Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder

Over 20,000 Clearmounts sold worldwide!

Whether you drive an Audi A3, TT, or Q2,  there is something missing... there's no where to put your cellphone! Clearmounts created the markets thinest custom laser cut aluminum mounting bracket that comes with our strongest cellphone safe magnetic holder (N52 magnets) and our non-magnetic cradle holder allowing your cellphone to be placed in your line of sight without blocking your vents and air flow, safely keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Installs in less than 2 minutes with no tools required! Giving you that factory look that every Audi driver can appreciate. 

Our unique around the vent design not only looks factory built when installed but it also makes our mounts the most stable on the market by allowing your vents to sit flat closing all gaps eliminating all movement and vibration. We powdercoat all our mounts in a rich black wrinkle texture making it fit in perfectly with your Audi's interior design. 

For owners of the new generation Audi A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q7 or Q8 with the touch screen infotainment we created a simple smart solution to hold your cellphone. 

Our reputation for making the world's best cellphone mounting solution for your Audi is based on exceeding your expectations and providing you with a superior quality product and customer service you can count on. Visit our testimonial section (below) and see what our Clearmounts customers have to say. Please contact us should you have any questions about our products.

We ship express worldwide including tracking and insurance! 

*Fits both left-hand & right-hand drive vehicles

Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder


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Bought a Low-Profile Magnetic Holder for Audi A3 8V, it holds my iPhone 11 plus sturdily in the simplest yet elegant way. Awesome product from ClearMounts, love it!

Cornelius , from Singapore

Purchased the Clearmounts for A3. Perfect fit, together with wireless charging holder it works like a charm. Very quick delivery!

Jim Van Tilborg , from Netherlands

Easy to install. Very clean look.

Justen , from USA

Had my clearmounts phone holder for several months now and it is a perfect fit and very easy to install, holds my phone perfectly no matter what roads I drive, best phone holder I’ve ever had.

Luke , from United Kingdom

First I'd like to say I looked all over the Internet for a mount that I can put in my 2016 Audi TTS so many were trying to sell me one that Clips onto the vents but anybody knows the 2016 Audi TTS understand that they are a turbine style vent that are very deep and can't be clipped onto very well. They typically end up falling off! The other option I found was similar to this one but made out of flimsy plastic no go there it felt like it would break with the first hard impact and everyone knows TTS's ride quite harshly. So when I received this one in the mail was quite surprised to see how sturdy it was made, very strong metal with a nice coating that mimicked what the Dash looks like in between the two vents. my Samsung S10+ is very large heavy and the magnets can easily hold it in place without falling once and I drive on a highway with heavy construction with extremely rough areas! I love this new new Mount with the versatility having two different ways to hold the phone in place my only disappointment is that you don't make a mount for my Audi S4 thank you so much for making such a quality product. I look forward to doing business with Clearmounts again...

Edwin , from USA

Finally! After searching high low for a phone holder that works with my Audi A3 Sportback, I found Clearmount mentioned on an Audi owners forum, buried within numerous discussions on the topic of phone holders. Purchased it waited. I'd assumed that as I'm in the UK the package was coming from Canada, I'd be waiting a while. How wrong was I. It arrived in the UK just 4 days after I'd placed the order, on the 5th day I received it. Impressive service! Well made, easy to fit, easy to use! It may not be the cheapest out there but it fits the car perfectly most importantly, it holds the phone securely. Money well spent!

Nikki Cartlidge , from UK

Such a great solution for the TT, with no standard air vents to just clip onto this is just brilliant. The magnetic holder is just an easy way to get your phone mounted without fiddling around.Support from Carl was also excellent. Thanks!

Paul , from Australia

I bought this to replace a vent mount that wasn’t very secure and blocked me using my nearest vent and heater control.It fits really well and is a clever idea. Took me a while to move the vent out enough to slip the plate behind it in my TT, but that’s probably because my hands aren’t very big to grip it!I’ve only used the cradle attachment so far, but it works really well with my iPhone.

Lorna , from England

Great design, simple, beautiful, and perfect match with the dashboard!

James , from Taiwan

Parfait . Materiel de très bonne qualité .Parfaitement adapté au vehicule .Je ne pense pas trouver mieux sur le marché . Le prix est très raisonnable . Vraiment super .

patrick REMY , from fr

Very easy to install the Clearmounts holder and it sits very stable even on bumpy roads. The mount is super sturdy and Made of a very sturdy material. I can’t think of a better phone holder for your Audi! Superb!

Thomas Raijas , from Sweden

Simple design yet easy to install, practical serves its purpose effectively! 3 thumbs up!

Saini Ekwan , from Singapore

Cradle holder received quickly, and works exactly as advertised, I'm very pleased how well it works and how up the positioning is just below my normal line of sight thru thru windshield. Note, doesn't work with a case, which I don't use so not an issue for me.

Dave , from United States

I knew that my next car would be a Audi A3 8V so i bought the low profile magnetic holder in advance. When my car was delivered it took me 2 minutes to install the holder so i could navigate home. The holder fits perfect and looks great, like it's OEM. Really glad i found you guys on the internet!

Kevin Jonker , from The Netherlands

Arrived in UK very quickly. Fitted very easily in minutes. Little lever supplied was most useful. So good I don’t even think about it or notice the fitting because it matches the dash so well. Highly recommended because of product quality and ridiculously easy to fit.

Peter ALLISON , from UK

Absolutely amazing product and even better customer service! The response time for all my questions was literally less than an hour. And the product itself is sturdy, well built and ingenious! You can't even tell it exists. The magnet is powerful, and there are no issues with the phone falling off.

Gautham Iyer , from USA

Bought Swivel Magnetic Cradle Holder for my A3. Installed it in only few minutes. What a superb product! Looks like OEM equipment, and holds my S10+ securely, even on awful roads in city of Dubrovnik and its vicinity.

Marijo Validzic , from Croatia

I got my boyfriend this for Christmas. He loves it! Super sleek and easy to install. If you are on the fence definitely buy this!

vanessa , from United States

Great product! Had a air vent mount before but it fell down all the time. Now it is firm and steady with the clear mount. Unfortunatly Sweden have tolls in all incoming packages so it was expensive but very well worth it for the convenience.

Filip Ullhag , from Sweden

Wonderful and functional design. Installation was very easy and satisfying. Looks great with phone in great location. Blends into interior look great. Shipped and arrived quickly. Highly recommend this product.

David , from Canada


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