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Fits: 2002-2012 Audi A3/S3/RS3

This discreet low-profile magnetic phone holder is the perfect blend of style and function. It allows you to quickly place your cell phone between your vents. We use only the best quality and strongest cellphone safe magnets on the market. 

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With this item you will receive:

1x Clearmounts Low-Profile Magnetic Mount

2x Magnetic Metal Plates 

I bought a used 2007 Audi A3 and then got this mount since my phone couldn’t connect with the factory radio. Also, much cheaper than installing new radio with navigation. Looks very clean and blends in well with the rest of the dash. I have received lots of compliments from passengers. Would definitely recommend.
— Jeff T., USA

Absolutely amazing! Was recommended on an Audi site, I was a little hesitant to order at first as I\ve tried so many phone holders, and none have fit the RS3 quite right... but..this one is just perfect! So easy to install, its sleek like the rest of the interior and looks like it has always been there.. very happy!! Will be recommending to everyone..
— Sophia Longson, United Kingdom (2019-09-23)

I searched and searched for the right phone mount for my Audi A3 Sportback. They were always too flimsy, got in the way of other controls, etc. So I decided to spend a few extra bucks on the Clearmounts , glad I did! Simple to install, clean look, and texture matches the dash.A+++
— Myron Price, United States (2019-09-25)

Simple to install, looks like part of the car, and doesn’t block your vents. This is by far the best phone mount for your Audi. Reached out for support and had a near instant response and resolution. This is an excellent product. Highly recommended.
— Robin Ellins, Canada (2019-10-23)

I was extremely happy with my ClearMounts Audi A3 phone holder. It looks great and is very functional. I am very happy with my purchase.
— Nate, United States

Fantastic holder glad I chose it over others. Holds the phone right where you want it and takes less than a second to attach it. Fast delivery from over the pond as well. Thanks!
— Chris Watson, UK (2019-01-29)

Pretty awesome. wish I would have seen this before. Easy to install and looks pretty slick, almost looks like part of the original car. The low profile mount is especially nice aesthetically. The swivel mount seems like it would be nice too, although obviously a bit more visible. One thing, the low-profile mount makes it hard to place your phone horizontally. If you need to view your phone horizontally a lot in the car then I\d go with the swivel mount.
— Brian, USA (2019-02-11)

I absolutely love it, so easy to install and it blends in with the dash so well that when you're not using it you don't really notice its there.I use mine for holding my phone and using a sat nav app that has saved me from traffic fines a few times as it notifies when infringement cameras are approaching.I also use it to hold my lap timer when I'm at the track.It's so good I'm going to buy my parents one so they can use their phone for sat nav too.Thanks for an awesome product ClearMounts!
— Richard Guile, Australia (2020-01-27)

Awesome mount. absolutely love it! fits so well and the magnet is amazing. phone doesn't move at all!!!! thank you so much Carl and team, for the great customer service with good info, fast replies, and great product! A+++++
— SAM, New Zealand (2019-02-14)

What an awesome bit of kit. I bet AUDI are kicking themselves for not thinking of it themselves. Package arrived in New Zealand promptly, installation took all of three minute, and now I'm looking for excuses to go for a drive. This product is about as good as it can get . . . even the stippled black finish on the aluminium that's aluminum for any Americans reading this who don't know how to spell properly matches the textured finish on the dashboard. You've just gained one very fussy but satisfied customer!!
— Pete, New Zealand (2019-02-17)

I bought the phone holder for my 2009 audi a3 and I love it.. it looks nice and its much better than the magnetic holders out there that are mounted on the aircon vents directly, I had one of those and it broke the vents plastic grill.. also found some fakes on ebay in the UK, but the price was twice as much as this one.. The package arrived as described and in just two weeks! right on time before my vacation:
— Denis Lubinic, Slovenia

Bought two of these as both my wife and mother have an Audi A3 8P. Quick and simple installation, and by far the cleanest and most stable phone mount available for these vehicles. No blocked windshield views and no risk of damage to the dashboard. Both are using the magnetic mount option and love it. I have an A4 and wish I could find something as clean and functional as this.
— RG, Canada

Great product! Installation was a breeze and took under 2 minutes from start to finish. Looks great too, very clean and OEM-like.
— SJ with an A3, United States

Even in a complicated shipment process different name, different location I have reached my product with good standing box. He keeps his promises.
— Abdullah, Turkey

The best costumer service ever and the best products for our cars. I’ve had more than 5 products for friends too , all was perfect.
— Stelios Mar, Greece (2020-02-16)

Great product and super fast delivery. Simple to install, looks great and works perfectly.
— Richard, UK

I had been looking for a long time for a phone holder. And finally found this.Installation was quick, and it looks like it was originally designed by Audi. Just perfect : D
— Tom, Norway (2019-03-08)

Absolute perfect! My old magnetic holder kept falling out due to the design of the air vents, if it did stay in then my phone feel off due to 400bhp and Quattro through corners ????????.. Now then I brought this... It looks the part in the car, very discreet and super easy to fit, and it holds like glue! I know a few people who\ve had 8ps previously who wish they had this! Must buy!!
— Ahab Robertson, United Kingdom (2019-03-08)

Fantastic Product
— Andrea Ghilardi, Italia (2020-02-18)

Simple, elegant, easy to install. Speedy and good service. Aesthetic beauty! Good quality.
— Benedicte, Denmark

The phone mount fits perfectly, works great and is easy to install.
— Jerry, USA

This is really the most convenient and easiest to install and use. No drilling, no gluing and no need for tools. I am delighted to have bought this product and the delivery was fast. Its been a long time since I was looking for a support with these advantages and I do not regret my choice. I highly recommend the Clearmounts.
— PhilAudi, France

Great product. Have been looking for some time to have a decent solution to mount my phone in my Audi in line with the design. The Clear Mount is that product.
— Stefan, Netherlands

I was worried it might break something, but it was easy, and looks just right
— Gary, United Kingdom

These guys were very helpful, answered my questions promptly and corrected an error I made with the order without any fuss.The product is excellent, I fitted it easily, its robust and looks like its part of the car. Excellent product and service.
— Harvey, UK

Livraison rapide après commande de mon Clear Mouts moins de 1 semaine.Très bon produit pour nos cher Audi, installation rapide moins de 5 minute.Je suis satisfait et recommande ce produit
— Cedric P, France

This phone mount was absolutely the right fit for my A3. Easy to install, sturdy with a low-profile, refined look. Phone stays in place without the worry of it coming loose. Highly recommend a clear mount for your Audi.
— Colin, USA

great product, good price, great team, great communication and sent overseas in couple a days! what can we exept more.....ThanksFlo
— Flo, France

I bought the magnetic, swivel model. Its simple to install and works great!
— EZ, Canada

Awesome!! Excellent product, quality. Integrates perfectly into the dashboard. Arrived in just 1 week.I am delighted with the purchase
— Pilar, Seville, Spain

Excelent product.Strongly recomended!
— WALLACE, Brasil

For an audi there is only one option and this is clearmounts. Perfect finished product, stylish and great service. Worth every cent.
— Christophe, Belgium

OEM+ fit and finish. Super easy to install, and works perfectly even with large phones. Fantastic customer service from Carl. I wish he made more stuff so i could give him more business.
— Ty, Canada

it is a great simple protract that I am using for two moth. It is very easy to use an beaterthen all other solution in the market.
— jacob S, Israel

Mobile phone rules in our country are strict. fines in the 500US$ rage if you are caught without propper phone cradle attached in the car. For our Audi A3 this has been a problem. I have roamed the net and looked for something that fits the A3 interior. Finally I found the Clear Mounts bracket. It was easy to install, especially with the thorough and user friendly instruction that followed the package. Most happy with the Clear Mounts product, and its design fits the car perfectly. Thanks!
— Orjan, Norway

Perfect. Strong hold of magnet for a very thin metal with 3M adhesive sticker. Very affordable too. Thank you
— Den, Filipino expat in Qatar

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you think, why didn the vehicle manufacturer make it this way? Clearmounts in one of those products. Delivery to Budapest was very quick and took around minute to install with no tools. 2 weeks on I have to say its an amazingly useful. I have full use of my air vents and can simply attach and re-attach my phone using one hand. Excellent product. Very happy. Highly recommended.
— Chris, Hungary

For me THE perfect solution !Solid quality product easy to install.Good service too.I can recommend it without doubt.
— Peter, Belgium

Saw this over all the forums and contacted Carl L. He was great. Communication was quick and shipping was even quicker! The packaging was great and the product even better.
— joe, Canada

A very classy and unobtrusive phone mount that fits perfectly, was fast and easy to install and does not detract from the clean lines of my Audi A3 dash. The magnet is super strong which holds phone in case securely. So happy to have discovered Clear Mounts. Fast delivery and fantastic customer service. Thanks so much.
— Vicki, Australia

Excellent product with strong magnetic power, would recommend to anyone looking for a firm phone holder on the go. A+++
— Aaron, Scotland

Installed easily, works perfectly, looks great. I was worried that there would be too much glare because the mount is closer to the windshield but that is not the case and my iPhone screen is completely readable.
— Susan, USA

Fantastic customer service.. Questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Product is top notch, excellent build quality. Looks like it should be an option from factory!
— Kevin, Canada

Product arrived in a few days much sooner than Canada Post said it would, it mounts perfectly and simply, and looks very professional and well-integrated into the dash. My wife said she wanted one as well unfortunately she doesn't drive an Audi.
— Eric, USA

Love love love this product. Set up and operation are perfect. Exactly as represented. Very happy customer!
— John, United States

Product fits perfectly and the installation went just as smooth as seen in the video. Couldn't be happier with the product, very stylish!
— David, Sweden

Fast shipping, like 5 days to FRANCE!!! Product quality is perfect. Carl answers crazy fast to the mail sent! I'm just so happy... I'm sure this is the best smartphone support for my car!
— Raffi, France

This was very easy to install and the fit is exceptional. I work in an industry that does engineering, design, prototyping and production so to see this product to be well made and engineered - impressing me is not an easy feat. I am very satisfied on the form and function of this product. If another kit came out for my future Audi purchase I will definitely buy another one without hesitation.
— Michael, USA

Excellent item and very fast delivery to the Uk, highly recommend.
— Martin, England

when I first saw a clearmounts on a youtube video, I thought it was something you can order with a car in Audi, it looks so good. Then I did my research and found out this is something I can get for myself. I don’t have a sat nav systems so this is a perfect solution for me. It holds very well and what is important it looks like it was meant to be there. Shipping was fast even though I'm from Poland. Thank You clearmounts !
— Wojtek, Poland

The best phone holder I've ever had. It doesn't block anything from your dashboard and it is very stable.
— Constantinos G., Cyprus

great product! Fit and finish are superb and easy to install. Holds cell phone well with either the magnet or sprung based clip.
— Jerry L., United States

I easily installed my Audi A3 mount in less than 5 minutes This is the most sturdiest mount I have come across whilst not being too intrusive it just blends into the design of my interior. I would highly recommend the mount to anyone.
— Marvin Thomas, United Kingdom

I love this product. Order arrived in less than 2 weeks. Installation was easy Im not a technical guy. Lots of my friends are jealous on such an easy and handy solution. I was looking for this a long time.
— Gijs, Netherlands

Purpose made product that looks like it was factory fitted. Easy install and keeps the car clutter free allowing me to safely see incoming calls. . Even the cops thought it was awesome when they looked in to see where the phone was!!Buy one...your Audi is incomplete without it.
— Dave, Australia

Great product, superb quality and perfect fit. Must have for every Audi owner.
— Jakob, Belgium

I bought two mounts from ClearMounts.com, one for my 2011 A3 and a universal vent mount for my 2016 A4. Both mounts works perfect, and the magnets is stronger than anything else that I tried. I love your products! Please please please try to find a way to expand you assortment to the models that don't have round vents. We need them:-
— Peter R., Denmark

Perfect fit, super easy instalation, smooth transaction, arrived 3 days sooner than expected! Audi should install it on every A3! Thanks guys
— Joao Viana, Portugal (2019-06-17)

the holder fits perfectly the phone stays nicely above the navigation screen. happy with this purchase
— Sipke, Netherlands (2019-06-19)

I purchased two Clearmounts for each of my vehicles. One was for my 2004 Mk1 Audi TT and the other was for my 2009 Audi A3 8P. I purchased both over a year ago and have no complaints only praise for such a fine product. You receive your product in quality packaging and to me first impressions matter. Install is a breeze but clear instructions are included for clarity. My spouse and I use our Iphone 7+ and Samsung S7 on both car mount options, swivel magnetic and cradle holder. No issues with either.I searched many options from other makers but no one offered a product designed so specific to my vehicles. My decision was a no-brainer, why compromise and end up disappointed? Keep doing what your doing Clearmounts!!
— Alfred, USA


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