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Ordered last monday and received this morning. Congrats.This phone-holder is just fab : discreet, easy-simple to install and so efficient. Thanks.
— GILLARD Lionel, France (2019-09-13)

Well worth the money excellent piece of kit if you have an A3 or any of the other models you need one of these.
— Mark Cawdron, Uk (2019-09-12)

Couldn\t have asked for a better mount. I use the magnet and it works just as you would have hoped. The delivery was also way faster than expected. 10/10
— Abdelmounaim, The Netherlands (2019-09-09)

Great quality product with amazingly quick delivery all the way from Canada. The cradle is spring loaded and adjusts to the size of your phone which is great.
— John, United Kingdom (2019-08-25)

I have been looking for a phone mount for a while but, until I stumbled across clearmounts, have only seen those connecting to the windscreen or air vent. I didn’t want either. This holder is beautifully designed, high quality and does exactly what it claims. Even the packaging is clever minimising the amount of plastic used. I am terrible at installing anything, however, even I managed to put this in about 5 minutes.
— Nick, United Kingdom (2019-08-16)

Been trying to find a phone mount for my iphoneXR that would hold the phone in place even during hard corners, or at speed. Nothing really worked until I got the Clearmount with the gravity cradle holder. Looks great in the TT, easy to get phone in/out of cradle, and most importantly phone stays firm regardless of how hard the car is being driven. Service was great, and shipment was fast. highly recommend
— Alex Kwok, Canada (2019-08-08)

commandé vendredi et déjà reçu ,un grand merci pour la rapiditésupport au top et très facile à monteravec l\aimant ,le téléphone tient parfaitement
— Laurent Verbrugghe, France (2019-08-07)

Just received my Clearmounts phone holder. Very easy to fit and just what I wanted. I have tried other mobile phone holders for my Audi A3, but they were vent mounts which kept falling off or the option was to stick the cradle to the front counsel, which I didn\t want to do. Clearmonts is there in the car, without looking out of place. I would recommend anyone who has an Audi to get a Clearmounts.
— John Hart, United Kingdom (2019-07-27)

Speedy delivery, great product and extremely well made. Very easy to fit and works perfectly
— Richard Cichorz, United Kingdom (2019-07-26)

Received my order very promptly and have used it for about a month now.Opted to use the cradle holder instead of the magnetic mount because:- although the latter was able to hold my device a Samsung Note 9, it didn\t allow for a more ergonomic driver-facing angle- and if I had to type messages or use any other operation that required quick successive and precise taps, the device would be prone to swiveling on its anchor, increasing the risk of distraction- happy to say that the cradle holder provided the security I was looking for and was able to accommodate the width of my note 9 with its protective shell despite it being one of the widest smartphones on the marketAlthough this is a more expensive option compared to local knockoffs, I\m happy with its simple low profile design and sturdy build that doesn\t cheapen the interior look and feel of a luxury vehicle.
— Eugene Lim, Singapore (2019-07-25)

Looked high and low for a phone mount to fit my new Audi and luckily stumbled upon Clearmounts. The website is clear and easy to use and left me in no doubt I had purchased the correct phone holder for my car model unlike other retail websites. Simple and easy to fit and looks like it was designed to go with the car rather than some that look like an after sale add on.
— Andrew Wolff, United Kingdom (2019-07-25)

I tried a simple magnetic vent mount that had work well in my previous car but it just didn\t look right or work well enough A plastic tie wrap holding it in place was not a good look. The clearmount was a great way of maintaining good looks whilst also keeping the vent buttons free and visible. The online fitting videos were easy to follow and had the mount fitted in under 10 mins. The magnet is strong and the metal finish on the mount blends in to the TT dashboard. I\m really pleased with how easy it was to fit.
— Darren Pywell, United Kingdom (2019-07-24)

I bought this phone holder for my 2018 RS3. This is an impressively designed phone holder. Solid aluminium I think construction, great design that suits the style and design of the A3 interior, and best of all - this doesn\t block one of the air vents like most phone holders! This is also a significantly better design than phone holders that are stuck onto the screen, since this holder keeps the phone away from blocking your view of the road as it\s below the infotainment screen.
— Jeremy, Australia (2019-07-24)

I bought the best ever phone holder ever , it’s not bulky it sits behind your air vents, amazing product , mine come from America , and delivery was quicker than I expected , so happy I purchased this product , I’ve told every one to invest in this , thank you to all at Clear Mounts
— Jacqueline brock , England (2019-07-22)

J’ai reçu ce support quelqu’un jours après sa commande, j’en suis pleine mention satisfait.Le montage est ultra simple et le rendu très proLe téléphone ne bouge jamais , aucune chance de casser les grilles d’aération comme avec les autres supports Bref pour 30€ ça vaut le coup clairement ✌️
— Laurent Petit, France (2019-07-22)

Really nice an sturdy solution for you phone. I just throw my phone on there. It\s brilliantly simple.
— Jelle, Netherlands (2019-07-22)

After a long period of searching for a Smartphoneholder for my Galaxy Note Series, I finally found this one. It hold my Phone in the right position and the place where it is, is perfect. Awesome. I wish i found it earlier.Audi S3 8V Limousine with MMI+Samsung Galaxy Note 9
— Florian Chiaruzzi, Schweiz (2019-07-22)

Very easy to install on Audi A3 8P.No changes to be made and will leave no trace of his presence when removed.Certainly the best!
— Sebastien, FRANCE (2019-07-22)

I bought the first one for my Audi A3. The power of the magnet is very strong. It looks good, fits perfectly with the interior of the car. Now, after buying an Audi TT, I immediately bought one extra holder. Perfect quality.
— Thekey, Netherlands (2019-07-22)

Honestly, don\t even bother look further, this is the ONLY phone holder that you need! The fit is fantastic and it\s so slick and non intrusive that my girlfriend hasn\t noticed it in my car after 2 weeks, of her driving the car! BEYOND AWESOME!PS: The ONLY thing that wasn\t truthful was the installation, they say it\s about 2 mins, but it took me at least 3! The horror -
— Zac, South Africa (2019-07-22)

Why waste your time with any other mount, when this custom made one will excel...The mount is so easy to install and fits like a glove. In fact it looks like it was there from the manufacturer. The cradle too is slimline and charges my iPhone X using the QI technology. I love the way it grips the phone into place. I can\t think of a single negative for this product, I absolutely love it, and so will you too!
— Darryl Rose, UK (2019-07-22)

Speedy delivery, great product and extremely well made. Very easy to fit and works perfectly. Order one you won\t regret it!!
— Rob B, UK (2019-07-22)

The very first thing I ordered for my 2019 RS3. High-quality materials and sturdy design. I use the magnet mount option and my phone stays put. Swivel doesn\t move at all once you lock it down. Installation took 2 minutes. I\d recommend you use an interior trim tool to protect your dash and vent finish when removing the vents, but you could probably finagle it with bare hands too. Great product that fills a real gap.
— Alex, USA (2019-07-22)

Very happy with this product. I did a lot of research on other products before purchasing this one and I am glad I did. Not only does it look like it was professionally installed it holds my phone in place very well! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone with an Audi A3!
— Laura , United States (2019-07-22)

Fantastic phone mount! Took literally one minute to install. Looks great and complements my S3\s interior. Have received complements! Magnet is strong. Highly recommended.
— Joshua Zoshi, Canada (2019-07-22)

Bought one for my Audi A3 after long hesitation. No more hesitation when it came time to get a phone holder for my Audi TT. This is the best phone holder ever!
— Sami Järvinen, Suomi (2019-07-22)

After a long period of searching for a Smartphone holder, I finally found the one that I am convinced is the best ! It hold my Phone in the right position, it is secure and the place where it is perfect. Easy quick to put in place, Awesome ! The delivery was quicker than I expected. Also Carl was a gréât help with my order, he was very responsive ! Thank you so much.I recommend both the product and Clear Mounts a very professional company. !
— LELONG, France (2019-07-22)

I’m from Australia and nothing comes close to a product like this for my RS3. It’s aesthetic design compliments the cabin interior perfectly. It’s functionality is great and I highly recommend this product for those seeking a sophisticated and functional phone holder. Definitely a hit with other Audi owners looking for the perfect phone holder/mount. Thanks for the awesome product!
— Robert, Australia (2019-07-21)

This was my first Audi and I didn’t see a lot of options on the web. The magnetic swivel mount installs in less than two minutes and performs fantastically. I love the design and ease of installation. Wish these guys designed mounts for other cars, e.g., Genesis G80. I did think the shipping was high considering the unit was shipped postal but otherwise couldn’t be happier and highly recommend.
— Tom Ware, USA (2019-07-21)

Great product, very sleek looking. Easy to install, easy to order, fast delivery to Australia, very reasonable price!
— Andrew, Australia (2019-07-21)

My wife recently purchased a 2014 Audi S3 and the first thing we brought was a clear-mount for her car. Clean, functional, discreet and every person who\s been in the car thought it was factory fitted item. WOW! I was impressed with how easy it was to install.
— Tu Nguyen, Australia (2019-07-21)

I received the order yesterday, I was amazed at the speed of delivery, seven days, and the materials are very good.
— Roberto Nogueira, Portugal (2019-07-16)

Fantastic mount - this is so easy to fit and it works like a dream.The mount was shipped from Canada to the UK and it arrived really quickly.Well done to the Clearmount Team!Mark
— Mark Crossfield, United Kingdom (2019-07-14)

Audi A3-8V 2013-2020, Swivel Magnetic Cradle Holder.Thank you for absolutely great product. I have tried a number of holder solutions, even several self-made, but yours is just elegantly simple and solid, hats off. Audi owners - stop looking, this is it.
— Boris, Japan (2019-07-12)

Recommended by fellow forum members at Audi sport.net. Well made easy to fit, looks great!
— Nigel Smith, UK (2019-07-10)

Installed it into my Audi S3...Ridiculously FANTASTIC!!!!!!Rock solid, you can adjust tension and it fits seamlessly into Audi\s interior design and super easy to install. Whoever the individual was that came up with wrapping a bracket around the air vents is a genius and that\s where the story ends!
— Steven, Australia (2019-07-09)

Very satisfied with the holder, couldn\t find anything like this on the market. Thank you very much for making this custom holder! :
— Andrej Kiss, Slovakia (2019-07-08)

Well all I can say about this is that I am pleasantly surprised. I have had this for about a month now, maybe more. It’s a nice piece of kit. Was pretty fast shipping too considering it came from Canada and it was tracked the whole way to my house in the UK.
— Dudley Henry, United Kingdom (2019-07-03)

Very happy with my phone holder. Solid construction, blends into the dash seamlessly with the air vent support structure. Quality finish and workmanship and very easy to fit.No issues with magnetic connection/strength. I have my Samsung S9 mounted on the swivel holder with a magnetic patch inside my case back and it is rock solid, no issues whatsoever. Swivel is easy enough to adjust but solid enough to maintain position whatever the terrain driven over.I would definitely recommend the clear mounts holders to my friends.
— Dave Thorne , United Kingdom (2019-06-20)

the holder fits perfectly the phone stays nicely above the navigation screen. happy with this purchase
— Sipke, Netherlands (2019-06-19)

Absolutely brilliant!!!I was sceptical before that the holder would be good, but I was proven wrong once I received them.Good job guys ...
— David, Australia (2019-06-18)

I was very disappointed that with my new Audi I could no longer use my magnetic vent holder for my phone, it was something I needed. After some research I found clearmounts discussed on a few local forums, I wasn’t totally sold but watching the videos they looked to be a solid option. I ordered one sight unseen and was glad to see the delivery would be quick given it’s international. A few days later my holder arrived. I’d not watched and videos on how to install but on my drive back from the post office to home at one set of lights I installed it. It was amazingly simple and the end result was as clean as the stock air vents being in their original place. In short this is the best phone holder I’ve ever used. It’s solid, sturdy and my hefty phone doesn’t move in its place at all. It wasn’t the cheapest but it’s the best. Install was amazingly easy and shipment was prompt. I couldn’t ask for a better product. I recommend it to ever Audi owner I know.
— Mitch, Australia (2019-06-18)

What a fantastic product. It looks like it is a factory fitted phone holder in my Audi A3. It was also easy to fix/assemble. I love it and ???? recommend it to everyone.
— Adedayo, United Kingdom (2019-06-18)

Absolutely brilliant and fantastic.I run over 200 km/h on a German Highway and it stays right in place were it belongs.And the installation is really simple and easy even for someone like me who is a little bit scared to break something.It took me about 10 minutes with the QI charger to install Bought the same for my Mom\s car I would buy this anytime again Thanks for making and selling some good things like this Thank you
— Patrick Taylor , Germany (2019-06-18)

I had been struggling to find a quality phone holder until now! This bit of kit is brilliant, solid build quality with loads of thought put into the way the holder will be used, and it’s so easy to install. It is perfect, your phone stays where it it even under hard acceleration!Fast delivery too, only took two days to get to me in the uk! JUST BUY ONE!
— Ben Esthop, England (2019-06-18)

Bought for my Audi A3. Works great. Strong magnet. Sits more or less flush. Can’t complain. Best alternative out there. Discreet compared to the rest. Highly recommended.
— Amrit Kang, United Kingdom (2019-06-17)

Very easy to install,please check instruction from youtube tutorials. The magnet is powerfull, I didn\t have problems so far. I would highly recommend.
— Nicolae Iordache, România (2019-06-17)

Perfect fit, couldn\t be happier with the wireless charging mount hooked up to the ball between the vents on my 2016 Audi TT. I was initially sent the wrong kit but customer service was outstanding and resolved the issue quickly.
— Gordon S, USA (2019-06-17)

Rien à dire, juste parfait. Montage et utilisation extrêmement facile.
— Vincent , France (2019-06-17)

The design of this mount is brilliant! Very easy to install and very secure. I also got the wireless charging base and now I\m never concerned with my phones battery life at all. A perfect combo.
— Joshua K, United states (2019-06-17)

This has to be the most amazing phone holder on the market, fits great in my Audi A3, Great customer service , prompt delivery , will definitely be purchasing from clear mounts again
— Jacqueline Brock, United Kingdom (2019-06-17)

Świetny uchwyt, bardzo solidnie wykonany. Po zainstalowaniu bardzo ładnie wkomponowuje się we wnętrze samochodu Audi S3
— Jacek, Poland (2019-06-17)

Perfect fit, super easy instalation, smooth transaction, arrived 3 days sooner than expected! Audi should install it on every A3! Thanks guys
— Joao Viana, Portugal (2019-06-17)

Parfait pour ma Audi. Merci!
— HOARAU, La réunion (2019-06-12)

Produit commandé et livré en moins de 10 jours alors qu'il est expédié du Canada vers la France. Produit de très bonne qualité, très simple d'installation, et quelques accessoires vraiment cool. Une trentaine d'€ vraiment bien investit. Je recommande vraiment.
— Alexandre, France (2019-05-25)

Stop searching, there is no other holder for the Audi! I have tried a few and this is the one. It looks like it is part of the car, it should come from factory with it. So clever. It will be a feature when I sell the car, for sure.
— Alex Stender, United Kingdom (2019-05-19)

Nice add accessory specially for A3 which doesn’t have any phone holder. Installing was breeze i first thought it will be very difficult to remove the air vents but it wasn’t at all. I highly recommend this item for Audi A3 owners.
— Marvin R., USA (2019-05-19)

nice, elegant look. easy to install. very fast delivery. and the most important - great quality.
— Gurevich Anton, israel (2019-05-17)

This product is an elegant solution to the common problem of where to put your phone in the car, without the intrusion of some ugly chunk of plastic protruding from your air vents. Your phone can be placed and removed easily with one hand, with the magnets still strong enough to hold against the strongest jolts while driving. If you own an Audi this is the perfect solution.
— Kevin, Australia (2019-05-13)

Great and easy to install
— Steve, USA (2019-05-12)

The mounting system fits seamlessly with the S3 interior. The cradle mount holds firmly through all road conditions and driving styles and continues to charge. 10/10 Would buy again.
— Jason Anslem , United States (2019-05-12)

Superb! Blends perfectly with Q2's interior. Does not stick out like a sore thumb! Absolutely love this.
— Mohammad Fauzi, Singapore (2019-05-11)

Super! peut etre un peut cher par rapport à dautre produits que l\ont peut trouver sur Amazon, mais le comfort au quotidien est incomparable, le produit ne bouge pas! idem pour le telephone j\ai un S10+ Le télephone ne tremble jamais, ni ne bouge je suis un gros rouleur. Bref sans hésité
— Léo, france (2019-05-10)

Great product - works exactly as expected, easy to install, great strong magnet and looks really sleek and unobtrusive. Also delivered exactly as per expectations - would definitely recommend!
— Tim, Netherlands (2019-05-08)

Nice product and very easy to install. It looks great on my Audi.
— Teresa Iniguez, USA (2019-05-08)

So much better than I expected! Solid construction. Easy and quick to install, and even looks like its meant to be in my 2015 Audi A3!
— Daniel, United States (2019-05-08)

Good product! Easy to install, looks good and good to use! A great fit for Audi
— Tero, Finland (2019-05-07)

F\in brilliant! After wasting too much money on over-hyped phone holders for my 2003 Audi TT, I purchased this item. Forget about just car accessory purchases, this is one of the simplest, smartest, most effective add-ons I\ve purchased for anything. It combines function and form and you will not be disappointed. Do not hesitate to purchase. I never leave feedback but happy to do so for this product.
— G, Canada (2019-05-07)

Did quite a bit of research and this appeared better than anything else on the market. And it lived up to its marketing. Shame to ruin the interior of an Audi A3, but this looks like it was designs by Audi, for Audi and is genius. Packaging is beautiful and instruction are simple and the product is high quality. If you need this for you A3 - get one.
— Rupert Garton, UK (2019-05-07)

Easy installation, super fast delivery, good quality. I love it!
— Piotr, Great Britain (2019-05-07)

This product absolutely exceeded my expectations! I was a bit skeptical about whether or not my iPhone X with a huge Otterbox case and a pop-socket could be reasonably held by the magnet alone. To my surprise, this magnet is STRONG! It holds on in all orientations even over potholes in the road. It's even a bit of a yank to get it off! Which is perfect! I got a ticket in Georgia for texting while driving and, due to Georgia law, buying this hands free device allows me to waive my traffic ticket! I couldn't be happier with this product.
— Marcus Q, United States (2019-05-07)

It’s incredibly difficult to find a phone holder that works really well, and doesn’t look cheap and nasty. Thankfully, the staff at Audiphoneholder have managed to produce a product that works fantastically well, and looks great. Not only that, but the clever design is incredibly easy to fit, and once it’s in you can forget about it. There’s nothing rolling around the car, no fiddly switches to pull, or suction cups leaving marks. The slimline magnet fits inside my iPhone case, so there’s no need to make any changes with my phone either. I simply get in my car, hold the phone to the holder, and I’m done. I wish I’d have found this product a long time ago, it would have saved me spending on inferior products time and again.
— Shaun Madill, United Kingdom (2019-05-07)

Clever bespoke design, easy to install, and super-fast, customs-friendly international shipping. What\s not to like? If you need a quality phone holder for your TT, look no further. Highly recommended.
— Tony, UK (2019-05-07)

As we all know these cars have absolutely no where convenient to place your phone, this thing is literally the best first mod you can do to these vehicles!
— Colton Hunter, United States (2019-05-07)

I purchased the low profile clearmounts for both of my Audi - A3 8P and 8V.The install is easy and the fit is perfect. Now I have the flexibility of using my phones in the same location in my cars and not worry about different mounts and obstructions to the view.
— Evo, USA (2019-05-07)

I bought a mk3 TT from Audi in February and had nothing but problems with the car and Audi’s customer service. I bought a Clearmount in April that fits perfectly, was delivered quickly and is great quality. I wish Audi had your levels of quality and service!
— Andy Owen, United Kingdom (2019-05-07)

Je suis vraiment super content, j\ai raivé d\avoir ça pour ma A3 8V.Un super merci et je recommande à 100%.
— Valdir TAVARES GOMES , France (2019-05-07)

What a great addition to my A3. Delivered a day earlier than expected and with an easy installation, I am glad to have it for everyday use and longer drives for vacation or other trips. For the price, you just can’t beat this mount.
— Jarred, United States (2019-05-07)

I'm really pleased with this phone mount! I got recommendations to check out Clearmounts from a Facebook A3/S3/RS3 group and I'm so thankful!
— Rui Li, USA (2019-05-07)

Having had five different mounts this is the only one that looks like it’s part of the car . My only comment would be that a rear port for the cable on the wireless charger would be great so you wouldn’t see it sticking out. Works perfectly
— Michael McDermott, United Kingdom (2019-05-07)

I just install the cell phone mount yesterday on my Audi TTRS Mk3. The button that need to pull out can’t close entirely when the mount installed but acceptable.
— Yu-Chang Huang, United States (2019-05-07)

Strong magnet that smoothly blends in the Audi A3 quality dashboard. My smartphone perfectly positioned now and powered by the 12V plug below it. Absolute quality.
— Gilles Sanderse, Netherlands (2019-05-07)

A must have for any Audi owner. Looks super clean, and use it every day. High quality build material, I know it\s going to last as long as I own the car.
— Mitch Scobell, USA (2019-05-07)

Couldn\t bring myself to install an ugly cell phone holder mount in my beautiful new car... SO glad I found you guys! Installation took a little longer than I wanted but that was mostly me being scared of damaging the air vents-- Had to use a plastic knife to help jimmy the vent apart from the dash, and it took a little elbow grease to get the vents back in but the end product looks amazing. Pricier than I wanted it to be but I feel I wouldn\t want anything else for my car.
— pauline, USA (2019-05-07)

Wow wow what an excellent product, easy fitting, rock solid stability. Great looking and looks like an Audi designed product. Totally recommended there\s no other on the market for your Audi.
— Marty, Australia (2019-05-07)

Dad loves it. he wanted a bulky phone mount but i knew there was a better phone mount out there. its simple, elegant and doesnt interfere with the audi dash and factory controls. well made and does the job.
— Jon Matthews, United States (2019-05-07)

I ordered from Japan.Installation was very easy. I am very satisfied with the appearance.I use iPhone XS with a magnet. It can be used comfortably without falling or bending due to shaking while driving.it\s recommended.日本から注文しました。設置はとても簡単でした。見た目もスッキリしていてとても満足しています。マグネットでiPhoneXSを使用しています。運転中の揺れで、落ちたり曲がったりすることなく快適に使えています。おすすめです。
— Alain, Japan (2019-05-07)

This is one of the best car products I've ever purchased for a car. I wasn't sure if it would fit my Audi A3 but it was definitely a perfect fit. Now my iPhone6 can stay on the dash and I can be hands-free compliant to the rules of the road here in the US. Just make sure the little metal plates they give you are lined up with the powerful magnet and you are good to go. Luv it so much I bought one for my ex-wife yea, its that good!.
— Ken, US (2019-05-06)

Great product, rock solid stability, easy install and looks great - really recommended.
— Marty, Australia (2019-05-02)

Fits like a glove. Easy to install and great position for the phone. Happy to finally find a good phone holder.
— Tanya Sander, Australia (2019-04-28)

Really good product!It is robust but slim, and with its textured finish it integrates perfectly with the car’s dash. It installs in minutes, it fits perfectly between two vents of my Audi TT 2016 MK3 and it looks like it was designed by the manufacturer so it doesn’t clash with the great look of the vehicle!The magnet is very strong and it properly secures my iPhone X. So simple to use! You just present the phone to the holder and it grabs it! And you can easily change its orientation, not buttons to press, no tensioners, just simplicity. It is the best Audi TT phone holder I found, and it is worth its price! Great job!
— Pierre, Canada (2019-04-19)

A really good product! Fast delivery, easy to install. I didnt need extra instruments. It holds my phone very well
— Linh, Belgium (2019-04-19)

Installation as described - it fits perfectly
— Monika, Germany (2019-04-14)

Excellent product!! Very well made and fit car like a glove. Best compliment I can give is that it looks OEM factory fitted. Magnetic strength is solid and secures phone well. Had initial reservations on $ value which was soon forgotten once I received item and could feel/see quality. I live Australia and arrived quickly too. This is a million times better solution vs. some cheap plastic suction mount job. Well done.
— Mike, Australia (2019-04-11)

Easy to install, simple to use. Great quality and so convenient. Every-time I get in my car I just pop it in and bang! Instant charging... truly magical :
— Garet, Canada (2019-04-11)

This mount works perfectly! i use it on the road everyday, as well as at the track, no matter how hard i corner the phone stays steady, even at the drag strip when i launch the car it stays where it should. i love having it in view and not worrying about losing my phone down the crack next to the seat, or sliding out of my lap anymore! fitment and construction are perfect, strong but light weight design!
— Mike Brantley, United States (2019-04-10)

Product worked really well. It is not very noticeable after mounting and it has a very strong magnet. Installation was exactly as described from instructions, it took about 5 minutes. Overall, I am pleased with product. I hope there are other accessories on the horizon from Clearmounts.
— Derrick, US (2019-04-10)

The Clearmounts phone holder is the perfect solution to the problem of funny shaped vents in the Audi A3. The Clearmounts holder enables me to mount my phone to the dash without blocking the vents and without an unsightly window mount. Super quick and easy to fit, leaving an almost factory finish. Fast delivery from Canada, arrived in a few days. Would recommend to anyone!
— Tom Dare, United Kingdom (2019-04-10)

Great product. Now I don't have my phone on the windshield where it is expose to the sun. Sits nice and flush on the air vents.
— Manuel Fuentes, United States (2019-04-10)

Brilliant device. Very unobtrusive on my dashboard and very easy to fit and remove if required. The supplied adaptors screw to a tight fit, and combined with the strong magnets provided make sure that my phone does not move about. Wish I'd ordered my Clearmounts sooner!
— Shaun, UK (2019-04-10)

Super produit ! Le téléphone tient très bien avec l'aimant. Je n'ai pas essayé la pince. L'installation est très facile est s'intègre très bien dans l'intérieur de mon Audi. Envoi éclaire. La qualité est au top :-
— Mickael, France (2019-04-10)

Excellent in all aspects - Intelligent engineering.
— Francois Dugast, France (2019-04-10)

Very good, doing it’s job
— Roy Stocks, United Kingdom (2019-04-10)

So easy to install, very functional, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye!
— Nhat Nguyen, United States (2019-04-10)

Great product which seems part of the car. I use the magnetic mount everyday, works perfectly and looks great! Money well spent, quality product!
— Tim, Wales (2019-04-10)

Tried a few different mounts for this car, which were nothing compared to this master piece. This product looks nice, is easy to install and feels premium. People which own an Audi with these kind of ventilation ducts should really buy this mount. Just a tip for removing the ducts: in the movie it looks like you can pull out the ducts easily with your nails/hands. In my car the ducts were not so easy to remove. I used a small flat scoop and gently pushed the ducts out. Pushing from left/right/top/bottom. Be careful not do damage the interior of course, but this will save your nails trying to get the duct out. BE GENTLE!I am very pleased with the purchase. Also, the phone doesn\t vibrate while driving, it stays very stable with the magnet. the magnet also works through the original apple case for the Iphone. Enjoy your mount and greetings from The Netherlands.
— Tom, Netherlands (2019-04-10)

Well, it seemed too good to be true, as it’s so simple, but that’s what makes it such and elegant and nondescript addition to the car interior! After seeing a knockoff version in a video, I found the original in an Audi forum and am very pleased with my purchase. Dead simple install, ready to go. Great job, Clearmounts!
— David T, USA (2019-04-10)

Wanted to leave feedback stating what an excellent product this is. Fits perfectly and looks great. On top of this customer service is amazing. There was a minor error in my order and from reaching out via email in less than 5 minutes I had a response and the issue was resolved beyond expectations. Excellent product and superior client service!
— Bob, Canada (2019-04-08)

Excellent craftsmanship very serious customer service.
— Francois Dugast, France (2019-04-07)

Getting the Audi vent covers dislodged was something of a challenge, but I succeeded and the Clearmounts holder was installed within minutes. I love this product.
— Thomas Bradford, United States (2019-04-06)

Ok, at first we thought it was too difficult to install. We called our Audi dealer who said it could be damaging to remove the air vents. After watching the video we found it was a piece of cake. Very well placed on the dash board and extremely low profile. If you have a Audi TT, I highly recommend this product. Also the customer service response is impressive.
— Nannette , USA (2019-04-02)

Works like a charm, except for the fact that my iPhone 8 would not charge initially. When inserted into the cradle the phone would drop too far down causing it to misalign with the charging section. What I found is that the part that holds the bottom of the phone was petruding too far out from the cradle when the phone was not inserted. And that you can simply push it back in so that it does not drop as far down. This solved the problem. Although it is not mentioned anywhere this seems to be the way to ensure that your phone aligns properly.
— Karim, Netherlands (2019-03-27)

Easy to install and together with the wirless QI charging cradle add-on accessory I don\t believe there is a better solution out there. The custom-made bracket is very discrete and does the job perfectly. Brilliant solution!
— Karim, Netherlands (2019-03-27)

Absolutely happy with this purchase! I\ve been looking for a phone holder for my RS3 for the longest time and I\m so glad that I finally found this website that makes custom phone holder for my car. Installation was so easy and it looks very OEM. Highly recommend!
— Carmen, Canada (2019-03-27)

Low-profile magnetic holder works great. The awesome thing turned out to be that on Samsung Galaxy S9 it works even without the metal plate probably wireless charging plate sticks to the magnet. Overall quality is solid and installation was not very hard. The delivery to Ukraine took about 2 weeks. I\m definitely happy with the purchase.
— Anton, Ukraine (2019-03-20)

Just got my phone holder for my 2001 Audi TT. Installed it and it works perfectly.Thank you for a great product.Wish you had something for the Volvo S80.
— Bill Gallagher, USA (2019-03-17)

I ordered this and the wireless Qi charging cradle. Love it so far, with the right usb charger I get fast charging without issue or fumbling for cords. No more metal plates on my phone case that prevent wireless charging, have to be replaced due to glue failure, or fall of the mount by accidentally bumping the phone when reaching for my coffee cup. The only negative I can think of is that I would prefer if the swivel was a bit tighter, but out of the box it is adequate and my phone does not move on its own while driving.
— John, United States (2019-03-14)

I 100% recommend it! The best buy I made for my car, it keeps the air floating, it fits completely! I had a problem because I ordered the wrong model and Carl replied me in 10 min, he was really nice and sent me a new one that only took 1 week to arrive to Portugal! Don\t have any doubts this is the best buy you can do for your audi!!
— Beatriz Ferraz, Portugal (2019-03-14)

Really happy with my custom phone holder. Fantastic for any rep or sales role when you spend so much time in your car and on you phone! Fitted with ease almost didn’t need instructions and works perfectly even alternating between multiple devices. Can not recommend this product enough after so many other suction phone holders had failed or not been up to the job. Great for video conference calls as the magnet holds the device super steady and still allows full visual function of the cars MMI system. Can’t wait to show to friends and others with the same vehicle. Bravo!
— Jon Mcdonald, Australia (2019-03-13)

This is the perfect smartphone holder for my Mk II TT. I tried other solutions but this one is the BEST! Strong magnet never lets go.Very inconspicuous, looks practically \factory\.Very highly recommended! wish there was one for my A4
— Barry Milaney, Canada (2019-03-12)

Easy to install and it fits perfectly to the A3 Sedan. Buying it was the best choice, it holds strongly my phone and no chance to fall out from it. Great to have a brand specific product. Highly recommended!
— Bence, Hungary (2019-03-11)

I searched several Months for a high-quality Phone Holder for my Audi RS3, and the TT of my Mother. There were like tons of holders on Amazon and Co. that didnt work very well. On a Community Forum i heared of the clearmounts holder, and all i can say is that they work perfectly and are very high class looking.
— Marcel Winkelmann, Germany (2019-03-11)

Bought a swivel and cradle Holder. Magnet is powerful and works perfectly. Spring actuated holder is also quite easy to use, and strong enough too.Good finish, great quality.Perfect integration, no holes on dashboard.
— Claudio Pinto, Portugal (2019-03-11)

Best magnetic phone mount for Audi A3 8V on the market! It fits perfectly between the two central vents and has a very steady and solid build quality! Also the magnets are very strong! The installation process was very easy!
— Adrian Lautaru, Romania (2019-03-11)

Found this iphone holder online. After ordering it was shipped quickly and arrived within a week!!! It fits perfectly between the central air vents. There are 2 metal plates included for attaching your phone to the holder magnetic.
— Stijn Bollen, The Neytherlands (2019-03-11)

The best of the best solution to hold your phone for legendary car, that keep its status for 19 years - Audi TT! Thanks, Clearmounts, for phone holder you created! ❤️❤️❤️
— Andriy, Ukraine (2019-03-09)

Oh yeah!Bought this one for my Audi A1, not sure how good will it fit and after installing I\m as satisfied as can be. Sits tight behind the vents, magnet is super strong and overall this probably has to be my best car phone holder I\ve used.Will definetly recommend to any Audi owner.
— Opher Hofshi, Israel (2019-03-09)

Hands down the best phone mount for my Audi A3. Quick Delivery and fantastic service. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
— Glenn, United Kingdom (2019-03-09)

Good looking, easy to install, and nice and sturdy to use. Would definitely recommend it. Audi A3 8V
— Thomas Swart, Netherlands (2019-03-09)

Alles Top beste Qualität
— Ömer Faruk Tezcan, Germany (2019-03-09)

Excellent!!!Well made , easy install, looks great!Perfect solution for the Audi.Highly recommend.
— Paul Andrejack, USA (2019-03-09)

Parfait, fixation puissante, livraison très rapide.Le démontage des aérations est aisé.J\utilise une coque magnétique et un câble lighting de 30 cm.
— Eric, France (2019-03-09)

Awesome product, very easy to install.
— Ken , United States (2019-03-08)

Easily the best phone mount for any 8V Audi. The install was easy, the product fits perfectly, the mounting magnets are strong enough to keep my heavy phone from falling even under hard acceleration and cornering. Great product.
— Nate, United States (2019-03-08)

Anyone with an A3 knows that there is almost nowhere a phone holder can fit. And the circular vents don't work with cheap vent holders. This product is near perfect. It's made out of powder coated metal, so extremely well built and solid. It's custom designed to look like factory OEM. It looks professional and nothing like the cheap plastic holders that are meant for every car. It's very easy to install. And it leaves your phone high up enough for safe driving and easy usage. This should be the first thing you buy after buying any A3. It's the best looking and best quality phone holder solution out there.
— Derek, USA (2019-03-08)

Outstanding material. The mount fits perfectly in my Audi TT and isn’t very discreet. Themagnet is extremely strong and the phone does not vibrate.
— Brad, USA (2019-03-08)

Looks absolutely amazing and workable like a dreamI originally brought this as I brother has one and it is probably the best accessory ever made for a carCould not ask for anything more!!!
— Soban, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

Awesome product. Easy to install, great quality all-around, and super functional. Would buy again and have already recommended it!
— Kevin, United States (2019-03-08)

Easy to install. Good looking. And has a nice strong magnet that really holds the phone in place. I would definitely recommend it and will buy one for any Audi I have in the future!
— Justin D, USA (2019-03-08)

A great low profile solution that is SO easy to install! It has improved my driving experience and the build quality is quite good.
— Kesuri T. , UAE (2019-03-08)

I purchased this holder for my 2017 A3 e-tron. I installed it in about 5 minutes without any tools. Very easy and it fits right in without interfering with my vents or controls.
— Super easy to install, USA (2019-03-08)

High quality product which looks like Audi could have made it themselves! Strong magnet and strong screw connector which does not snap off if you tighten it too much! It also doesn’t “slump”! Worth. Every. Penny.
— Carlo, Austria (2019-03-08)

OEM feel and look. Solid build. Easy to install. Great support and response. Holds the phone secure and tight. Would recommend for everyone.
— B T, United States (2019-03-08)

I was skeptical about ordering this because so many of the holders in the stores seem flimsy. The clear mount fits like a glove, nicely positioned between the air vents.
— Dan, United States (2019-03-08)

Super product that I will recommend to any Audi owner! It fits so well it should be a standard accessory from Audi such is the perfect fit. It looks fantastic and holds the phone amazingly well. Very happy Audi customer!
— Ken Lau, UK (2019-03-08)

Very easy to install. Blends in nicely with the dashboard like it's meant to be there! Very sturdy once installed and very strong magnet. The packaging is also very nice. Definitely recommending it to friends driving Audi.
— Tomislav, Croatia (2019-03-08)

Genius invention, discreet design, fast delivery and easy to install, what more can you ask for?
— Sander, Norway (2019-03-08)

This is hands down, the best phone holder for the A3 I\ve ever seen. There\s nowhere to stick a suction type, unless you don\t want to see out of the front window. A traditional vent mount just falls down so you can\t see the screen! Get one of these. It\s one purchase you won\t regret.
— Scott Phillips, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

The holder fits perfectly and I\m very satisfied with the product. It is easy to install and the product looks good in my car. The delivery did not take too long. I could track the delivery progress on the website.
— Lee Ke Hin, Singapore (2019-03-08)

I had been looking for a long time for a phone holder. And finally found this.Installation was quick, and it looks like it was originally designed by Audi. Just perfect : D
— Tom, Norway (2019-03-08)

Absolute perfect! My old magnetic holder kept falling out due to the design of the air vents, if it did stay in then my phone feel off due to 400bhp and Quattro through corners ????????.. Now then I brought this... It looks the part in the car, very discreet and super easy to fit, and it holds like glue! I know a few people who\ve had 8ps previously who wish they had this! Must buy!!
— Ahab Robertson, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

Love this wireless charger, so simple and elegant! Works well and charges fast.
— Michael, USA (2019-03-04)

Easy to install, perfect fit. Now I have a visible place to put my phone in my A3. Great design and materials. Se ajusta perfecto al A3, se coloca con facilidad y el aspecto final es muy bueno. Recomendable para tener el teléfono visible!!!
— Francisco Bernardino , Mexico (2019-02-28)

Excellent!!! Well made product. Perfect fit and easy install.No room in the Audi TT and this was a dream come true as far as phone holders. Very sturdy and looks great Highly recommend
— paul andrejack, United States (2019-02-27)

Stylish and practical product
— Jonathan Bevan, United Kingdom (2019-02-26)

What an awesome bit of kit. I bet AUDI are kicking themselves for not thinking of it themselves. Package arrived in New Zealand promptly, installation took all of three minute, and now I'm looking for excuses to go for a drive. This product is about as good as it can get . . . even the stippled black finish on the aluminium that's aluminum for any Americans reading this who don't know how to spell properly matches the textured finish on the dashboard. You've just gained one very fussy but satisfied customer!!
— Pete, New Zealand (2019-02-17)

The swivel magnetic mount fit perfectly onto the vents on my Audi A3 and the swivel helps angle it just right for best visibility as well as being extended out enough to flip the phone to landscape mode if needed. This is my 2nd phone mount from clearmounts after upgrading from the low profile version.
— Chris, USA (2019-02-14)

The low-profile magnetic mount fit perfectly onto the vents on my Audi A3 and my Samsung S7 fit right in-between the vents without any issues. I have always received excellent customer service from clearmounts and ended up upgrading to the swivel mount for more functionality.
— Chris, USA (2019-02-14)

Awesome mount. absolutely love it! fits so well and the magnet is amazing. phone doesn't move at all!!!! thank you so much Carl and team, for the great customer service with good info, fast replies, and great product! A+++++
— SAM, New Zealand (2019-02-14)

I placed an order from Japan. The Phone-holder fitting shape for Audi TT MK3 is very peculiar. I cannot get such product in Japan. Therefore, I have looked into a number of companies, in Germany, the U.K. and Canada. And then, I narrowed down to the CLEARMOUNTS and decided to buy it from her.A result, it is a great success. Reasonable price, Very good quality, best fitting. I think that it is the best of bests.Thank you.
— Sid Shinji Hasegawa, Japan (2019-02-13)

Although I ordered from France, the product came very quickly. Very good packaging. Very clear instructions. A very well build and engineered product deserving the highest marks.It was pleasure finding such a product exactly for the TT model I have 2005 V6 3.2 Mk1 Coupe.Excellent quality. Keep up the good work.
— Alan Woods, France (2019-02-12)

Such a great product, easy to fit and looks fantastic. Super fast international shipping too! Many thanks
— David , England (2019-02-12)

Although I ordered this from the other side of the world, it came in really quick.Then when installing it was a matter of 5 minutes and now it has become an integral part of my car. Improved handling, visibility and above all, safety!In my opinion the best phone holder money can buy.
— Paul, Nederland (2019-02-11)

Perfect fit and easy to use mount for the Audi Q2. Very thin design and in my eyes much better then other alternative mounts for Audi. Shipped in less then a week to NL. Would recommend this mount to everyone with the circular audi vents.
— Jerry v Holst, Netherlands (2019-02-11)

Super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Au top !!!!!!!!!!!!
— SEBASTIANO COCO, France (2019-02-11)

Pretty awesome. wish I would have seen this before. Easy to install and looks pretty slick, almost looks like part of the original car. The low profile mount is especially nice aesthetically. The swivel mount seems like it would be nice too, although obviously a bit more visible. One thing, the low-profile mount makes it hard to place your phone horizontally. If you need to view your phone horizontally a lot in the car then I\d go with the swivel mount.
— Brian, USA (2019-02-11)

I spent a good amount of time looking for a phone mount for my Audi A3. I am not particularly a fan of phone mounts that rest on the dash or windshield so I wanted something nice and sleek. The design of the A3, especially its air vents, make it difficult for most mounts to work with the vehicle. As many of you know, we need to have something special, something designed specifically for us. That\s how I came across these kind of custom designed Audi phone mounts. On Amazon they were all 3D-Printed and you could tell they were low quality just from the photos. This bummed me out until I saw reviews on YouTube for this product. A specialized phone mount made with the best possible materials! Strong yet safe magnet, durable base, separate swivel phone mount for passengers who don\t have a magnet. It\s perfect! So far it has changed my commute immensely and I absolutely love it. May be more expensive than other options, but I can guarantee you that it is worth every penny. The look, the feel, the practicality... it\s all there! Stop reading and go buy yourself one!
— Agustin, United States (2019-02-11)

I am a rideshare driver and needed a good quality phone mount that didn\t obstruct the windscreen. I\ve tried so many and they fall off or break or the phone bounces around. This product is easy to install, really good quality, and puts the phone in easy reach. I use the QI charger cradle so my phone is always charged on the go. 5/5 thumbs up from me!!!
— Tukie, Australia (2019-02-10)

Prompt international delivery. Clear installation instructions. Awesome product design that provided a safe and secure method of holding my phone in the car. Highly recommended!
— Hoe Yee Pin, Singapore (2019-02-10)

Super fast international delivery and easy to fit - especially with the included tool!!
— Dave Monk, Scotland (2019-02-09)

Super product zeer tevreden En snelle bezorging. Top
— Mohamed Amri, Nederland (2019-02-09)

Absolutely perfect! My wife had given me a different magnetic iPhone holder, but it only fit air vents with horizontal slats. Audi A3 has circular vents with wheel-and-spoke slats, so it couldn’t seat properly. This one is custom designed for the car, takes 3 minutes to install, looks like unobtrusive original equipment, holds securely in the perfect viewing position, and doesn’t obstruct the air vents.
— Bob sacoff, USA (2019-02-09)

Perfect fit, easy to install. Shipped to Holland in just a couple of days.Used it in a TTS 2015 and looks OEM! Really the best mount you can buy for a Audi!Regards,Frans
— Frans Boven, Nederland (2019-02-09)

Nice product that works great and easy to install.
— Jerry Taylor, United States (2019-02-09)

Amazing mount! Slick, Rugged and Sturdy. I’ve been looking for an age for somthing that works and is completely out of the way. Really happy.
— Ryan Vignaux, United Kingdom (2019-02-09)

Bought my Audi TT a few months ago and there really is no good storage place for a phone at all. I saw a video for the Clearmount and was in awe. Really an ingenious design, but works perfectly. Install is very easy, like 2 minutes. And when you put the phone on it, it does not obstruct any of the view out of the windshield at all either. Great product, definitely recommend to anyone.
— Robert, USA (2019-02-09)

A little bit expensive but is the best phone holder for my Audi A3 8v. Really good material
— Filip Laurentiu, Romania (2019-02-09)

It is very easy to install and very discrete product.
— Kaan Ozturk, United States (2019-02-09)

Very good mount.I placed it within 10 minutes and it fits perfectly.I have an iPhone XR and was thinking the phone was maybe blocking the view to my onboard MMI, but it fits perfect.Would recommend this in every Audi!
— Yannick, Belgium (2019-02-09)

Rarely enthusiastic enough to do a testimonial, but happy to do one for this product. Simple, straight forward, well designed and does what it says it will do. What more can you ask. Have bought 2 for a \12 a \13 TTRS. Have recommended to a close friend with another TTRS. Really pleased that designer included low volume model. Thanks Audiworld for pointing me here.
— Chris, Canada (2019-02-09)

Fitted in minutes and looks superb, very well made and looks OEM
— Simon Lowe, United kingdom (2019-02-09)

Excellent product, works perfectly as advertised. Ability to adjust cradle height when the phone is in the cradle is a nice feature. Easy to install and seamless look.
— Bob R., United States (2019-02-09)

Fantastic holder glad I chose it over others. Holds the phone right where you want it and takes less than a second to attach it. Thanks
— Alex Maziotis, Greece (2019-02-09)

Fantastic fit and finish. Super easy install, no other holder looks right in the RS3
— Jussi, Canada (2019-02-09)

Installed on MK2 TT and could not be happier!! You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Holds iPhone 8 Plus without any issues. Will be buying one for the A3.
— Daniel, United States (2019-02-09)

Super product, it fits perfect and couldn\t find something better then this! Wonderfull. The delivery was almost a week earlier then recomended on the website.Thanks and thumbs up!
— Marvin, Belgium (2019-02-09)

Expédition rapide support pour Audi TT Mk3 de 2015, commandé mercredi 30/01/2019 a 9 h reçu samadi 02/02/2019. Excellent support de téléphone, facile a poser et s’intègre parfaitement dans Audi TT Mk3Merci!...
— Alain, France (2019-02-02)

Ordered this item on a Friday after a chat with Carl ironic I know 10 minutes later order confirmed and true to his word the item arrived a week later. Now even I knew that Canada to the uk in 7 days is brilliant. The item itself is one of the best I’ve owned. It’s solid and even a child could install it. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the uk who isn’t sure if to order or not.
— Karl ray, United Kingdom (2019-02-01)

Fantastic holder glad I chose it over others. Holds the phone right where you want it and takes less than a second to attach it. Fast delivery from over the pond as well. Thanks!
— Chris Watson, UK (2019-01-29)

Amazing product! Fast shipping without a problem! The product is easy to install and fits perfectly! Great value for you money! Thank you.
— Laszlo Csaszar, Hungary (2019-01-28)

Mount arrived yesterday. I don't normally bother to review things but this is bloody brilliant. I was a bit nervous about messing with the air vents etc but taking it slow I sorted in about 10 minutes. How simple!!! And it looks the part - using the magnet as I've only got an old iPhone 6 so ok with the back sticker. Absolutely top notch and so much better than Apple Car Play which I'd have had to pay £400 to retro fit.
— John Mainwaring, United Kingdom (2019-01-25)

Excellent phone holder, I can’t believe I waited 3 years to purchase it. It places the phone in a very accessible area so I can shout “Hey Siri” as necessary the cabriolet doesn’t have the functioning voice button. I also use it for navigation every day on my moderately long commute and it beats the heck out of having to look down and be obstructed by any drink in the cup holder. Also, customer service is great: incredible response times and very patient with my questions.
— Burns, USA (2019-01-24)

Simple to order. Quick shipping. Love the mount for my tt
— Matthew M, United States (2019-01-23)

Quite simply the best way to mount your phone in your car. I got this for my RS3 and installed within a couple of minutes and the holder is solid and secure. Do not hesitate to buy!
— Steve, Australia (2019-01-18)

Best phone holder full stop. Wasn't a fan of phone holders until i got this, best money ever spent, thanks heaps AAA+++
— Adam Rouledge, Australia (2019-01-16)

Simple design and quality materials. Easy to fit in 5 mins and unobtrusive once fitted. fully recommended
— loz parry, Wales (2019-01-16)

Great purchase! Love it! Looks like it was built into the car of factory. Phone won’t fall off the mount while driving. Very happy with this purchase!
— Didier, The Netherlands (2019-01-16)

Very satisfy!
— Victor, Itali (2019-01-15)

Just fits well and works as you want it to. 10/10 recommendation!
— James Wilton, United Kingdom (2019-01-15)

Good phone holder with a really strong magnet. Great Product!
— Peter, The Netherlands (2019-01-15)

Excellent product and exceptional service, received an order update and shipped the same day! After looking for a perfect phone holder to fit my Audi A3 without looking ugly or completely out of place came across this product, installed literally in minutes and fits perfectly between the vents with the phone in easy reach and sight, the Qi charging cradle I also added makes it easy to jump in the car and get going without having to fiddle around with cords to plug in. Very happy!! Thank you.
— Steve Feeney, United States (2019-01-15)

Love it! Looks like it was built into the car. I’m confident that the phone won’t fall off the mount while driving. Great purchase!
— Sam, Canada (2019-01-15)

I should have purchased one of these ages ago! Even with the non-swivel mount my iPhone XS max opens with face detection from the driving position.
— Brendon Moffatt, Australia (2019-01-15)

Since I purchased my Audi A3, I have been looking for mobile holder. I tried multiple one and they never worked. Finally I came to this website and I purchased one right away. It is simply the best holder you can get for Audi Cars. Very strong swivel and holder assembly.
— Ahmed Moussa, UAE (2019-01-14)

Great product. Fit is perfect and the magnet is very strong.
— Pauli, Finland (2019-01-14)

Awesome product, great quality, perfect fitment. Magnet adhered perfectly to my phone case. Magnet strength is better than expected and can use home button side buttons on phone while mounted.
— Chris, United States of Amercia (2019-01-14)

Perfect customer experience: 1. I had some question and got both a quick and helpful answer. 2. The quality of the product is great. It both fits exactly and has a finish matching the car. 3. The installation video available online is very easy to follow and made the process a breeze.
— Oliver, Germany (2019-01-14)

Absolute fantastic product. Fitted it within 5 minutes of receiving the package. Very easy clear instructions and product was exactly what I thought it was going to be. The magnetic swivel is very effective and can be pointed right at the driver or passenger. 10/10 buy it!
— Jordan Emerson, United Kingdom (2019-01-14)

I was used to vent mounted simple phone holders and switching to an Audi caused a huge problem until I came across clearmounts. It's the perfect premium phone holder. Easy and non damaging to install, clean looking and great to use. Forget mounts screwed, glued or installed with suction cups if you have an Audi. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a phone mount.
— Henri, Finland (2019-01-14)

By far the best phone holder out there, OEM looks, easy to fit and works a treat!
— Andrew, United Kingdom (2019-01-14)

Awesome product! Got it installed in less than 2 minutes, without any damage to the cars interior. Very strong magnet that hold the phone in place even on the most bumpy roads. The quality and finish of the mount is perfect! Blends in perfectly of the A3 interior. Shipment from Canada to Belgium took only 10 calendar days during the Christmas period.
— Stefaan Van dhelsen, België (2019-01-14)

Very high quality phone mount made of good materials. My iPhone 7 mounts on easily and stays sturdy on the mount even on the most bumpy roads. Highly recommended and way better than anything else available from China. U pay for what u get and it’s worth the extra for the fit and finish of this mount.
— Eugene Ng, Singapore (2019-01-14)

I was looking for a phone holder but having searched all over for one none of them seemed very high quality finish..until I came across this brand. I bought one straight away for my new Audi TT Quattro and installed it in about 10 minutes which is good for me! The holder looks great and it’s as if it came with the car. I use the magnetic round holder and the other magnet sits within my phone case and it’s extrnely strong so no chance of falling off. Totally 100% recommend.
— Sophie, United Kingdom (2019-01-14)

Excellent product, very very easy to install. Simple but highly effective. Can’t recommend it enough.
— Darren Martin, England (2019-01-14)

1 minute of work, perfect fit + oem feel and superb quality! My iPhone even stays on tight while cornering / understeering hard in my 2018 RS3! Do recommend!
— Sven, Belgium (2019-01-14)

Perfect fit. Easily the best phone holder available for the S3. Took me 3 minutes to install and doesn't damage the dashboard. Very happy with it.
— Graham, Ireland (2019-01-14)

This product shipped really quickly and was extremely easy to install. I was thinking it would be a little more complicated to remove the vents but they are just a pressure fit so a credit card around the edges and a light pull and you are good to go. The tolerance on the vent rings is very nice keeping the mount level. The holder is pretty stiff to open to get your phone in but the good part of that is that your phone wont fall out. Love that i can easily rotate from vertical to horizontal for switching between music and navigation. Honestly a must have for the Audi TT as it has no center console and no real good spot to even hold a phone let alone be able to see it safely while driving.
— Trevor Hart, United States (2019-01-14)

The swivel mount is brilliant -- I upgraded to it from the low-profile mount and it's just as perfectly fitting and high quality yet even more usable since the phone's easier to see and reach. Highly recommended!
— Dylan, United States (2019-01-14)

After doing some research I stumbled across this phone holder as the go to solution for those looking for a clean, reliable \audi spec\ product. It is an awesome product, the shipping was fast even to Australia and the after sales support second to none! Definitely recommend it to any Audi owners that want to avoid ugly phone mounts temporary solutions!
— Brendan R, Australia (2019-01-14)

Love my new phone holder. Perfect fit for my Audi TT MK1. Build quality is nice and strong. Quick shipping too. Highly recommended. Many thanks
— Frazer, New Zealand (2019-01-11)

Awesome product. Easy install. Great overall experience. If you have a Mk1 TT then you should have one of these.
— Seth, USA (2019-01-08)

Perfect product! It fits perfectly my dashboard in my A3 8V and looks stunning ! I use the swivel magnetic and it stays strong with my iPhone. My friends want to buy it now :D
— Marc, France (2018-12-31)

The new driving laws require hands free driving. I use my iPhone as my GPS WAZE and its a prefect fit now. Had such a hard time finding the right one for me. I have a '04 TT and for me, this is the prefect phone mount. I would recommend this to any TT, or similar model.
— Mitch, United States (2018-12-30)

A quick delivery and very easy to fit onto my A3 with no need to use any tools. The quality of the materials and overall look is very good. This is the best phone mount I have ever bought and have already recommend it.
— Nev, United Kingdom (2018-12-29)

Very nice and clean fit in the car, and easy installation. Delivery takes about a week from Canada to Europe. Very happy with the product!
— Bjorn, Netherlands (2018-12-27)

I am very pleased with this product. Ordering was simple, when I had a tracking question they responded to my email quickly, installation was pretty straightforward. So far no complaints.
— Amina, USA (2018-12-27)

Perfect. Fits like it should be there from the Audi factory
— Andrew Melbourne, United Kingdom (2018-12-26)

The Q2-Swivel Magnetic & Cradle Holder is just fantastic and is very easy to install without damaging the car. It's also simple to use and has a high quality!!! I want to thank audiphoneholder for the very fast shipping!
— Kris Coppens, Belgium (2018-12-26)

I bought this product to fit my Audi TT Mk3. Delivery was quick and the holder was accompanied by the little plastic tool that helps make the installation easier. Easy to install and when in place it looks like it was always meant to be there. A great colour match and design. I would highly recommend this product to others.
— Peter, UK (2018-12-26)

I love this product, because it was easy to install it and very practical for any mobile phone. And I'd thank your company because it has an international delivery, so I could have one in this part of the world :)
— Frank Gutierrez, Peru (2018-12-26)

I purchased one for my TTRS. This is the best phone mount I have ever seen. I love it. So much so that I have purchased three additional units of the Universal mount for other cars and to take when I travel to use in rental cars.
— Randall Trebs, USA (2018-12-26)

Audi TT roasdster 2016 mk3 Excellent fit between air vents and decent quality
— Jason Simpson , England (2018-12-25)

Perfect! Fast delivery. Simple instructions and easy to install. Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent design works brilliantly without taking up space on the dashboard.
— Aoife, Ireland (2018-12-25)

After a few months since installing it in my S3 I’m very pleased with the Audi phone holder. The instructions were easy to follow. Installation only took a few minutes and it has worked perfectly. The holder looks like an OEM part and quality.
— JW Green, USA (2018-12-25)

Perfect product, very fast shipping. Not cheap, but it's worth the price!
— Tibor, Hungary (2018-12-25)

Upgraded from VW Polo to Audi A3 and found that my Spigen magnetic mount would not work due to the shape of vents. Researched alternatives, was looking like it would have to he a windscreen mount until I found Clearmounts. This mount is perfect, goes between the two central vents. Very secure. Would definitely recommend.
— Shaun, United Kingdom (2018-12-23)

The Qi holder is sturdy and looks great. I had some trouble getting the phone to charge, however, I emailed the company and they quickly assisted me in getting the unit to work. Would recommend to anyone looking for a sleek phone holder for their Audi.
— Stephen Dunay, USA (2018-12-23)

Clearmounts fit perfectly my 2000 Audi TT. Highly recommend the mount with the QI Wireless Gravity Cradle Charger feature which perfectly holds my iPhone Xs and quickly recharges. Qi charger solves my long-standing issue that my 2000 TT was not factory equipped with any USB ports and only a single 12V cigarette lighter always on connection, so a 12v to USB converter worked but was not practical, first the charging cable would not allow closing the ashtray and interfered with the stick shift and second I needed to unplug the converter every time I turned off the car or it would drain my battery. The Clearmounts system brought my Audi TT into the modern wireless era. Thank you, great product Clearmounts!
— Ricardo, USA (2018-12-23)

We just recently purchased a new Audi A1 and were assessing how we could install a phone mount but with all the ones on the market none did the trick due the circular nature of the air vents. Then I found ClearMounts... Thank You, Thank You. They are great , look great and very easy to install. A great idea and well worth the cost as the product is quality with a capital Q... Highly recommended!
— Vladimir, Australia (2018-12-22)

This product is a fantastic investment bought several over the the years and all end in the trash clearmounts purchased it for my Audi TT and would highly recommend clearmounts for your Audi well made looks great a best of all value for money well done clearmounts on your design .
— Vincent, England (2018-12-22)

Great product. Super easy to install and remove if necessary. Blends in with interior color and phone doesn't get in the way of any switches or buttons. Phone is secure with no danger of vibrating out of holder. I recommend.
— Pete Vera, USA (2018-12-22)

Very impressed with the quality of this product, far exceeded my expectations! I can’t live without it. Thank you Clearmounts.
— Samuel, Canada (2018-12-21)

Great device. Well worth the price.
— Aleksandrs Jesipenko, Latvia (2018-12-21)

Went from a BMW 1 series with rectangle air vents to a TTS that cannot hold the standard magnetic hold you can see everywhere.Luckily our friends from ClearMounts have the perfect solution. Easy installation thanks to the video and the user manual and most of all, once in place it doesn’t move at all. 5/5 would recommend !
— Antoine, Belgium (2018-12-21)

Bought both the low profile one as well as the swivel magnetic holder. I must say that after the Q2, this was my best buy! Love how the phone sits in between the air vents and doesn't block any air flow nor does my phone freezes up as compared to normal air vent mounts. I'm also loving the magnetic holder where its sturdy enough to hold my phone in place and yet detaches so easily when I want to take it out. Love this and my friends/family are wishing that there were such options for their cars too!
— P Teo, Singapore (2018-12-21)

Hi guys, since I bought my Audi 8V, i was looking for a phone holder. This one is by far the best that is on the market. Very discreet, it follows the air vents design, the magnet is super strong and when you put the phone on it, you won\t see the holder. It seems like de phone is suspended in the air. Very happy with this, forget the other products on the market. This is the one to get if you want the best holder for your Audi.Fast delivery, I am from Portugal and it took like 5 work days. Regards.
— Bruno Caldas, Portugal (2018-12-21)

Such a perfect fit, it was damn easy to fix and looks like it is part parcel of the dashboard .I would strongly recommend this to a friend .
— Ramesh, Singapore (2018-12-21)

Top quality product!
— Andrea, Italy (2018-12-21)

Great product, easy to install and to use. I really recommand this phone holder.
— Fred Denis, France (2018-12-21)

Amazing product, well made and perfectly integrated in my car. I recommend it to every A3 owner.
— Rodrigo, Spain (2018-12-21)

Classy car deserves this classy looking phone mount! Great product!!
— Junior Mazz, USA (2018-12-21)

Fuss free to order, 2 minute fix and ready to go.
— Damien Shan, Singapore (2018-12-21)

Great solid product, fits perfectly. A+++ audi rs3 2016
— Tin Ly, Australia (2018-12-20)

Excellent mount that’s is super easy to install. The part looks OEM and has a seamless integration into the minamalist looks of the A3s interior. You will not find a better product on the market today!
— Ben, United Kingdom (2018-12-19)

very good product
— Eddie, Australia (2018-12-19)

So easy to use and charges fast. Great addition to my Audi. Love the convenience of wireless charging.
— Sara, UK (2018-12-16)

Love this Qi cradle holder. Hold\s my iphone x really well and charges fast. The quality is great and the price is cheap as I found similar one for more than double the price. Thanks Clearmounts for this great addition to my Clearmounts Audi mount!
— John, Australia (2018-09-06)

Super product! Nothing to complain about!
— Tore, Germany

I stumbled across a youtube video whilst I was on my honeymoon in Canada showing a Audi RS3 with this magical floating phone holder :- I knew them my honeymoon just got a lot better then ordered it straight away . As soon as I was back in London the mount was waiting for me and was fitted straight away ???? Absolutely love it
— Christian Cousins, Uk

I ordered the clearmounts for my iPhone X and its fantastic. Holds my iPhone in place in a convenient spot. It was also very easy to install. I would recommend this mount for sure!
— Kevin G, USA

Purchased for my MK2 Audi TT. by far the best and most practical phone holder I have brought. Easy to install and looks like its part of the dash board, the positioning is perfect and you can easily rotate the phone. What more could you ask for..
— Anthony Loizou, United Kingdom

Really a good, glad I got one for my Audi. Installation was very easy and simple to use.
— GobiS, Netherlands

I have been using a Clear Mounts phone mount for over a year now in my 2015 A3 and to me, there is no better mount. Because I live in a hot climate, it has the added benefit of also allowing me to cool my phone with the vent since its so close! It is in the perfect location so my eyes are not looking down and close to the charge port so that I need a very short cable for charging. Get this mount and you won't be disappointed!
— Duncan, United States

I had this on my wish list for over a year before I finally bought it. I wish I had not waited that long. The construction of this is much more impressive that I thought. It uses high quality plastics and metals. Taking off the vents was easier than anticipated. The magnet is strong and I dont feel like the phone would slide even on a bumpy road. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to friends or anyone that needs a phone holder for their Audi.
— Brandon, USA

Looks great, works great. It's well worth the price.
— Chris, US

I've been using the Audi Phone Holder in my Audi Q2 since August 2017 and I love it! I use the magnetic holder and it's amazingly convenient to hop into your car and just stick your phone to it and be on your way. The phone sits firmly on the magnetic holder and remains there in any situation, even on bumpy roads or during panic brakes. It's also neat how it is seamlessly integrated in the cars dashboard. I've had fellow Audi owners inquire about the holder since they thought it was an official car option.
— Kevin D., Belgium

Super solution for my smartphone, very easy to install
— Willem Vervest, Netherlands

This product is awesome! Excellent quality and finish. Holds my iPhone firmly in place and installation is a breeze! Im a repeat customer because of Carls excellent customer service and amazing product. Highly recommend. Thanks for everything Carl!
— Rod, U.S.A.

Bought my clearmounts for my Audi A3 and looks amazing. You can't compare this mount with any out there. It looks so clean that anyone could think is part of the car. I can tell you it's the best mount out there.
— Jaffet, United States

Simply great! I was sceptical about the price at first, but after the simple installation I instantly changed my mind. Combine this with the android auto app on my phone and you get the perfect combination when driving. I love it!
— Axel, Sverige

Procurei muito antes de comprar esse suporte. Não gosto daquele que ficam presos no vidro e não queria estragar o painel do carro. Fiz a compra mais acertada possível, encaixa perfeitamente no carro e não atrapalha no design. E a entrega foi super rápida. Foi a compra internacional que eu recebi mais rápido no Brasil até hoje. Quem estiver na dúvida pode comprar que é 100% de satisfação garantido!!!
— Heanes, Brazil

Achat d'un clearmounts LOW-PROFILE MAGNETIC HOLDER pour mon audi a3 8v. Réception en 1 semaine en France ! Super rapide ! Montage en 15min maxi. Design parfait, sintègre au tableau de bord sans le dénaturer. Pour information : Avec mon Samsung s8, sans coque, le téléphone tient aimanté grâce aux aimants du chargeur Qi dans le téléphone ! Très content de cet achat ! Merci
— Cedric, France

This was just what we needed for our Audi A3 which came without a navigation system preinstalled. I found this mount while researching in Amazon. There couldn’t have been a more simpler and elegant solution! Love the product.
— Suneeta, Usa

Good product! fast shipping!
— Tony, Las Vegas, USA

I thought this was a great service and product! Thank you.
— Dave, Spain

I love this phone older. the material is high quality, solid and so discrete it looks like is part of the car itself. It gives me full control and is at perfect distance from my touch, and I see perfectly navigation, informations, messages and phone calls. I needed it and I am so happy with my purchase. Great product and great value.
— Mario, USA

Quality phone holder. Quality service from clearmounts. Fits like its meant to be. Clear Instructions, easy to fit .
— Andrew Melbourne, United Kingdom

Great product! Flawless installation and great communication from seller.
— Karl, Stamford, USA

Product arrived fast and fits perfectly in my Audi. the quality is outstanding and can hold my phone securely in place. great product , highly recommended.
— Christos, Greece

I am very pleased with the clearmounts holder for my Audi tt. It holds the phone in the perfect position and does not obscure the entertainment system or windscreen and vents still work fine. Fitting is easy, this is what I was worried about but it was so easy. Material quality is very good and I think this will last a long time. I use the magnetic holder which is perfect for my needs but also a nice touch that you also get a holder that grips the side of the phone. Hard cornering and acceleration is no problem the phone stays in position. I have no negative comments about this phone holder, it's perfect. Would recommend to anyone.
— Trevor, United kingdom

Really awesome piece. Simple, elegant, functional. Great seller. Delivered. early!
— Javier, Spain

Finally found the phone holder that does the job all the other cheap holders failed to do properly. Solid functionality and blends in great with the dash. For 2006 AUDI A3
— Kevin, Ireland

Awesome mount , great quality piece , I like the fact that it doesn’t interfere with my vents , I came across them while watching kamil pawlak’s videos . Now my friends from Mexico are buying it too. I wish it would come with more metal plates.
— Moises V., United States

Thanks! Looks great in my S3. Good quality!
— Max, United States

Easy installation, looks like a factory item. A very nice upgrade to my new RS3! Thanks for making such a well designed product.
— Tom B., USA

ClearMounts arrived promptly and was a perfect fit for my Audi A3 8V. I am using the swivel mount and fitting to the car was simple and well explained in the fitting instructions.
— Donal D., Ireland

Exactly what I needed for my A3 - the perfect phone mount for this vehicle++++++
— John, New York

I’ve had my 2004 Audi TT 225 Quattro for 2 years now and I have tried all sorts of different mounts and suction mounts and they ALL have failed me. This clear mount is flawless, it fits beautifully and is totally out of the way, it doesn’t interfere with anything, easy to install no tools needed and I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone else with an Audi TT.
— Jhonny L., US

Fast delivery, top notch quality and perfect fit. 10 out of 10. It should be recommended by AUDI.
— Johan S, Sweden

Great product, very easy to install and perfect placement on the dashboard
— Adam, New York

Great product. I watched the install video before it arrived so when it was delivered I went right out to my A3 Etron to install. Took less then 60 seconds! Perfect install, looks like a factory part and works fantastic. The apple play usb from the front of the console plugs right in and again, looks factory.
— Scott, USA

One of the best phone mounts I've used. Fits perfectly and OEM looking. Keeps the interior simple and clean. Not in the way at all. Sturdy frame, magnets have a strong hold which is good for those that go on spirited drives like I do. Highly recommended.
— JP, Australa

Awesome product! Great work! Thank you!
— Frederick, California, USA

Love this mount! Really makes a lovely difference in my interior. Quick delivery too.
— Brenda, UK

This is without a doubt the best option for the Audi 8v model. I've had this on my rs3 SB and now rs3 sedan. Installation takes literally 5mins. Its a solid product and makes for a clean installation. Just do it!
— Shaan, Australia

Great Product, Awesome communication, very well packaged excellent instructions
— eBay buyer, Australia

Very happy I found this. Makes my live easier when using my gps in my Audi TT.
— Antonio, Italy

I bought a used 2007 Audi A3 and then got this mount since my phone couldn’t connect with the factory radio. Also, much cheaper than installing new radio with navigation. Looks very clean and blends in well with the rest of the dash. I have received lots of compliments from passengers. Would definitely recommend.
— Jeff T., USA

Great product quick emails and shipping. Nothing but a pleasure to deal with.
— eBay buyer, Germany

Perfect solution, easy installation, fast shipping... Thank you for creating this.
— Harry, Norway

— G.Yamashita, JAPAN

This seller was excellent. Personal call to confirm and shipped immediately.
— Michael, California, USA

Beautiful design, looks like Audi made it. Took me 2 minutes to install and love how practical it is. Highly recommend to all Audi owners.
— Jorge, Brazil

Very sleek phone holder. After installation it looks pretty much OEM, and without the phone attached it is almost unnoticeable low profile magnetic mount. It holds the phone very well, at a perfect height, and it can position iPhone 8 Plus large just right so that it doesn't cover any part of the MMI screen.
— Marcin W., USA

Very nicely made product... Solid and looks great in the car. Holds my iPhone 6S perfectly. I recommend this product to all. 
— Jacques, Canada

Ordered one of these for my 2017 Audi TTRS... So happy I did! Installation was very simple, looks right at home in my cockpit! If you don't have one yet, what are you waiting for? Get one today!
— Steven H., USA

Look no further, I have tried it all and this is "The Holy Grail", perfect fit, elegant and it really holds the phone even on heavy breaking, accelerating or cornering.
— Omar N., Puerto Rico

Awesome product. Fast shipping. 10/10
— Mark, California, USA

I found out about Clearmounts from my local Audi dealer. I ordered it right away after seeing all the great reviews and videos. It exactly what my 2018 RS3 was missing. Love it so much. Great job on a great quality product.
— Lorenzo, Canada

Best invention ever! It has greatly improved my life! I can connect to gps, music and other applications and still pay full attention to traffic! 100% approved.
— Amanda, Brazil

It's the best mount made for the A3/S3 hands down, it doesn't mess with the look of the dash like all other mounts I've seen. I’m using a Galaxy S6.
— Sloan, from Dallas TX

Ordered the mount for my new A3, quick delivery, even quicker installation and the mount doesn't only hold my phone great it looks awesome too.
— M. Zikking, Netherlands

Easy-peasy installation, looking neat, holding firm.
— Piotr, Poland

I am using an iPhone 6 with a case. Works magically. Great product!
— Damir, Salt Lake City, UT

The best phone holder you can get for an Audi A/S/RS 3, why you might ask? Its because it is custom made only to fit under your vents. It looks really good, and the magnet is strong enough not to let the phone slip. Best bang for your buck you can get in my opinion. Also I want to mention they had great customer service. Clearmounts responded to every email. Thank you again !
— Vlad, Romania

Absolutely love this product. It's so neat and better than all of the other products on the market. I've recommended this to many friends and clients. Very affordable.
— Manal, Australia

Nice design, looks great with my interior. Thanks for super fast shipping!
— Corey, USA

Great customer service! Package was sent back due to unknown reasons. The same day a new package was sent to me. The product fits perfect, air vents work just like before! What is showed in the pictures on the site is exactly what is delivered. Takes only a few minutes to install. If you have an Audi, this is the phone holder you should definitely consider!
— Vincent, Belgium

I am so impressed with this company and product! Apart from the fact I ordered and had a notice of shipment on the same day and it arrived within 2 weeks, the mount itself was so easy to install, is unobtrusive and looks like it has always been there. It does exactly as it says on the box! Brilliant. Thank you so much.
— Michelle, Australia

Works with my s7 Samsung, very strong magnet - love the design
— Boris, Australia

This is by far the best car holder for Audi 8V. I highly recommend getting it.
— Charlie, Australia

Great addition to my car, can't rate it enough well worth the money. Would buy the universal vent mount for my van, but it seems this is only sold when purchased with another item unfortunately!
— Matt, United Kingdom

J'aime se produit, merci!
— Jacques, Paris, France

Bonjour, viens juste de recevoir le kit , il est super et s’intègre très bien dans la voiture . sobre, pratique, fonctionnel. Du bon boulot. Merci pour le sérieux de l'envoie et du packaging.
— augé christophe, france

This is very easy to install and it looks great even without the phone attached. It holds my iPhone 8 very well and doesn't cover any part of the MMI screen and is easy to swivel to the perfect viewing position.
— Russ G, USA

Great idea, slick design, Thanks!
— Perry, Boston, MA

Excelente producto. Justo lo que estaba buscando, ya que los cell holders suelen ser muy antiestéticos y se notan más en un Audi. Felicidades.
— Marco, Mexico

Not only is the clearmounts a great product for my Audi A3, but the installation was simple, placing order easy, shipment fast. Excellent, hope you add to your product offering.
— David T., Canada

I was searching for something like this ever since I bought my car, thanks Clearmounts! Magnets super strong for my iPhone 6s with Lifeproof case... Shipping was very quick.
— Tony, Toronto, Canada

Just installed my Audi TT ClearMounts phone holder. Perfectly engineered to look great and work seamlessly. Don't waste your money buying any other brand!
— Wayne, US

A clever and well-made product. Received mine in under a week shipped across the Atlantic. Audis circular ventilation grills make it hard to use the off-the-shelf products. The Clear Mounts is the perfect solution. Very stable. Easy to install. Unobtrusive. Wish I had discovered it earlier.
— D Yates, UK

— Elliot, United Kingdom

Purchased this item for my partner and she loves it. It was easy for me to fit and and required no special tools. The magnet is very powerful so there is no concerns the phone falling off on bouncy/uneven roads.Fantastic, will highly recommend.
— Ian, Australia

The customer service I received with Carl from Clearmounts tonight was more than exceptional. He even offered to FaceTime with me to assist with installing the mount. A+
— Michelle, USA

Fast shipping and very happy with product. Gracias!
— Michael, Spain

I purchased another phone holder from eBay.. did not fit or work at all. Purchased a Clearmounts from here and it was a perfect fit. Fits my S3 like a glove! Would recommended and purchase again. 10/10.
— Adam, Canada

I ordered the swivel mount for my 2017 Audi A3. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday. That's awesome! Installing was easy. Great product and just what I was looking for in a telephone mount!
— Yorick, The Netherlands

Got back from our road trip on Monday. Loved having this mount! Looks great in the car and quick and easy to place/remove the phone. Liked it enough we bought a 2nd for my wife's car.
— Logan, Colorado, USA

Installed in my wife's Audi A3. Very easy tot install, looks sharp and the best of all, a happy wife!
— Jan, België

This is an excellent solution for mounting my iphone in my Audi A3 without damage to the interior. Its well engineered and easy to fit in about 10 mins. Took just 5 days to arrive in UK well packaged. Great service.
— Allan T., United Kingdom

Your product is awesome and works flawlessly! Thank you for taking time to build a great product and uphold great customer service. Kudos!
— Austin, South Carolina, USA

The best cell phone holder ever, easy to install, holds the phone tight even on sharp curves. This deserves a 5 star. Stanley from South Africa.
— Stanley, south africa

Fantastic product - perfect fit and highest quality incl. easiest way of installation. Also, shipping to Germany was fast and without issues. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.Martin
— Martin T., Germany

This is by far the best phone mount for my Audi S3. It really changes the car experience and is worth every penny. Carl at customer service is fantastic, don't hesitate to buy this product you will be very happy!!!
— Issam, USA

I'm using the Clearmounts Phone Holder for my A3 and I am very happy because the installation is very easy and fast. It seems part of the car from factory, simple and very elegant. It does not interfere with the air conditioning and the phone remains very firm. Congratulations and many thanks for such an excellent product.
— Jose, Colombia

The idea of the product is awesome and very helpful.
— Kamil, UAE

Arrived 7 days after ordering and fitted in 5 minutes. Ideal solution for mounting iPhone in my A3 and looks good enough to be OEM. Highly recommended.
— Alan, United Kingdom

Super happy with my phone holder for my Audi RS3 2017 :- Superb service, nicely packaged - by far the best product on the market thanks again, Paul.
— Paul B., Australia

I have just fitted the low profile magnetic holder into my 2015 A3 and I have to say it looks as good as if it were Audi factory standard. Easy to install, attractive, practical and affordable. Great customer service too. Thanks very much...
— Anton, Croatia

Awesome guy, very helpful, very giving, the product he made is a dream come true, I bought so many things for my vents that just did not work.. thanks for making this!!!!
— Ryan, Canada

WOW!!! Ich bin begeistert, ich habe das Set für meinen A3 8P bestellt. Ich nutze die Halterung und nicht die Magnetische Platte. Einfach super dieser Artikel. Lieferzeit sehr sehr schnell, am 10.01. abends bestellt und am 15.01. ist das Paket per Briefbote angekommen. Ich habe den Standard Versand gewählt und nicht den Express. Es war ein Aufkleber vom Zoll drauf alles top. WOW!!! Im thrilled, I ordered the set for my A3 8P. I use the holder and not the magnetic plate. Just great this article. Delivery time very fast. Best regards from Germany
— Sebastian, Germany

I bought ClearMounts LOW-PROFILE MAGNETIC HOLDER last year for my Audi A3 8V 2015. Perfect ordering process, shipment and delivery! Really simple mounting, perfect design and barely invisible when no phone is put on it! It doesn't hide MMI screen and let the phone being cooled by conditioning air! My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge even with its protection cover is strongly hold by magnet and additional metal plate included no rotation or fall while driving. I discovered this device on A3 forum in France with warming recommendations and is proud to own one in my car! Thanks!
— Jeremy W., France

I love my ClearMounts mount. Installation took literally 3 minutes and it works perfectly. Strongly recommend this product!
— Tim, Norway

Tremendous customer service! I bought a swivel mount for my S3 about a year ago. Very happy with it Thank you very much! Will continue to recommend this whenever I can.
— Eric, USA

Very easy and practical to use. The magnet has good fixation and even in great trepidacoes does not loose. Easy installation besides being very harmonious with the car dashboard.
— Denis Ramos, Brazil

I love the CM holder. I was able to install it myself. The instructions are easy to follow. It looks great in my S3 and the magnet idea is genius allowing the phone to be secure yet easy to get on and off.
— Beth, Canada

I must tell you that my family and I are impressed by your professionalism and especially your product. The phone holder is fantastic and it is the best one that I have had. My experience with you/your company gives me faith in humanity when more often than not there are not people like you. If I ever need any other car gadgets I'll check out your website first!!!
— Denise, USA

Ordered the low profile magnetic holder for my A3. Was said that the order will be delivered around May 2nd and finally got the parcel early on the 25th of April. Product suits fine with my A3 and very easy to install. I definitely recommend this very good product for A3 owner !!!!
— Benoît, FRANCE

Since I bought my Audi S3, I always had the problem and didn't know what to do with my phone! I have an iPhone 6S Plus and now its set on the right place. Thank you!
— Jorge, Peru

I’ve had mine for 5 minutes and I already love it! Does exactly what it says, really really well.
— John, Australia

Got it today, both with pinch- and magnet holder included. Max 5 minutes of assembly, and it was ready to use. Looks good, magnet is strong I think I will use the magnet and I am just happy with first impressions.
— Sindre Bigset, Norway

Loving it - Matches the clean dash lines of the Audi RS3 perfectly - I've tried many dash mount solutions, this is the only one I'm happy with.
— GeoffC, Australia

Wow, wow, wow, is all I have to say! Looks so good in my TTRS! It is what I was missing, thank you Clearmounts for a great thought out solution. Shipping was incredibly fast. Thanks!
— Richard, UK

Love these - I have an Audi S3 and a TT RS Gen 2. Having the placement up in my peripheral vision is essential, and the flexibility to quickly move from one car to the other is perfect for my lifestyle. The magnetic mount also holds during intense track day sessions as I use my data acquisition system app on the iPhone. Well done!
— Ted D., USA

I installed it on my A3 CAB and it perfectly fits. Quality is very good and it looks great in the car! Thank you Carl, Greetings from Italy!
— Giuseppe, Italy

This is the best mobile holder I have used. I searched and found other options but since they had such great reviews I decided to take a chance. It was delivered in really nice packaging in only 6 days from when I ordered. It works better than advertised, I am very happy with my Clearmounts. Thank you.
— Chris C., United Kingdom

I purchased the clearmounts magnetic iphone holder for my 2017 Audi TTS. Very easy to install, and by far the most secure and reliable hold I've ever had for a car. Highly recommended. Don't bother wasting your money on cheap eBay mounts, these bad boys are the real deal!
— Sammi, United Kingdom

Thank you for designing such an elegant solution for safe and clear viewing of my mobile phone. The phone holder has that OEM feel and really looks smart in my Audi S3 !
— Anthony, Australia

Supper idea, makes my commute easy now that I can use Waze on my iPhone X. Plus I got my cupholder back... Starbucks thanks you.
— Daniel F., New York, USA

Great product! Easy installment and phone sits tight through bumpy roads! Would recomment it to everyone!
— Eva, Netherlands

The mount was as seamless to install as Carl was to interact with once I ordered the product. Installation was a piece of cake. Exactly what I was looking for when I began my search for a mount.
— Josh, Boston, USA

What a great holder. Easy installation in my A1. Love it!
— Harry B., United Kingdom

Phone holder was easy to mount and it is very solid. I use magnet holder for my 5.2 inch Samsung and it sticks pretty firm. Even when phone is in vertical position I still see original AUDI screen, have access to all buttons and no obstruction for fans. I use Swivel Magnetic Mount because it is very easy to stick your phone and also adjust the angle for better view.
— Rostyslav S, Nederland

Got my Clear Mounts in less than a week from ordering. Installed in less than 5 minutes, and works as described. Thanks, Carl! Outstanding product and customer service.
— Jim, USA

Thank you for creating this simple but eligant solution. Audi could not of done a beter job. Merci.
— Florance, Paris, France

I can say without any fear of contradiction that the Clearmounts phone holder is the best I have ever used! It is a perfect fit for my girlfriends Audi TT! We had tried other phone holder options but they were always a compromise. The Clearmounts holder is perfect: a perfect fit, a perfect match, and you don't even realize its there! If you have an Audi, you need a Clearmounts!
— Michael L, GB

Excellent product and service. Thank you Clear Mounts!
— John, Australia

Gracie... I love this Clearmounts. It looks and works good in my Q2.
— Gio, Italy

This is a very high quality mount and works great with my large iPhone 7 Plus. I have tried tons of different phone mounts for my Audi A3, and this is by far the best. It take max 5 minutes to install and fits in the car like a glove. LOVE the product. Their customer service is also AMAZING.
— Michel U, USA

I love this product! I have made a couple of orders all the way from the Middle East and the customer satisfaction is definitely met.
— Rawad, Qatar

Game changer! This will keep every driver safer. I love it as it keeps my phone it the right spot. I also got the Qi adapter and it works perfectly with my iPhone 8. Really great design, looks factory installed.
— Denis, Toronto, Canada

I had tried 3 other mounts, but this is the best and neatest design. Arrived quickly in UK and fits very well in Audi TT 2015.
— Stuart, United Kingdom

You can't ask more from a phone holder. It's OEM looks that blend perfectly with the car. This is the best phone holder I have found for my S3. Dealing with the seller was very professional and fast.
— Antoine, Lebanon

I bought my 2017 Audi TTRS last year and the one thing I hated is there was no place to put my cellphone, until now. WOW is all I have to say. Thanks Clearmounts for such a well thought out design.
— Jessica H., L.A., USA

**** P E R F E C T !!! ****Greetings from Graz/Austria
— Thomas N, Austria

Just received mount faster than expected. Took all of one minute to install. Looks great! Finally a place to put phone. None of the vent mount holders would work, but this does. Thanks!
— John, USA

I never leave reviews but this thing is to good to not leave one. It's amazingly simple and looks factory installed. Such a seemless look. Took me less than a minute to install in my 2018 RS3. Great job guys!
— Frank J., North Carolina, USA

LE meilleur support de telephone que jai eu a ce jour ! Solide de bonne qualité et le telephone ne bouge pas !! Recu tres rapidement ... a acheter les yeux fermer.
— Luc S, France

I love my CM phone mount. It was super easy to install and looks clean and custom. I highly recommend it!!
— Becky, USA

Attention all Audi owners, if you haven't ordered one yet, what are you waiting for? It's the best solution. I drive a 2007 A3, and now I feel I have a new car with this mod. Love it.
— Greg, UK

It’s perfect. Looks like it came with the car and so easy to install. Brilliant product.
— Heather, United States

I love my mount. It fits perfect, took about a whole minute to install and my iPhone 7 fits perfectly. You will love it. Shipping was quick and the customer service has been second to none!
— Jeff S., USA

Two words ... quality and practicality. Thanks from Italy. Audi A3 8V
— Luca, Italy

Another selling point for the Clearmounts system: I live in Texas, and keeping my phone lower on the dash and out of direct sunlight has kept it from overheating. Great Product!
— Michael S, United States

I installed it quickly and it works great, looks cool, and inconspicuous too. I am really happy I found Clear Mounts and I would strongly recommend their products as well as their customer service.
— Chuck R., United States

I live in the UK I ordered one of these after seeing it on YouTube. What a fantastic product so easy to fit and works a treat very happy indeed buy with confidence brilliant product.
— Mark, UK

Amazing product that would easily pass as an Audi official product, does not look out of place at all. Putting my phone anywhere else while driving feels weird now!
— Brendan F, Australia

Great idea, easy to install. I use it every day!
— Bernd, Germany

Perfect Phoneholder. What a great simple idea. The Installation takes about 30 seconds and it fits perfect. Shiping to germany is about 8 Days. Perfect. THX a lot.
— Alex A, Germany

Every Audi A3, S3 & RS3 driver should get one of these. Simply brilliant. Thanks Carl
— Brian, Australia

I think this is the best service I have had in my life! Kind, professional and many other things, including shipping and extra help they provide you. Cool.
— Max P., Italy

Great phone holder for your Audi. Extremely easy to install and maintains the signature aesthetics for Audi cockpit. Oh, the phone sits very tight, so it will not fall on the bumps.
— Sergey, Cyprus

Works beautifully, nice sleek design which fits in nice with the dashboard, and works perfectly to hold the phone in place.
— Hugo, Netherlands

I could never find a mount on the market that would fit my Audi S3. Until I came across Clear Mounts. Got the product, worked great! What really made me enjoy this product was the customer service. Thanks Carl!
— Paul M, United States

The quality of this part is excellent. It was an extraordinary nice deal. Thank you so much. Greetings from Bavaria/Germany
— Klaus Z., Germany

I recently purchased the mount for an Audi TT MK3, and the product works as described. Considering the design of the vents on the TT, this is the only product that I have found on the market that maintains the sleek, minimalist design of the cabin. It does not affect the accessibility of the centre dials on the vents.Furthermore, the level of service I received from Carl is unrivaled. He is willing to assist no matter the query!
— Richard K., South Africa

Very well made phone holder which was easy to install and works faultlessly. Superfast delivery to the uk. Worth every penny.
— Mac, United Kingdom

Very fast delivery, shipping took only some days.Easy installation, took me under 2 minutes. Fits perfect, looks really good and magnet strong enough. Thank you.Mark
— Mark, Germany

I was very pleased with this purchase for my A3 saloon!! The mount is a solid build and sits flush against the dashboard with no rattle and aesthetically pleasing! The magnet is very strong! Very easy to install - I followed a YouTube video. I recently bought a second one for my friend’s birthday, for his A3.
— Kumar Visvanathan, United Kingdom

The best Solution possible for my Audi A3. Since it was not available in Europe, I ordered it from Canada directly. Door to door in 4 days, I was extremely suprised. I Will order again when I get a new car!
— Mark, The Netherlands

Very nice and good for iPhone Ship is very fast and the price not expensive
— BOURHIS , France

I started by trying to leave my phone next to the hand-brake, but it was always in the way. Next, I tried a vent clip, but in an emergency stop, the phone fell off and ripped out a chunk of the vents! Hard to find replacements, too : I found the clearmounts.com phone mount through a post on AudiWorld and immediately ordered one up. The seller thanked me for my order and threw in a couple of extras yay!, but the real test was to try it out. My MK1 TT is usually parked for the winter but we had a few beautiful days so I pulled open the box, had it installed in about 5 minutes, and wow! This is absolutely the best mount I've ever used, bar none. Without the phone in place, it is hardly noticed, and I can just toss the phone up there in a second when Im in a rush. If only I could find something like this for all cars... it should come with it from the factory!
— Jesse C., United States

Excellent quality with strong magnet to hold phone. Easy fit using instructional video. Looks like audi original fitment and blends perfectly in my audi TT mk3. Thanks Clearmounts and good luck in your future business. Ian in Manchester
— ian s., United Kingdom

I’ve driven and owned many cars and have never found a PERFECT phone mount prior to purchasing a Clearmounts. It is currently installed in my A3 eTron. It is a must if you drive a compatible Audi and you have a cell phone.
— Jose S., USA

Very good product !Easy to install without any tool. Shipping excellent. Every audi conductor should have one !

I recently purchased an Audi S3 and was in the market for a phone holder which turned out to be more difficult than I expected due to the configuration of the interior. I ran across the Clearmounts site and decided I would give it a try. I received my mount and installed it as soon as I received it. I could not have been more simple to install and once it was installed it blended very nicely with the interior. I am extremely happy with the product and would recommend to anyone with an Audi!
— William, USA

Great customer service. My questions were answered within minutes. Super easy installation and it looks like it was factory made for my Audi TT. If I had a second Audi, I’d buy another one!
— Dallyn, USA

Been looking for a good/clean way to hang my phone up in my Audi A3 S-Line, emailed clearmounts on a SUNDAY, got a response within 2 minutes saying what would be best for my car/phone my phone is on the heavy side, being a oneplus 6. Received it today, within shipping terms, no extra payments needed to customs or whatever. I am blown away by the strength of the magnet, this thing is a beauty. Being the low profile one, if someone doesn't know the inside of your car they would think it was standard. Mounting it was smooth as butter, and now i can throw my phone at it from a distance it will stick. 11/10.
— Sven G., Belgium

Very simple accessory ! Good quality materials. I totally recommend it. Fit perfect. 5 stars out of five from me. I also recommend the one with swivel holder and with magnet it is good for every phone so if you think of a phone upgrade you are not restricted by the magnet.
— Cristian, Romania

Looks good. Easy to install. Works well. Great idea and I hope the inventor gets a good return on his idea and investment.
— Neale, Canada

Awesome quality, fits absolutely perfectly. With the great looks and 2-minute installation, what more could you ask for?
— Lutz, Deutschland

— Victor, Italy

Un véritable très bon produit très abouti. Quelle bonne idée !
— Yves, France

Fantastic product. Fits easily and perfectly and holds onto my 6+ like a champ.
— Phil Hirst, UK

Was weary about spending £30 on a phone holder, but I have not regretted it one bit! Fits so easily behind the air vents in my A3, looks great and has a very strong magnetic hold! Really solved my problem with trying to fit the regular phone holders on the A3 vents, as they kept falling off. Definitely worth the buy!
— Shamsher, United Kingdom

I was looking for a mount for a long time, this mount is and looks really great. The delivery and service is really great and its really easy to install yourself. Great stuff!
— Nick N, Netherlands

Clutter free installation, obstruction free visibility of the road, No more GPS on rear view mirrors needed. Discreet design to protect the look. Overall Best product in its category for Audi cars. Go Clearmounts. Another satisfied customer.
— SUBRAMANIAN G., United States

Definitely hands down the BEST phone holder ever. Before ClearMounts, I NEVER installed one single holder in my life. They were too ugly and non-professional. ClearMounts is: - elegant - built with high quality materials - super steadyI've ACTUALLY never been happier and more satisfied for a car accessory before. Super deserved testimonial!
— Silvio, Italy

Great design, easy to install. A perfect solution for my car!
— Craig T D., United States

It is a fantastic product, easy to installan it looks very nice in the car. The service was outstanding.
— Emilio G, Mexico.

Excellent product and service. Thank you Clear Mounts!
— John, Australia

What an amazing product. Install took less than a minute, quality is superb. It holds my phone securely and it is easily adjustable. I like the additional clamping holder for when I want to hold something that is not magnetic. Even the packaging is awesome.
— Rian H, United States

I love this product! I have made a couple of orders all the way from the Middle East and the customer satisfaction is definitely met.
— Rawad, Qatar

Saw this mount mentioned on a few Audi forums, and thought I'd give it a try, as I was pretty unhappy with the options for storing the phone in the RS3. This mount is exactly what the RS3 should have come with from the factory. Hold the iPhone 7 with Leather case securely even under heavy acceleration or high G turns which only happens on closed courses with professional drivers.
— Jason, USA

You can't ask more from a phone holder. It's OEM looks that blend perfectly with the car. This is the best phone holder I have found for my S3. Dealing with the seller was very professional and fast.
— Antoine, Lebanon

This is perhaps the best phone mount I've ever seen. It was very easy to install and looks like it came with the car. The build quality is great and the magnet is strong enough to hold my iPhone 8+ firmly in place. I wish I had found this sooner!
— Josh, USA

Just received mount faster than expected. Took all of one minute to install. Looks great! Finally a place to put phone. None of the vent mount holders would work, but this does. Thanks!
— John, USA

This is absolutely the perfect car mount for my car. I use the magnetic version in my Audi A3 14’ and I couldn’t be more satisfied. You can bearly notice the mount with it’s matching interior color. Worth it!
— Nicolai I, Norge

I love my CM phone mount. It was super easy to install and looks clean and custom. I highly recommend it!!
— Becky, USA

Cherchant une solution pour maintenir mon s7edge sur mon nouveau audi tt mk3. J'ai découvert sur le web cet accessoire, le principe est simple et sans modifications du véhicule on dirait une pièce d'origine. Le 2e point positif, c'est la rapidité de livraison du Canada j'usquen Belgique en moins d'une semaine ! extra. 3e point, le prix pour la qualité du matériel reçu et la livraison. A recommandé sans hésitation, je n'ai pas trouvé de support aussi bien intégré pour mon TT. 10/10 !
— Didier, Belgique

I love my mount. It fits perfect, took about a whole minute to install and my iPhone 7 fits perfectly. You will love it. Shipping was quick and the customer service has been second to none!
— Jeff S., USA

Le support idéal pour une A3 !installé en quelques minutes, parfaite intégration au tableau de bord. Amis francophones, n'hésitez pas. De plus, livré en France en 5 jours. Bravo !
— Roger, France

I installed it quickly and it works great, looks cool, and inconspicuous too. I am really happy I found Clear Mounts and I would strongly recommend their products as well as their customer service.
— Chuck R., United States

The install was very easy and the fit is precise. No annoying rattle or noises. I got both holders, but after some use prefer the magnet due to easy putting it on and off. I have used other magnet holders and they did not hold my iPhone 8 plus well at all. This magnet holds it tight and the phone does not move at all. Great product! I highly recommend it.
— Don S., USA

Great idea, easy to install. I use it every day!
— Bernd, Germany

This is the best phone mount for my Audi A3. Tried many including stick on ones which didn't stick on at all. I don't like the window mount ones at all because I don't like my view obstructed. I had an air vent one which was ok until it damaged my vents over time then kept falling off. Clearmounts was the perfect solution and stays securely. Well recommend for Audi owners. Hope you guys make it for all other car manufacturers in future.
— Vu, United kingdom

Every Audi A3, S3 & RS3 driver should get one of these. Simply brilliant. Thanks Carl
— Brian, Australia

The way the Clearmounts fits is perfectly superb. It is almost visually OEM. It is pricey, however if you have an Audi, it is worth spending the extra few bucks and getting just one phone holder that you’ll never swap out. Since you really can’t upgrade further from this top of the line product. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself!
— Andrew K, USA

Great phone holder for your Audi. Extremely easy to install and maintains the signature aesthetics for Audi cockpit. Oh, the phone sits very tight, so it will not fall on the bumps.
— Sergey, Cyprus

Hej , Naprawdę super produkt ! Bardzo łatwe do zamontowania i naprawdę mocny uchwyt. Moim zdaniem jedyne rozwiązanie do A3 8 v przy okrągłych kratkach w które nic nie wchodzi : Wysyłka około 2 tygodnie więc ok. Polecam
— Marcin, Poland

I could never find a mount on the market that would fit my Audi S3. Until I came across Clear Mounts. Got the product, worked great! What really made me enjoy this product was the customer service. Thanks Carl!
— Paul M, United States

Clearmounts came neatly packaged. Installation was just as easy and fast as advertised. Phone is held is a good position to see and can easily be tilted to avoid glare. The phone is held very securely - stayed on when I drove my 2009 TT on a race track at 130 mph and 1G in the corners.
— Terry, United States

You will not be disappointed. I am an engineer of 30 years and not many things impress/surprise me as the simplicity and quality of the product, well done Carl.
— David, United Kingdom

Looks great, easy to fit, strong magnet, unbelievably quick international delivery. Very pleased. Thanks.
— Julian Hatherall, United Kingdom

My wife and I LOVE this product! Couldn't have been an easier install and not a single complaint so far.
— Bobby S., United States

Great product, very easy to fit, looks and performs just as they said it would. I would recommend this product to anyone.
— Phillip Sanderson, UK

Great product. I am a Uber driver, and this is a great help, because there is no beter way to mount the cellphone for navigation than this in my Audi.
— Norbert, Switzerland

L’installation sur ma Audi A 3 a été facile. Il n’y a aucune obstruction des commandes. Un excellent produit.
— Pierre Grenier, Canada

Great product quality, very easy to install and perfect placement, it's definitively the best mount made for the Audi A3 dashboard. Excellent Customer Service and very fast shipping even in Europe! Product and seller highly recommended! Many Thanks Carl!
— Giovanni, France , Montpellier

WOW. Perfect fit from the start easy installing with video on the site... even perfect service after a part broke after approx 1.5 years received a complete new one within one week!! Top service!
— Gé, Netherlands

My Clearmounts arrived quickly. Really well made and good instructions. Works brilliantly and better than a lot of magnetic mounts as the plate on the phone isn't magnetized so doesn't wipe my credit cards when I leave my phone and wallet together. Very nicely designed, it looks and fits like it is a factory option.
— Justin, Australia

I absolutely love the clear mount QI wirless charging mount for Audi A3. It fit perfectly and installation was easy. Looks like it is part of the car and allows me to have everything at my fingertips. I work at several locations and drive quite a bit. My phone is always charged and I never have to scramble for power. The mount holds the phone tight and it is secure also!
— Mike, USA

This is a fantastic product. Easy to install and is extremely discreet. Thank you!
— Woody, Australia

I tried several phone holders before to buy this one and none of them gave me a full satisfaction. Since Audi made it very difficult to install a phone holder in its A3 8v, I finally purchased this holder. Don’t be afraid by the price, it is worth it. Best value to money found on internet. Built in aluminum, well built. Even when the phone is not on the holder, it remains nice to see!
— Antoine, France

An absolutely great and simple solution which needs no trimming and doesn't damage the car. Absolutely a well thought through product!
— Jake, Denmark

Clearmounts is absolutely focused on customer satisfaction. Great people to deal with. And a product that is so well-conceived.
— Michael Selz, United States

This mount is perfect! Received it in the mail within 7 days of placing my order. Installation was a breeze. The mount is made from high quality materials and it looks OEM. Couldn't have asked for a better product, thank you, Clear Mounts!
— Kat A., United States

I struggled after purchasing my A3 etron with a device to hold my phone. All of my previous devices would not work on this car. After doing my research I came across this product. I decided on the magnetic model and could not be happier. It is a surprisingly well made product - once installed it integrates seamlessly leaving you with the impression your Audi came standard with this product. The design is so simple, elegant and functional. From packaging to installation you catch your self thinking this is an Audi factory accessory or something from Apple. Do not hesitate purchasing this product.
— Tae Abate, San Francisco USA

Prodotto arrivato, Fantastico !!! Grazie mille
— Marco, Italia

I was extremely happy with my ClearMounts Audi A3 phone holder. It looks great and is very functional. I am very happy with my purchase.
— Nate, United States

Fits perfect in my 8P! A whole 5 minute install...Love it!!Thanks
— Marc, Canada

I couldn’t be more pleased with this mount in my S3. The magnet is powerful and the design is clean, smart, and gorgeous.
— Jeff Russell, United States

The best Holder to A3 8V. It's very practical and It's easy installation. Shipping to Europe time is very short. I recommend it!
— Piotr, Poland

Audi tt mk3 - Delivery to UK just 9 days. Took 5 minutes to fit. Included tool really useful. Looks great. Really firm. FabThanks
— Scott williams, England

I bought the phone holder via eBay on April 18 2017 and it arrived from Canada four days later to the UK! Easy to fit and it works perfectly. Delighted!
— Roger, United Kingdm

Best holder I've ever had for an Audi and have seen! In addition, extremely good service from the seller! Super, I would like to recommend the seller and the product !!! Thank you!
— Markus, Germany

Ingenious product, very easy to install, and second to none customer service!
— Isabelle, Canada

The ClearMounts low profile mount for Audi A3 8V is the best looking mount available. The ClearMounts build quality is fantastic and the magnet is very strong - speed bump tested. Installation took me literally 2 minutes in a brand new 2018 A3. It fits right into the Audi esthetic. Highly recommended.
— Roland dela Cuesta, Canada

Just received and installed. Works great! Impressive quality. Ordering one for my wifes A3. Thanks!
— John H., United States

WOW. I’ve never really bothered owning Car phone holders as in the past they’ve all been pretty usless. However after stumbling across this phone Holder on utube I decided to take the plunge, purchased for my Audi A3 8V and so glad I did. Shipping was amazingly quick and delivered within just a few days to the UK with no import charges to pay. If your undecided then I couldn’t recommend this product enough. Hands down the Best Phone holder solution for the A3.
— Stefan, United Kingdom

Just installed my Clear Mounts phone holder for my Audi A3 Etron. The holder is exactly as advertised and works great. The video was extremely helpful in being able to install the unit in less than a minute. I give it a 10 out of 10.
— Wayne S., USA

Best magnetic phone holder for my Audi, sleek design and super easy installation, very happy with its quality and received it before the due date!! Cudos to clearmounts.
— Dan T, USA

Love my new Clearmounts, solid design and well made. Easy access to my phone on long trips and held up amazingly well on some really bad pothole infested roads, phone never moved once. Highly recommend this product and Carl was great to deal with.
— Adam, Canada

Easy Installation, good use.
— Rene Loos, Germany

Very nice and clean product, fit perfect in my S3, installed in 2 minutes... Thank you!
— phil, canada

Superb. Very neat and easy fit, well thought-out. Strong magnet to eliminate movement of phone during driving but no interference. Very impressed. Not cheap but it pays off.
— Julian, United Kingdom

Hello Clear Mounts, I´m very happy about your Phone-holder. Super delivery and nice communication from your employer. Thank you and greetings from Germany!
— Cem, Germany

Brilliant product, fits perfectly, arrived from Canada within a few days to Scotland. Quality item that does exactly what it says it does. Get one, you won't be disappointed!
— Andy, Scotland

The Clearmounts Phone holder took 5 days to arrive to Sweden which is really fast! The product was really easy to install and use and looks like its part of the car it blends in. The best part is probably the customer service. Carl is a really nice guy and I would recommend every single Audi owner compatible models to buy this product! Thank you once again!
— Hassan, Sweden

I needed a solution to hold my phone rather than the cup holder or console space. I didn’t like air vent holders or extension arm devices that get in the way. Then I found Clearmounts, adapted specifically for me A3. It works like a charm, easy to install and looks great! My girlfriend wants one for her Chevy Volt. She’s unhappy they’re not on your product list. Got an Audi, do Clearmounts for your phone holder needs. And this is coming from a jazzy guy.
— Greg, United States

This is my second Clear Mounts, surely the world best mount for my Audi, even for a large and heavy phone like my Samsung Note 4, the magnetic swivel works perfectly, I have tried also the swivel cradle holder, same satisfaction. Ultra quick delivery to France, quick customer service. Many Thanks.
— Alain, France

Product works exactly as imagined. I can finally drive safely and responsibly now, making other passengers in the car feel safer as well. 10/10 overall investment.

Super easy install, clean OEM integration so it looks completely stealth almost. Wife is greatly pleased with her swivel mount. A+ on packaging, though my box was sorta crushed, I was expecting a simple brown box with products in it, nope a full image (retail) box. Blown away! Its the small things that make a difference in a world filled with putting everything into a brown box and shipping it!
— Nick, USA

Brilliant personal service, speed of delivery exceeded all expectations, and installation took less than 5 minutes Audi A3. Clearmounts phone holder is robust and works perfectly. I love it! Thanks!
— Carolyn Ison, United Kingdom

Item arrived promptly from Canada to the UK with good communication and updates on delivery. Item took literally a couple of minutes to install and was very easy. It compliments the interior and provides a useful holder for my phone to save it rolling around in the cup holders. Would definitely recommend.
— Alex, United Kingdom

Took 5 days to reach UK. Fitted to a 4 day old Audi TT Coupe Mk3. Couldn’t believe how easy it was to fit and looks the business. Audi should Furness these as standard. Good value and looks great. Highly recommended - can’t imagine there’s anything better.
— Bruce Davies, UK

What an absolutely fantastic product. Extremely well made and installation is quick and simple! As founder of the Quebec Audi Club, I only recommend and endorse things that are of high standard and quality. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cell phone car holder.
— Dave, Canada

Fantastic product. Super easy to install, only took 3 minutes as shown in the instructional YouTube video. Would not select or recommend anything else for the TTS!
— Amar C, USA

The package arrived within a week! Great mounting solution for my iPhone. Looks clean and fits nice in an A3. Installation only took 3 minutes. I strongly recommend this mounting holder.
— Ries, The Netherlands

Best Audi phone holder! It do all that promised! Maybe a little difficult to install in Audi A1 it took me 2-3 youtube video and some emails with clearmounts boss to install it but very good object, well synchronized with my car interiors. I suggest to spend a bit more with installation instructions but it’s the best for Audi at a good price!
— Alessandro, Italy



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