Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder

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Whether you drive an Audi A3, TT, or Q2,  there is something missing... there's no where to put your cellphone! Clearmounts created the markets thinest custom laser cut aluminum mounting bracket that comes with our strongest cellphone safe magnetic holder or our non-magnetic cradle holder allowing your cellphone to be placed in your line of sight without blocking your vents and air flow, safely keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Installs in less than 2 minutes with no tools required! Giving you that factory look that every Audi driver can appreciate. 

Our reputation for making the world's best cellphone mounting solution for your Audi is based on exceeding your expectations and providing you with a superior quality product and customer service you can count on. Visit our testimonial section (below) and see what our Clearmounts customers have to say. Please contact us should you have any questions about our products.

We ship express worldwide including tracking and insurance! 

*Fits both left-hand & right-hand drive vehicles

Custom Designed Audi Phone Holder


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Stop searching, there is no other holder for the Audi! I have tried a few and this is the one. It looks like it is part of the car, it should come from factory with it. So clever. It will be a feature when I sell the car, for sure.

Alex Stender , from United Kingdom

nice, elegant look. easy to install. very fast delivery. and the most important - great quality.

Gurevich Anton , from israel

This product is an elegant solution to the common problem of where to put your phone in the car, without the intrusion of some ugly chunk of plastic protruding from your air vents. Your phone can be placed and removed easily with one hand, with the magnets still strong enough to hold against the strongest jolts while driving. If you own an Audi this is the perfect solution.

Kevin , from Australia

Great and easy to install

Steve , from USA

The mounting system fits seamlessly with the S3 interior. The cradle mount holds firmly through all road conditions and driving styles and continues to charge. 10/10 Would buy again.

Jason Anslem , from United States

Superb! Blends perfectly with Q2's interior. Does not stick out like a sore thumb! Absolutely love this.

Mohammad Fauzi , from Singapore

Super! peut etre un peut cher par rapport à dautre produits que l\ont peut trouver sur Amazon, mais le comfort au quotidien est incomparable, le produit ne bouge pas! idem pour le telephone j\ai un S10+ Le télephone ne tremble jamais, ni ne bouge je suis un gros rouleur. Bref sans hésité

Léo , from france

Great product - works exactly as expected, easy to install, great strong magnet and looks really sleek and unobtrusive. Also delivered exactly as per expectations - would definitely recommend!

Tim , from Netherlands

Nice product and very easy to install. It looks great on my Audi.

Teresa Iniguez , from USA

So much better than I expected! Solid construction. Easy and quick to install, and even looks like its meant to be in my 2015 Audi A3!

Daniel , from United States

Good product! Easy to install, looks good and good to use! A great fit for Audi

Tero , from Finland

F\in brilliant! After wasting too much money on over-hyped phone holders for my 2003 Audi TT, I purchased this item. Forget about just car accessory purchases, this is one of the simplest, smartest, most effective add-ons I\ve purchased for anything. It combines function and form and you will not be disappointed. Do not hesitate to purchase. I never leave feedback but happy to do so for this product.

G , from Canada

Did quite a bit of research and this appeared better than anything else on the market. And it lived up to its marketing. Shame to ruin the interior of an Audi A3, but this looks like it was designs by Audi, for Audi and is genius. Packaging is beautiful and instruction are simple and the product is high quality. If you need this for you A3 - get one.

Rupert Garton , from UK

Easy installation, super fast delivery, good quality. I love it!

Piotr , from Great Britain

This product absolutely exceeded my expectations! I was a bit skeptical about whether or not my iPhone X with a huge Otterbox case and a pop-socket could be reasonably held by the magnet alone. To my surprise, this magnet is STRONG! It holds on in all orientations even over potholes in the road. It's even a bit of a yank to get it off! Which is perfect! I got a ticket in Georgia for texting while driving and, due to Georgia law, buying this hands free device allows me to waive my traffic ticket! I couldn't be happier with this product.

Marcus Q , from United States

It’s incredibly difficult to find a phone holder that works really well, and doesn’t look cheap and nasty. Thankfully, the staff at Audiphoneholder have managed to produce a product that works fantastically well, and looks great. Not only that, but the clever design is incredibly easy to fit, and once it’s in you can forget about it. There’s nothing rolling around the car, no fiddly switches to pull, or suction cups leaving marks. The slimline magnet fits inside my iPhone case, so there’s no need to make any changes with my phone either. I simply get in my car, hold the phone to the holder, and I’m done. I wish I’d have found this product a long time ago, it would have saved me spending on inferior products time and again.

Shaun Madill , from United Kingdom

Clever bespoke design, easy to install, and super-fast, customs-friendly international shipping. What\s not to like? If you need a quality phone holder for your TT, look no further. Highly recommended.

Tony , from UK

As we all know these cars have absolutely no where convenient to place your phone, this thing is literally the best first mod you can do to these vehicles!

Colton Hunter , from United States

I purchased the low profile clearmounts for both of my Audi - A3 8P and 8V.The install is easy and the fit is perfect. Now I have the flexibility of using my phones in the same location in my cars and not worry about different mounts and obstructions to the view.

Evo , from USA

I bought a mk3 TT from Audi in February and had nothing but problems with the car and Audi’s customer service. I bought a Clearmount in April that fits perfectly, was delivered quickly and is great quality. I wish Audi had your levels of quality and service!

Andy Owen , from United Kingdom


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