone with a very protective case making it somewhat heavy, and all the other mounts I have tried using magnets etc. have never worked until I tried a Clear mount. Since the car is very performance-oriented, and I drive it as such, the phones would always work themselves out of a cradle but the Clearmount is rock-solid and my phone has not moved. Fast forward almost 1.5 years later and one of the rubber ends on the mount fell off. I inquired to Clearmount to obtain another piece of rubber for the right side of the mount and they offered to send me another cradle mount for free if I paid for shipping Canada to US. When I received the new cradle mount I was very surprised they had sent me 3 additional ones gratis. Also, the new mount has a better design and has a slight lip at the top of the rubber ends to ensure the phone never leaves the holder regardless of how hard you corner. The customer service here has been exemplary and the owner Carl even replied to one of my emails. By far the best custom-designed car mounts for an Audi 3 series that is available, and I have done extensive research and spent quite a bit trying other mounts and having them fail before I found Clearmount.

Trebor , from US


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